The 10 Best Video Calling Apps

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It was the COVID-19 era when all of us were scared to meet our friends and family, but we also couldn't live without them. The concept of video calling was always there; however, the pandemic affected all of us, and we were insisted on catching up on our loved ones via phone. Be it an audio call or a video chat; it was a blessing to talk to people.

If you want knowledge about the best video calling applications, this article will assist you. Here, we will discuss the 10 best video chat apps for people worldwide.

The 10 Best Video Calling Apps

Different video calling applications comfort people by providing efficient calling features along with additional functionalities. Such functions allow people to talk to their loved ones and stay in touch easily. Here, we will analyze the 10 best video chat applications along with their advantages and compatibilities.

1. Zoom

zoom interface

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS

It is now common to have a Zoom application with you, so you don't miss any official or personal meetings. This app has become popular for the past couple of months due to its commendable features. Zoom is considered a stable application with an impressive performance of integrating people with screen sharing, audio and camera control, and virtual background features.

Pros of Zoom

  1. Zoom has been able to cater huge meetings for a long time containing numerous people.
  2. The app contains impressive features, including easy-invite URL codes and meeting recording capability.
  3. You can chat with the host and members during the meeting.

Con of Zoom

  1. If you want to use Zoom for free, your Zoom meetings will shut down after 40 minutes.

2. Google Duo

google duo call

Compatibility: iPod Touch, iPad, Android, iPhone, Web

After downloading the Google Duo app, you can easily connect your device to the service and take advantage. It is in the user's hand if he wants to provide contacts access or not. It allows people to connect from all over the world. The app supports dozens of languages. Moreover, you can connect to Google Duo via your Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Advantages of Google Duo

  1. The application is totally free, and you can use it directly from the web as well.
  2. You can block the phone numbers or limit their calls within the application.
  3. There are filters and special effects that change according to the season.

Disadvantage of Google Duo

  1. It is an age-restrictive application, and users up to 12 years can only use the video calling app.

3. Skype

skype for ios

Compatibility: Android, Apple, Windows, Linux, Xbox, and Alexa

With good voice and quality, Skype still stands out as one of the best video chat app. Skype is a department of communication software. Whether you want group video calling or text messaging, Skype has got you all covered. This application also performs live translation, as well as provides a modern interface. Moreover, you can use this software without installing it on a device.

Upside Points of Skype

  1. The sound and quality image of Skype chats is just amazing.
  2. With Skype, you can perform group calls as well as one-to-one free video calling.
  3. You can text while sending photos and videos to one another.

Downside Point of Skype

  1. SMS in Skype are outbound; you can only send texts but not receive them.

4. Viber

viber features

Compatibility: Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux

A VoIP tool that enables free calls, Viber has become prominent in the past few years. You can also make video calls worldwide and engage with your friends and family. The application uses your mobile phone number in order to identify and allows you to interact using VoIP for free. Moreover, you can also make group calls by using Viber.

Leading Points of Viber

  1. You don’t have to register on Viber with your email addresses and passwords.
  2. The app provides unlimited free video calls, voice calls, and text messages to other users.
  3. It allows cheap calling to other landline numbers and mobile phones.

Minus Point of Viber

  1. Viber application does not offer private and secure communication to its users.

5. Discord

discord app interface

Compatibility: Android, Windows, Linux, iOS, Mac, and Web

Gamers will be quite familiar with the Discord application, as it is a great source of connecting with your friends via texts. However, does anyone know that Discord supports video calling features as well? With this feature, you can stream within the application easily and interact with your people. Moreover, Discord offers a built-in streaming service.

Foremost Factors of Discord

  1. It is the best video calling software for gamers because it doesn’t affect the game performance.
  2. You can create separate channels for text and voice chat making things easy to handle and organize.
  3. You can create your private servers and add people by sharing the server's invite code with them.

Downside Factor of Discord

  1. The app offers limited free users; 25 on a video call and 50 while live streaming.

6. WhatsApp

whatsapp video call app

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Web, Android, and iOS

The most popular and commonly-used application, WhatsApp, also provides an outstanding video calling feature to its users. There is no difficult process to register on this app, as you only need a mobile phone number. You can maximize or minimize your calling screen while using other applications on your phone. The app also allows disabling the camera and audio from one's side.

Benefits of WhatsApp

  1. You can add up to 50 persons in a group call.
  2. WhatsApp enables the user to hide his screen and disable the audio feature.
  3. The video calls on WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted.

Detriment of WhatsApp

  1. You will be required to have an active internet connection the whole time to carry a desktop call.

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7. FaceTime

facetime video call app

Compatibility: Mac, iOS, Web

It will not be surprising to know that FaceTime appears on the list of the best for video calling applications available. Apple software was the first one who brought the video chat feature more accessible and easier for mobile users. FaceTime is now preinstalled on Apple hardware. The app allows cute Animojis and Memojis, as well as support up to 32 people on a single call.

Qualities of FaceTime

  1. FaceTime allows numerous members on a single video call for official and personal purposes.
  2. With the SharePlay feature, you can watch or listen to media content while interacting with people.
  3. The FaceTime audio has made it easy to perform voice calls now.

Detriment of FaceTime

  1. Android and Windows users will get limited access to FaceTime with any web browser.

8. Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger for video calls

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac via a web browser.

Facebook Messenger provides easiness to video chat, as you will be already signed up and ready for using it. You only need to have a Facebook account, and mobile application or a web app of Messenger to video call your friends. While you are on video chats with your people, you can browse Facebook, send messages or stickers at the same time.

Best Features of Facebook Messenger

  1. Everybody across the World can access Facebook messenger with a Facebook account.
  2. You can change any conversation theme and color according to your choice.
  3. You can add a maximum of 50 people in a single video call.

Lack of Facebook Messenger

  1. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you cannot use the video calling feature of Messenger.

9. Microsoft Teams

microsoft teams interface

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Web, and Windows

If you are planning to get together in a large group via a video call, Microsoft Teams is the best video calling app for you. It is a professional video calling software that provides screen sharing, noise suppression, and background blur features. It is for official use, as the software is quite messy. However, it is connected to Office and included in an Office 365 plan.

Assistances of Microsoft Teams

  1. This software provides both free and paid subscription plans.
  2. Office integration is given to all Microsoft Teams users.
  3. You can integrate up to 100 people in a group call on the free tier.

Problem in Microsoft Teams:

  1. It has a complicated interface and is primarily for business use.

10. LINE

line features

Compatibility: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Apple Watch

With LINE, you can make calls on both your computer and cell phone. If you want to interact with your long-lost friends or relatives, LINE will be a good choice. It comes with many useful features. One can share messages while video chatting with people.

Gains with LINE

  1. LINE allows the sharing of messages, stickers, and videos while video calling.
  2. It is a cross-platform that allows video-call with up to 200 friends.
  3. LINE software allows the video calling feature for free.

Minus Point of LINE

  1. There are many in-app purchases and ads that irritate the userbase of LINE.

Video calling applications are widely used all over the world. However, it is significant that people use the best video calling apps to get access to quality built-in features within the video call app. Therefore, the article has discussed the 10 best video chat apps that provide commendable characteristics and compatibility to nearly all operating systems.

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