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Here're 10 Best Photo/Video Compressor Apps Worth Trying for iPhone

Sep 06, 2023 • Filed to: Data Wipe Solutions • Proven solutions

Whether you are a passionate iPhone user who wholeheartedly uses its camera to capture images and videos or a social media lover who enjoys sharing media files online, this article is a must-read. The primary obstruction to your hobby will come in the form of resolution, image, video size, or bandwidth due to which saving or sharing more media files will become a difficult task.

But why so?

Well, since sometimes the large file size/resolution make saving data on an iPhone or sharing online on your desire platform quite hard. So, the best way to solve the issue is to compress photos or videos on iPhone device to the acceptable size.

Hence, we compiled a list of top 10 Photo/Video Compressor Apps for iPhone that you should not miss. So, if you are willing to enhance your iPhone storage capacity, then you must learn how to compress a video on iPhone 7.

10 best photo compressors apps for iPhone

As stated above, in this section, we shall talk about iPhone photos/videos compressor apps which will deal with significant media file issues successfully with their unique compression technology.

So without waiting any more, let’s move to learn how to compress a video or photo on the iPhone with the following apps:

1. Dr.Fone - Data Eraser (iOS) [an iOS-space-saver application]

Dr.Fone - Data Eraser (iOS) is the best application to compress photos/videos on the iPhone without losing the quality. Thus, it is the leading source to easily and comfortably compress media files. Dr.Fone - Data Eraser (iOS) optimizes the performance of an iOS device and enhances its storage capacity.

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Dr.Fone - Data Eraser

Compress photos on iPhone without losing quality

    • It is capable of managing large media files and saves the iOS device space.
    • It can clear additional data, junk files, and compress photos to enhance iPhone processing.
    • It can export as well as backup the large files.
    • It has selective as well as full data erase facility to keep privacy intact.
    • You can manage the data from third-party apps, too, such as Whatsapp, Viber, Kik, Line, etc.
Available on: Windows Mac
4,683,556 people have downloaded it

Now, here is the step-by-step guide to compress photos on iPhone with Dr.Fone - Data Eraser (iOS)

Step 1: Launch Dr.Fone toolkit

After downloading and installing the software, you need to launch Dr.Fone interface to choose the Erase option.

compress photos on iPhone by connecting to pc

Step 2: Select to Organize Photos

In the next page, from the left section, go with “Free Up Space.” Then, click on Organize Photos.

compress photos on iPhone - free up space

Step 3: Lossless compression

Now, you will see two options, from there go with Lossless Compression and press the Start Button.

compress photos on iPhone - lossless compression

Step 4: Make a selection of photos to compress

Once the software detects the images, select a particular date, and choose the pictures that you want to compress. After that, click on the Start button.

compress photos on iPhone - select photos

This way, you can comfortably compress images on your iPhone.

2. Photo Compress- Shrink Pics

This photo compressor app quickly reduces the size of pictures on your iPhone so that you have enough space to save any critical files. Its services are free for iPhone users. Its high-quality compressed size images can be shared on social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, iMessage, and others.

URL: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photo-compress-shrink-pics/id966242098?mt=8

photo or video compressor - Shrink Pics


  • It can compress images in bulk.
  • Its preview function helps in image quality and disk space availability after the conversion.
  • You can customize the image size.


  • It is compatible with JPEG format only.
  • Its bulk compression option is time-consuming.
  • It has limited features for the free version.


  • Download and launch application.
  • Click on the + sign to add photos.
  • Select the pictures and continue the action. Then preview the images and finish the task.

3. Resize Photos

Do you want to resize photos so that they fit your requirement? Try the photo compressor app called “Resize Photos.” It is an excellent way to release extra space occupied by the images and thus save more space for the iPhone.

URL: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/resize-photos/id1097028727

photo or video compressor -Resize Photos


  • It can resize images with quality maintenance.
  • It has preset dimension values for easy selection.
  • Batch resize is possible.


  • It can only resize the image resolution, and not compress images.
  • It is compatible with iOS 8 or later versions only.


  • Launch the tool and click on the Resize icon to select the images.
  • Choose the recommended settings and then the resolution.
  • Lastly, confirm the action.

4. PhotoShrinker

PhotoShrinker is a smart app to compress photos on iPhone, to one-tenth of its original size. Thus, it gives you a vast space to carry more data and files on your device.

URL: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photoshrinker/id928350374?mt=8

photo or video compressor - PhotoShrinker


  • It helps reduce photo size up to a great extent.
  • It provides a full preview function.
  • It optimizes photos to keep the quality of the images unchanged.


  • No free version.
  • You can delete only 50 images at one time.


  • First, launch PhotoShrinker.
  • Then, from page end, click on the Choose Photos option.
  • Finally, confirm to shrink selected images.

5. Resize image

It is one of the widely used photo compressor apps that makes the image resize process quite simple with its preset standard sizes.

URL: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/resize-image/id409547517?mt=8

photo or video compressor -Resize image


  • You can comfortably convert large image to a small size in quick mode.
  • It has easy to access interface with sharing option on Twitter, Facebook, etc., directly.
  • Users are given both free and advanced versions as per their requirement.


  • The free version is equipped with Ads.
  • It works for only iOS 8.0 or later versions.


  • First of all, open the application and add the images.
  • Now, choose the standard size, and make necessary settings.
  • Lastly, to complete the process, click on Done.

6. Pico – Compress Photos

Pico photo compressor App assists you to compress your photos, as well as videos so that you can share them without compromising on the device data and space/size issue.

URL: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pico-compress-photos-view-exif-protect-privacy/id1132483125?mt=8

photo or video compressor -Resize image


  • You can check the compression and sharpness detail of compressed images/videos in the final preview.
  • You can compress and also share the media file.
  • You can optimize the dimension setting to enhance quality. D: It allows seeing the metadata information.


  • Some users complain about the app crash issue.


  • Download the Pico photo compressor app.
  • Allow installation from third-party apps.
  • Locate Pico .apk file from either browser location or file manager.
  • Follow the installation process, and then start the process.
  • Lastly, add media file to compress.

7. Video Compressor- Shrink Videos

This video compressor provides a stable platform to compress both your videos and photos up to 80% of its size. It can quickly identify the large files and can help you compress media files in batch.

URL: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/video-compressor-shrink-videos/id1133417726?mt=8

photo or video compressor -Shrink Videos


  • It can decrease the size of the media file by 80%.
  • It can compress both photos and videos.
  • You can compress multiple photos/videos at one shot.


  • The free version has add-ons.
  • It does not for work for 4k resolution.


  • To start, open the Photo Compressor App.
  • Click on the + sign from top left to add the media files.
  • Select the videos or photos and define the resolution.
  • At last, press the Compress button to complete the process.

8. Video Compressor- Save Space

If you are aiming for a good video compressor app with various customization options, then you should try the “Video Compressor- Save Space.” It comes with some exclusive features to compress videos for iPhone or other iOS devices in a fast manner.

URL: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/video-compressor-save-space/id1422359394?mt=8

photo or video compressor - Save Space


  • You can customize details such as bitrate, resolution, etc.
  • It helps definethe compression ratio.
  • You can preview the quality of the media file before compression starts.


  • It supports only iOS 8.0 or later versions.
  • It is suitable for video conversion only.


  • Start by launching the application and selecting the videos from camera roll.
  • Then, adjust the compression ratio or other settings.
  • Lastly, Compress the videos.

9. Smart Video Compressor

As the name suggests, this video compressor application is a smart way to compress and organize your videos.

URL: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/smart-video-compressor/id983621648?mt=8

photo or video compressor - Smart Video Compressor


  • It can compress the video to reduce the size by 80% or more.
  • Its mute Volume option adjusts the sound settings of the video.
  • It can retain the metadata information, and there is no time limit.


  • It supports only MPEG-4, MOV file formats.
  • You will get constant in-app purchases notifications and add-ons in its free version.


  • First, launch the Smart Video Compressor to select videos from your library.
  • Now, resize them and collect the final compressed videos from “Compressed Videos Album.”

10. Video Compressor – Shrinks Vids

This video compressor app is a great way to compress videos since it provides with a myriad of options for compressing them like resolution setting, preview function, and much more.

URL: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/video-compress-shrink-vids/id997699744?mt=8

photo or video compressor - Shrinks Vids


  • It supports, single, multiple as well as complete album compression.
  • Its preview function checks image quality apart from the available disk space.
  • It works well with 4K videos too.


  • You need to pay additional charges to get rid of ads.
  • It is compatible with iOS 10.3 or later versions only.


  • To start, open the app, click on plus (+) sign
  • Then, select the videos for compression.
  • Now, select the resolution or preview the quality and finally, compress the selected videos.


So are you ready to watch videos or photos on your iPhone without worrying about low storage issue or big file size? Well, we hope you now have an idea about how to compress a video on iPhone and enough information on the ten best photo compressor apps.

Lastly, we would also like to reiterate the fact that of all the above-listed apps, Dr.Fone - Data Eraser (iOS) will give you the best user experience for both photo and video compression process.

So, try today and share with us your valuable feedback!

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