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How To Bypass FRP on Samsung Phones and Tablets? (Android 14 Supported)

"I've just bought a second-hand phone, but I don't have the PIN code or the previous Google account. Is there a way to bypass Google FRP lock?"

Suppose you are struggling to get into the home screen of your Samsung tablets or mobile phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S24 (Android 14). It would be best if you learned the Samsung S24 FRP unlock process. The problem is that the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) feature has been activated due to an unsafe factory reset; hence, you will have to bypass Google FRP before utilizing your Samsung phone or tablet.

The good news is that there is a quick shortcut maker FRP bypass for you to disable the Samsung S24 account and enter it into your device's home screen. That is Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (Android). This guide will show you some of the trusted methods you can use to solve this issue.

Supported Devices:

  • Samsung: All Samsung models (phones and tablets) and all system versions, including the latest Android 14, are supported.
  • For Xiaomi, Redmi, OPPO, Realme, and Vivo phone users, we have a comprehensive guide available on how to unlock the FRP lock on your specific device. Please refer to our guide for detailed instructions tailored to Xiaomi/Redmi/OPPO/Realme/Vivo phone models.

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Part 1: Bypass Google Account for All Samsung Phones & Tablets (works with all OS, including Android 11/12/13/14)

Removing the Google account from a device sounds no difficult and different for you. However, sometimes it is important to be aware of some details about the smartphone. What if you have bought a used Samsung device and want to remove its FRP lock? With no particular knowledge of its OS version or if you want to find the easiest Samsung FRP bypass way, you can have it unlocked with the solution for All Android Versions. Let's find out how you can cover this process with ease:

Step 1Open the Screen Unlock Tool

Start by launching Wondershare Dr.Fone on your computer and connect your Samsung phone or tablet. Then, progress through Toolbox > Screen Unlock to open the specific toolkit on a new window.

access screen unlock function

* The Dr.Fone Mac version still has the old interface, but it does not affect the use of the Dr.Fone function. We will update it as soon as possible.

Step 2Access FRP Lock Function

Out of the options that appear on the next screen, select Android to continue.

proceed to function

You will then have to select Remove Google FRP Lock on the next screen to continue with the specific operation.

select to remove frp

Then select Samsung and click the Start button to continue.

select samsung

Note: Unlocking the FRP (Factory Reset Protection) on a Samsung device involves performing a factory reset, resulting in data loss. Remember to backup your data before unlocking the FRP to avoid permanent data erasure.
Step 3Select All Android versions(One-Click Removal)

If you are not aware of the Android OS version of your Samsung or want to use the quickest way to remove Google Lock, select the option of All Android versions (One-Click Removal) and continue by clicking Start on the same screen.

select any android option

Tip: Do you have the latest Samsung Android 11/12/13/14 with you? Although there are few methods available to Samsung FRP bypass Android 11/12/13/14, Dr.Fone provides a clear procession to deactivate the Google FRP across your device. You can checkmark the option of Android OS 11/12/13/14 and click Start to initiate.

select android 11 12

Step 4Follow On-Screen Instructions to Open Emergency Call

You will be prompted to a screen where you have to follow the on-screen instructions as guided. Look for the Emergency Call button on your Android and tap on it. Type *#0*# to open a secret menu. Once done, click Next on your computer screen.

open emergency calling on android

Step 5Allow USB Debugging

Your Android screen will show a prompt to activate USB debugging. After allowing it on your Samsung device, click Authorized on your computer screen.

enable usb debugging

Step 6Remove FRP Lock Successfully

The next screen on your computer will display the removal of the FRP lock from your Samsung device.

frp lock removing android

Once the FRP lock is successfully removed, the prompt window will show its completion. Click Done if you have successfully executed the process. If the issue still prevails, go ahead with the process again with the Try Again option.

frp lock removed successfully

Part 2: Bypass Google Account on Samsung Phones & Tablets with Android 6/9/10

If you are sure about your Samsung OS version, you can also follow the steps below to start the easy Samsung FRP bypass now. For Android 6/9/10, resetting the PIN code is a good way to deactivate Google FRP. Here are the steps for you to follow:

Step 1Select Android Version

After accessing the Screen Unlock tool and opening the FRP lock function through it, lead to the screen where you have to select the Android version. Select Android OS 6/9/10 from the options and proceed by clicking Start.

select android 6 9 10

Step 2Confirm Prompt Details

Confirm the prompt that appears on the screen and make sure your Samsung device is connected to a proper Wi-Fi connection. Continue by clicking OK.

confirm android prompt

Step 3Check Notification on the Phone/Tablet

The next screen will display a notification sent to your Samsung device.

look into android notification

As it is sent successfully, the screen will prompt its execution. Click OK to continue to the next instructions and get hold of your Android device.

notification received android

Step 4Go to the Browser and Use PIN to Protect Your Phone

Click the View button to open the Samsung Internet Browser and type the required URL in the browser. Then, follow the instructions to select the PIN to protect your phone.

open browser on android

Step 5Set A PIN code and Enter the Google Account, or Just Skip

Select the Do not require option to set a PIN code, and then click the Skip button to continue.

After that, revert to the Wi-Fi connect page on your Samsung and enter the PIN code set. Progress with the on-screen instructions and discover the Skip button on the page when you are about to enter the Google account. Click Next on your computer screen once done.

enter google account

Step 6Remove FRP Lock Successfully

The screen prompts the successful removal of the FRP lock from the Samsung device. Click Done to conclude the process.

remove frp lock successfully

Part 3: Bypass Google Account on Samsung Phones & Tablets with Android 7/8

The next steps are used to remove FRP on Samsung devices running Android 7/8. Let's get started now.

Step 1Select Android Version and Verify

On reaching the Android version selection page, checkmark the Android OS 7/8 option and click Start.

select android version 7 8

When receiving a prompt on the screen, verify the information and click OK to continue.

confirm android prompt 7 8

Step 2Check Notification on Samsung Device

You will be sent a notification on your Samsung device, and your progress will be displayed on the screen. Once it is sent successfully, the screen prompts its completion. Click OK to continue with the process.

android 7 8 notification received

Step 3Open Google Chrome Browser and Initialize

To remove Samsung FRP, follow all on-screen instructions properly. On clicking View on the received notification on the Samsung device, continue to accept the terms of the Google Chrome browser that opens by clicking Accept & Continue. When choosing No Thanks, proceed to the next step.

open chrome on android

Step 4Download APK on Android and Provide Installation Permission

Open the required URL and select Android 7/8. Continue to click the Download APK option to download an APK onto your Samsung device, which will serve as the key to bypassing the FRP lock.

As it downloads, open it and go to Settings. You will have to turn on the required permission settings to allow installation from this source and continue.

allow from settings

Step 5Install APK and Deactivate Find My Device

Successfully install the APK package on your Android device by following the on-screen instructions.

Then, lead back to the browser page and tap the Open Settings button. Access your Samsung device's security settings as instructed, and disable Android Device Manager and Find My Device to bypass FRP.

deactive find my devices

Step 6Disable Android Services to Bypass FRP

Go to your Samsung Settings and look for the Google Play Services and Play Store options to disable it.

disable google services on android

Step 7Add a New Google Account on Samsung

After disabling these settings, proceed to set up an account on your Samsung device from Settings > Cloud and Accounts >Accounts. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to sign in to your Google Account or create a new one.

sign in with google account

After you create/log in to the account and agree with the policy, head back into the similar navigation of security settings on the Samsung device to turn it back on.

open security settings again

Step 8Reactivate Disabled Services on Samsung

Firstly, Android Device Manager and Find My Device services should be reactivated..

Conversely, turn on the Google Play Services and Play Store once again and restart your Samsung device.

reactivate google services and restart

Step 9Successfully Remove Android FRP Lock from Samsung

As you open the device, you will find out that the FRP lock has been successfully removed from the Samsung device. The screen on the front of your computer also prompts the completion of the entire process.

remove android 7 8 frp lock

Part 4: Still Trying to Figure Out the Version of the Samsung Operating System? Check Now!

You can easily know the operating system version of your Samsung by following the steps below:

Step 1Get into Not Sure the OS Version

If you are not sure about the Android version of your Samsung, select the option Not Sure the OS Version once you access the particular screen.

not sure android version

Step 2Put Samsung Device into Recovery Mode

Follow the instructions to put your Samsung in Recovery Mode. Select the specific mode according to your device from the top.

put android in recovery

Step 3Find Out the Version and Continue

Once you find out the specific Android version after putting the device in Recovery Mode, continue to select the specific option from the screen and follow the instructions provided in the above parts to do the Samsung FRP bypass according to your Android version.

select android version


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