No Sound On iPhone Video? Here's What To Do!

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You recorded a particularly satisfying video that you thought will make your friends green with envy, only to realize that there is no sound on iPhone video and maybe even that the video quality itself did not turn out too great. Why is the iPhone video sound not working?

You can watch the video below to fix no sound in iPhone videos in easy steps

Part I: Why Is iPhone Video Sound Not Working?

There could be a few reasons why there is no sound on iPhone video, and here they are listed for your convenience.

Reason 1: Volume Turned Down (Muted)

At factory settings, all volume levels are set to 50% and it is possible that the speaker volume might be all the way down for some reason, which would essentially mute the speakers, causing the iPhone video sound not working issue.

Reason 2: File Corruption

More often than not, no sound on iPhone video means that the problem lies with the video and has nothing to do with the iPhone. Depending on where you downloaded it from or how you got the video, the file could have been corrupted during transfer as well. That usually also has a tell-tale sign that the video won’t play at all or would skip playback, but one never knows. In such cases, you may try repairing the files or simply transferring them onto the device again.

Reason 3: System Corruption

At any given point in time, there are hundreds of apps on our iPhones today, apps that we may or may not be using any longer. Oftentimes, the older the apps get, the more data they have within them, and if they are not regularly updated by the developer, they can cause system corruption to a point that you begin to see anomalies such as no sound on iPhone video when you play one. It is because most likely the system is busy elsewhere and is unable to process audio.

Part II: iPhone Video Has No Sound? Here Is How to Fix

If your iPhone video has no sound, we have listed some fixes below you can try to get the no sound on iPhone video problem resolved quickly and easily.

Fix 1: Increasing The Volume Level

One of the first things to do to fix the no sound on iPhone video issue is to up the volume! It is more than likely that somehow the volume levels are all the way down and the device speakers are muted. All you need to do is use the volume UP key to increase the volume!

iphone volume level indicator

Make sure that there are no devices connected to the iPhone, such as headphones (both wired or wireless) or Bluetooth speakers, etc. since in that case increasing the volume would increase the volume of that device, not the iPhone. Once that device is disconnected, you might again hear no sound on iPhone video since the device volume was unchanged.

On the other hand, it is possible that the device volume was fine, but since you connected speakers or headphones, the volume settings on those are set too low. Again, increase/adjust the volume level using the volume UP key on iPhone to fix the no sound on iPhone video issue.

Fix 2: Are You Playing Videos In Photos App? Here’s The Thing

If you are using the Apple Photos app on the iPhone to view videos and find that there is no sound on iPhone videos, the fix is simple.

Step 1: At the bottom, on the bar of icons, the speaker icon will have a line across it, diagonally, signifying that the sound is muted. Unfortunately, this is Apple's default for videos being played in the Photos app.

unmute video in photos app

Step 2: Tap the speaker icon and you will get sound on iPhone videos again. Use the volume UP key to adjust the volume if necessary. You will have to do this for every video viewed in the Apple Photos app, since that setting cannot be changed.

Fix 3: Restart The iPhone

Here’s how to restart the iPhone:

Step 1: Go to Settings > General and scroll to the bottom and tap Shut Down

Step 2: Drag the slider and shut down the iPhone

Step 3: Wait a few seconds and press the Side Button to restart the iPhone.

Fix 4: Disconnecting From Bluetooth

Bluetooth is needed for handoff and continuity if you are using those features if you have a few Apple devices signed in to the same iCloud ID, but if that is not the case with you, you may want to keep Bluetooth disabled until you need it. Or, at the very least, disable it now if you are having problems such as no sound on iPhone video, and enable it later on when you are done.

Why is this needed? This is because sometimes keeping Bluetooth On may leave the iPhone connected to the last Bluetooth audio device, such as a Bluetooth speaker in another room. When that happens, your iPhone video will have no sound because the sound is coming in another room and not where you expect it to.

Here’s how to disable Bluetooth temporarily until you want to enable it back:

Step 1: Go to Settings > Bluetooth and toggle it Off.

turn bluetooth off on iphone

Step 2: When you want to enable it back, toggle it back On.

Fix 5: Checking The Speaker

Not for nothing, but if the speaker has blown out or is damaged in some way, nothing you do will give you sound. So, the speaker should be checked as well for function.

Now, you have no way to make a hundred percent sure that the speaker is dead, but you can at least eliminate apps and find out if the speaker is dead in all apps or in some. In other words, if the speaker works in some app but not in the app you are playing your video, it means the speaker is fine but the problem is with that app, maybe not even the video. Here’s how to check if the speaker is working properly as expected:

Step 1: Open any Apple app with voice functionality, such as Voice Memos or even Messages, as you can record voice notes in Messages and even play them back. But, for sake of convenience and clarity, let’s use Voice Memos. Launch Voice Memos and tap Record and say something.

Step 2: Play it back.

If you hear what you said, this means that your speaker is fine, and it is more likely that no sound on iPhone video issue is because of the video itself or the app is bugging out and needs an update.

Such issues with apps usually manifest in beta versions, either of the apps themselves or when you are using beta versions of iOS.

To download official versions of apps and uninstall the beta versions, simply visit the App Store and download the app again. There will be a cloud icon against the name, and downloading it will overwrite your beta app with the official version but retain user data within the app, no worries.

Fix 6: Use Headphones

Now, you can also plug in your headphones and see if you hear sound from the iPhone video. If you do, that means there is no problem with the file, no problem with iOS, no problem with the app, it is most likely the speaker that is gone.

Fix 7: Repairing iOS Without Data Loss Using Wondershare Dr.Fone

dr.fone wondershare

Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS)

Repair iOS System Errors to Fix No Sound on iPhone Video Without data loss.

  • Only fix your iOS to normal, no data loss at all.
  • Fix various iOS system issues stuck in recovery mode, white Apple logo, black screen, looping on start, etc.
  • Downgrade iOS without iTunes at all.
  • Works for all models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Fully compatible with the latest iOS 15.New icon
Available on: Windows Mac
3981454 people have downloaded it

In case you have a beta version of iOS installed, you might want to revert to an official version to see if that fixes the no sound on iPhone videos issue. You can use Dr.Fone to revert back to official iOS quickly, easily, and without suffering any data loss whatsoever.

Step 1: Install Dr.Fone

Step 2: Connect the iPhone to the computer using the data cable and launch Dr.Fone

wondershare drfone interface

Step 3: The System Repair module is the one we want to use today. Launch it and choose Standard Mode to reinstall/ repair iOS without deleting user data.

Pro Tip: Experience convenient backups with Dr.Fone - Phone Backup (iOS) module and backup your data easily.

drfone system repair

Step 4: On this screen the software shows you your iPhone model and firmware version:

drfone device firmware information screen

Step 5: Select the firmware to download using the dropdown menu and click Start

Step 6: Firmware is verified with Apple after the download is complete, and Dr.Fone will prompt for your input:

repair iOS without deleting user data

Step 7: Click Fix Now.

drfone system repair complete

After the process is complete, iPhone gets restarted.

Part III: Using Advanced Tools To Repair Corrupted Videos With No Sound

If you are feeling bold and adventurous, or if you have a video that you really want to try fixing, there are tools you can use to fix videos in hope that the no sound on iPhone video problem gets fixed. Here are three of the most famous names in the market today:

III.I: Wondershare Repairit

From the house of Wondershare Software Company, this is another high-quality product designed and developed for complete video repair solutions to be made as easy as possible for users. It is a comprehensive tool that is easy and simple to use but has powerful features. Here’s what you can do with Wondershare Repairit:

  • You can repair the most corrupt videos easily and quickly.
  • The advanced repair option allows in-depth and comprehensive repair for hard-to-repair videos.
  • A preview feature gives you a quick way to see the repair results without saving the video.
  • The photo Repair feature can be used to repair corrupted photos.
  • Software is available on both Windows and macOS with full compatibility for the latest operating systems (Windows 11 and macOS 12 Monterey)

Here’s how to use Wondershare RepairIt to repair corrupt videos easily:

Step 1: Download Wondershare Repairit to your computer (Win or Mac).

Step 2: Launch the software and it should open in the Video Repair tab. If it opens in Photo Repair for any reason, click Video Repair and enter video repair mode. Now, add your video:

wondershare repairit add video screen

Step 3: After the addition, you will see video file information like this:

wondershare repairit add video screen

At the bottom, tap the button titled Repair to start repairing videos. After the repair is complete, click OK:

wondershare repairit repair video screen

Step 4: Preview the repaired video by clicking the Preview button if you want to see the results you will get after repair. If not, click Save alongside the video names or Save All at the bottom.

Step 5: Select the location for file saving and click Save:

wondershare repairit save video screen

You will get a prompt after the video is saved:

wondershare repairit save video confirmation

III.II: Kernel Video Repair

Kernel video repair is another software that people around the world like to use for its ease of use and repair quality. Here’s how to use Kernel Video Repair:

Step 1: Launch the software and add video:

kernel video repair add video screen

Step 2: Click Repair Files to start repairing. In case video files are damaged badly, the software might ask for a Reference File, which is to say that you need to add a video file that is similar to the video file you want to repair, so that software can understand what to look for and how to go about repairing.

kernel video repair repair files screen

Step 3: Save the repaired file:

kernel video repair save screen

III.III: Stellar Video Repair

Stellar Repair For Video is another major tool that is loved and vouched for by millions around the world. It is easy to use and works great. Here is how to repair videos using Stellar Repair For Video:

Step 1: Add video here:

stellar repair for video add video screen

Step 2: Click Repair:

stellar repair for video repair screen

Step 3: Preview the video repair or click Save Repaired Files to start saving the file(s):

stellar repair for video preview and save


It is annoying when you play a video on your iPhone and there is no sound on iPhone video. Sometimes it is something serious like a blown speaker, sometimes it is just how Apple designed it, meaning a setting in the Photos app that mutes all videos when playback initiates. You have to manually unmute it every time. Other times, you can even repair videos to fix playback issues with them. We have listed three of the best tools to repair videos to fix no sound on iPhone video problem for you.

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