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Best Samsung Smart Switch Alternative to Make Phone Transfer

Alice MJ

Sep 06, 2023 • Filed to: Data Transfer Solutions • Proven solutions

phone switch

Are you experiencing Smart Switch connectivity issues? You're not alone. Many users have the same problem, just like you. Samsung offers the Smart Switch option as the official solution for transferring data from an Android or smartphone device to another Samsung phone.

While this service offers unprecedented utility, it often exposes you to unexpected issues. For example, the most common glitch you might be experiencing is the connectivity problem where Smart Switch won't connect to another device.

If you know all about this problem, this guide will help you eliminate it by presenting top solutions for fixing common Smart Switch issues. It also includes the best alternative to Samsung Smart Switch in case you can't fix a particular problem.

Part 1. What Is Smart Switch?

smart switch for samsung mobile device

The easiest way to answer this question is to say it's a Samsung data transfer service. Samsung offers the built-in Smart Switch Android app to help you transfer contact information and other data between old and new devices.

If you have a lot of sensitive data on an old mobile device that you want to move to a new Samsung phone, Smart Switch for Samsung enables you to transfer your information seamlessly to your new device.

In addition, the app can back up vital data from your old phone to a desktop computer or microSD. Using Smart Switch is relatively straightforward, too. All you have to do is download the app and connect it to start moving data between devices.

Part 2. How It Works

transfer data with samsung smart switch

The Smart Switch for Samsung app scans your old and new devices to discover data for transfer. You can use the app's user-friendly interface to transfer data such as applications, user accounts, media, call logs, contacts, files, messages, calendars, videos, and photos from an old to a new device.

The app can transfer all your important information, including your device settings, so you can continue using your new device without distractions. If you need extra data security, Smart Switch allows you to back up your data and old phone files to your Mac or PC to sync or transfer data onto a new Samsung device.

The app supports three data transfer scenarios:

  • Direct wireless data transfer between iOS/Android devices using Wi-Fi;
  • Move data between your mobile devices via USB;
  • Transfer data from your Mac or PC to your Samsung device.

Although you can transfer data via Smart Switch by connecting the device via data cable, this option has two downsides you should consider before initiating the transfer:

  • Data cable isn't available for every Samsung Galaxy device;
  • Some devices can't connect to a mobile phone because they lack the required connection ports.

There's one crucial thing to keep in mind before using Smart Switch. You can move all videos and images to a new device. However, whether your new device reads the transferred data depends on compatible extensions in Samsung Galaxy.

The compatibility issue can become a considerable problem, specifically when moving data from your Mac or iPhone. Android, Mac, and iOS devices use different file extensions for videos and images.

You should also know you can only transfer text messages with Smart Switch. If you want to move messages you have received in Whatsapp, you'll need an alternative method.

In addition, Smart Switch can't transfer account information, app-related data, DRM-protected media files, browser history, and Safari bookmarks.

Part 3. Common Smart Switch Issues (With Fixes)

Here are the most common Smart Switch issues and guidelines on the best ways to fix them.

Part 3.1. Can't Connect to the Device

smart switch for samsung connection issues

Smart Switch is prone to connectivity issues that prevent the app from connecting to the device where you want to transfer your data. If you keep seeing that your phone has failed to connect to the other device, consider the following factors:

  • Your current device may not be compatible with Smart Switch;
  • Poor internet connection;
  • Background program or service has interrupted the connection;
  • You can't connect because of a malfunctioning cable;
  • There's a bug in the app on your desktop computer.

Here's how to fix connection issues.

Part 3.1.1. Ensure the devices' compatibility.

ensure the devices compatibility

The first step is to ensure both devices are compatible with Smart Switch for Samsung. If you're a Windows user, your version should be XP or later. If you're a Mac fan, use macOS 10.6 or later. Your Samsung device should be running on Android 4.3 or later. If you prefer using an iPhone, ensure it has iOS 4.2.1 or later.

Open Smart Switch on both devices and check if you have marked them properly as an iPhone or Android. The old device should be the Sending device, and the new one the Receiving device.

Here's a tip: If you set any device other than Samsung as the receiver, Smart Switch won't work.

Part 3.1.2. Check your Wi-Fi connection.

check your wifi connection

The connectivity issue can occur if the Wi-Fi connection isn't available on both devices. Check yours by enabling the Wi-Fi feature on either of the devices. It would be ideal to use the same Wi-Fi network on both devices.

If the problem persists, restart your devices and try connecting them again. If you still can't, there might be a problem with your phone network. Reset the network settings on both devices and try again.

Part 3.1.3. Check your USB connection.

A malfunctioning USB cable can cause a connection problem. If you keep seeing the Smart Switch not connecting message, change the USB port and check if the issue persists. Try connecting another device with the same cable and check if your desktop computer detects it.

Smart Switch has two connection modes for data transfer - wirelessly and USB. If you're using the USB connection mode, ensure you've set your mobile device's USB settings correctly.

Part 3.1.4. Reinstall Smart Switch.

If none of these methods have given the desired results, reinstall the Smart Switch app on your devices to remove any glitch in the app that might be obstructing its functioning.

Part 3.2. Transfer Won't Complete

The Smart Switch transfer process can get stuck at a certain point with no chance of progress. If your transfer won't complete, here are several fixes you can try:

  • Clear the app's cache - a loaded cache can interfere with Smart Switch's normal functioning and cause issues;
  • Disable/enable the app - disable and enable Smart Switch on the new Samsung device and reinstall the app on your old phone;
  • Restart both devices and try again.

Part 3.3. Computer Crash

If the Smart Switch stops responding or suddenly stops and closes on your desktop computer, it may require the latest updates. Also, your device may not meet the minimum system requirements to run the app.

You can fix that by checking for computer updates:

  • Windows PC - go to the search bar, type Check for updates, and then select the option.
  • Mac - go to the main menu and navigate to System Preferences>Software Update>Update Now (if updates are available).

If the problem persists, check your system to see if it meets the minimum requirements for Smart Switch. For Windows devices, you should have Windows XP or later.

For Mac, you need Mac OS X 10.6 or later. USB should be 2.0. Restart your computer to relaunch the Smart Switch app. If it still doesn't work, reinstall the app.

Part 3.4. Can't Recognize Device

If the Smart Switch app can't recognize your PC or Mac device, do the following:

  • Check USB - replug the USB cable into your device and computer. If that doesn't work, use a different USB cable and change the USB port on your computer. In addition, set your USB for file transfer.
  • Allow MTP connection - plug in your device and wait for your computer to detect it. If nothing happens, disconnect the device and restart it. Run Smart Switch on your Mac or PC, go to the Settings menu, and select Reinstall device driver. Reconnect the device and try again.

Part 3.5. Partial Data Transfer

Smart Switch may partially complete your data transfer when transferring an extensive data volume.

If you keep experiencing this problem, try transferring smaller volumes to prevent the Smart Switch app from crashing. You can also solve this problem by removing your device's cache. Restart your device and try transferring data again.

Part 4. What Can You Do If You Can't Fix the Problem?

If you can't fix Smart Switch issues, you can do one more thing. You can use an alternative to Samsung Smart Switch.

Nowadays, you have many professional tools compatible with any device. They allow you to transfer unlimited data between mobile and desktop devices.

Whether you want to move data between smartphones and your PC or between Android and iOS, Samsung Smart Switch alternative tools can share GBs of data safely at ultra-fast speeds.

However, that's not all; it gets even better! Most alternatives to Samsung Smart Switch are compatible with all data types and allow you to transfer your data without format limitations.

Part 5. The Best Alternative to Samsung Smart Switch

Although there are many top-grade alternative tools to Samsung Smart Switch, one solution beats them all: Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer. This Samsung Smart Switch alternative lets you move data between Android and iOS devices with a single click.

You can transfer your music, videos, photos, SMS, contacts, and more between 8,000+ devices, including Google, Sony, OPPO, Huawei, Samsung, Apple, etc.

Dr.Fone offers excellent features, such as:

  • Support for 18+ file types - Dr.Fone offers support for all file types, depending on your scenario.
  • One-click data transfer - select the file types you want to transfer to a new device and let Dr.Fone do the hard work for you.
  • High-speed transfer - Dr.Fone can transfer your files in less than three minutes.

Unlike Samsung Smart Switch, Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer is compatible with 8,000+ mobile devices, supports phone-to-phone transfer, and can move files within three minutes. It's faster and more reliable than Smart Switch.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Part 5.1. How to Transfer Data Using Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer

Here's how to transfer your files from phone to phone with a PC using Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer. You can move data between different mobile devices, including WinPhone, Symbian, Android, and iOS.

Step 1. Connect your mobile device to your PC

launch drfone phone transfer

Run Dr.Fone on your PC, choose the Phone Transfer option, and connect both devices to your PC.

drfone phone transfer

Step 2. Select the data you want to transfer

select the data you want to transfer

Choose the files for transfer and select Start Transfer. Check the Clear Data Before Copy option if you want to delete the files before transferring them to the new device. Wait for the tool to complete the process.

select start transfer

Part 5.2. How to Transfer Data Using MobileTrans App

MobileTrans App is a phone data transfer app with the fastest cross-platform transfer speed. In addition, this app safely and seamlessly transfers multiple types of phone data to another device without compromising quality! Compatible with iOS 12.0 or above and Android 5.0 or above.

mobiletrans app

Phone transfer without a PC

If you want to transfer iPhone files to a new Android device without a desktop computer, follow these steps to complete the process with MobileTrans App.

Step 1. Install the Android version of MobileTrans App

install mobiletrans app

Install the Android version of MobileTrans App and select the Phone Transfer option. Then Confirm which phone is old or new.

Step 2. Confirm which phone are you sending data to.

transfer android to iphone

Choose "Android" on "Phone Transfer" feature page. Run a scan on your iPhone to detect files for transfer. If you have a lot of files on your device, it may take a while to complete the scanning process.

Step 3. Select the data for transfer

select the data you need to transfer

Supports to transfer up to 18 kinds of data, including messages, music, videos, etc. Choose the files you want to transfer to Android and tap Send.

Step 4. Wait for the process to be completed.

wait for the process to be completed

safe Downloadsafe & secure


After reading these guidelines, you should know how to identify common Samsung Smart Switch issues and fix them. This guide outlines different situations for Smart Switch for Samsung and provides user-friendly steps to resolve them.

If none of the tips you find here work, you can use an alternative to Samsung Smart Switch, such as Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer. Solutions like Dr.Fone provide additional instructions to help you solve problems across different scenarios.

Whether you want to move data Android-to-Android, Android-to-iOS, iOS-to-Android, or iOS-to-iOS, Dr.Fone can do all that and more. And MobileTrans App lets you transfer data without a PC. So you can reliably and effortlessly move your important files to a new mobile or desktop device.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

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