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How To Transfer From iPhone to Samsung: Simplified Guide 2024

Alice MJ

Dec 15, 2023 • Filed to: Data Transfer Solutions • Proven solutions

If you have been using your iPhone for a long time but want a change in your life, you can easily switch to other brands like Samsung. Samsung phones offer more customization options regarding the software compared to iPhones. One of the major issues iPhone users face is limited storage, which can be avoided by using Samsung.

If the only thing stopping you from switching is the stress of transferring your data, you don’t have to worry anymore. In this article, we will discover various aspects to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung. Different methods and prerequisites to be fulfilled will be covered ahead. Moreover, we'll also provide you with the best one-click method for transferring your iPhone to Samsung.

transfer iphone to samsung

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Part 1: What Are the Pre-Requirements To Fulfill Before Transferring From iPhone to Samsung?

Before we discuss different methods to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung, there are some things that you should not neglect. These attributes must be fulfilled before switching to ensure a smooth transition. That's why we want you to look at these prerequisites and fulfill them before moving to your new device. Here's a checklist of these pre-requirements before transferring the iPhone to Samsung.

  1. Backup Your iPhone: First of all, you have to ensure you have backed up your iPhone before proceeding with data transfer. This step will secure your data from losing or deleting it. Moreover, you can access it from any device whenever you need to. You can perform the backup by turning on the iCloud backup option from the iPhone.
  2. Battery Percentage: Another critical aspect is to charge both your iPhone and Samsung device to an adequate battery level. This will prevent any interruption due to low battery during the transfer process. Also, the performance of the devices will be optimum at the ideal battery percentage.
  3. Update Software: Furthermore, you should confirm that both your iPhone and Samsung devices are running the latest operating system software. You must update your iPhone to the latest iOS version and your Samsung device to the latest Android version.
  4. Secure Your Data: When you are done with the transferring process, it is necessary to clear your data from the old phone. Although the iPhone is one of the most secure devices, you should reset it before leaving. This will ensure that no one can access your files after you have wiped off all your data.

Part 2: How To Transfer Data From iPhone to Samsung Using Smart Switch App

Samsung Smart Switch tool is designed to simplify transferring various types of data from an iPhone to a Samsung. The data includes contacts, messages, photos, videos, and more. It supports both wired and wireless transfer methods. You can connect the devices using a USB cable or the wireless transfer option, which is more convenient for some users.

Let’s discuss the simple steps to help you in transferring data from iPhone to Samsung. The steps for wireless and wired methods are different, so stay tuned ahead.

1. Wireless Method

The wireless method will free you up from the need for a cable. However, you must sync your data to iCloud before transferring your iPhone to Samsung. The steps for a wireless transfer via the Smart Switch tool are described below:

  • Step 1: First, you need to sync your iOS device to iCloud. You can do this by accessing "Settings" and tapping your Apple ID. After that, select the "iCloud" option and toggle on the data you want to sync.

sync data with icloud

  • Step 2: Now, move to your Samsung device and open the “Smart Switch” application. Then, tap the “Continue” option followed by the “Allow” button to accept the terms of service.

allow access to files

  • Step 3: After that, you need to choose the “Receive Data" option and tap on "iPhone/iPad.” To do so, select "Get Data from iCloud Instead” at the bottom of the screen.

choose to transfer data via icloud

  • Step 4: Subsequently, enter your “Apple ID" and "Password" and tap on the "Sign In” option. Then, verify on your iPhone by choosing the "Allow" option, and you will get a verification code.

sign in with icloud id

  • Step 5: Finally, you have to enter the verification code on your Samsung device and tap on the “Connect” option. After that, select the data you want to transfer and hit the “Transfer” option.

select data to transfer from iphone

2. Wired Method

Using a USB cable is essential for this data transfer process. To ensure seamless transfer, it is advised to link both devices via Wi-Fi, especially when dealing with sizable files. A comprehensive guide on transferring data from an iPhone to a Samsung device using a USB cable is below:

  • Step 1: To start with, you need to open the “Smart Switch” application on your new Samsung phone and select the “Receive Data” option. After that, tap on the “iPhone/iPad” device to connect with.

receive data from iphone

  • Step 2: You have to connect both phones using the iOS device's lightning cable and a USB-OTG adapter. A menu will pop up for the verification process, so tap the "Trust" option and enter the unlock "Code" on the iPhone.

trust your samsung device on iphone

  • Step 3: After that, you have to tap the "Next" option on your Samsung device. Then, select the data you wish to transfer and press the "Transfer" option. Finally, when finished, hit the "Done" button followed by the "Go to Home Screen" button on your Samsung device and disconnect the cable.

transfer data and disconnect usb cable

Part 3: What Are the Disadvantages Linked With Samsung Smart Switch?

Samsung Smart Switch is an efficient and convenient software for transferring an iPhone to Samsung. However, there are certain disadvantages associated with the Smart Switch application. These limitations could be irritating and tiresome to do the transfer process. We have gathered and written below some common disadvantages linked with the Samsung Smart Switch:

  1. App Data Transfer Limitation:Smart Switch can transfer many data types and files. However, it cannot transfer all the applications and their data from an iPhone to a Samsung device. Smart Switch does not support some apps. In other scenarios, the data present in the apps can show resistance to transfer due to platform differences.
  2. Glitches:Glitches during the transfer process can occur for various reasons, such as Wi-Fi connectivity issues or other potential factors. The important point is that the Smart Switch app can face interruptions mid-transfer. These interruptions could result in data loss or malfunctions in the receiving phone.
  3. Speed Issues:The transfer speed of the Smart Switch application is quite impressive. Despite that, using the wireless option requires keeping the two phones in close surroundings for optimal speed. If the phones are farther apart, the transfer speed significantly decreases.
  4. File Format Compatibility:Samsung Smar Switch does not fully support certain file formats or data types. When transferred to the Samsung device, these formats will require some additional steps for proper compatibility. This could affect multimedia files, documents, or specific file types.

Part 4: The Best One-Click Alternative to Samsung Smart Switch for Transferring iPhone to Samsung

We have described the methods to transfer from iPhone to Samsung via the Samsung Smart Switch application. Despite that, some limitations can hinder your process. That's why we will provide you with the best one-click solution: Wondershare Dr.Fone. This software will transfer data from iPhone to Samsung within no time.

Dr.Fone is equipped with advanced tools that can understand the requirements and perform the task automatically. It assists in transferring, managing, and backing up data across devices. Ultimately, the software provides comprehensive solutions for your needs.

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Method 1: Transfer iPhone Data to Samsung

The Phone Transfer feature in Wondershare Dr.Fone allows you to copy data effortlessly from one phone to another using a single click. You can transfer various data types such as contacts, SMS, photos, videos, music, and more. This transfer can even be between devices operating on different systems like iOS and Android. Also, the tool is compatible with Android 14 (Win) and the latest iOS 17, which ensures smooth functionality.

The straightforward process requires simple clicks to initiate and complete the transfer from iPhone to Samsung. We have described the whole method step-wise below for your convenience:

  • Step 1: Activate the Phone Transfer Tool in Dr.Fone

To start with, you need to launch the Wondershare Dr.Fone toolkit on your Windows PC or MacBook. Then, access the "Phone Transfer" tool from the left side via the "Toolbox" tab and connect your iPhone and Samsung devices.

select phone transfer from toolbox

  • Step 2: Select the “Source” and “Destination” Devices

In the next step, the software will detect the connected iPhone and Samsung devices. You have to choose the "Source" and "Destination" devices to associate the path of transfer. You can also use the "Flip" button if the direction is the other way around.

set target and source device

  • Step 3: Select the Data Types and Start the Transfer Process

Now, you have to choose the specific data types for transfer by marking the relevant categories. After that, initiate the process by tapping the “Start Transfer” button. Also, you need to turn off the iCloud syncing when a prompt appears on Wondershare Dr.Fone. You can do this in the “Profile” settings on your iPhone.

start the transfer process

  • Step 4: Conclude the iPhone to Samsung Transfer Process

Finally, the progress bar will appear before you, where you can observe the process. Hit the "OK" button after the successful completion of the process. Then, you can verify your data from your new Samsung device.

end the process once completed

Method 2: Transfer iTunes Data to Samsung

If you have backed up your iPhone data in iTunes, you can restore it to your Samsung device. The “Phone Manager” feature in Dr.Fone allows you to restore iTunes data on your Android device. This tool can transfer media files, social data, mobile apps, contacts, and more. Let's explore the steps involved in transferring data from an iPhone to a Samsung device using iTunes:

Step 1: Activate Dr.Fone and Connect Samsung Device

First, access the Wondershare Dr.Fone software and connect your Samsung device to your system. The device will appear on the left side that you will select to access the homepage. There, choose the “iTunes Library” option to proceed further.

navigate to itunes library

  • Step 2: Select and Export the Specific File Types

The new window will open, and you must select the “Export iTunes Media to Device” option. This will enable the transfer of iTunes media to your Android device. After that, you need to checkmark the file types to transfer and hit the "Transfer" button.

choose to export itunes media

Step 3: End the Transfer Process

Finally, monitor the progress bar displayed in the subsequent window to track the completion of the transfer. Then, click “OK” to confirm the successful transfer from iTunes to your Android device.

tap ok on successful transfer

Method 3: Transfer iCloud Data to Samsung

iCloud serves as a highly convenient method to back up iOS devices. However, restoring an iCloud backup to Android devices is not as simple. iCloud only allows restoring the entire backup to iOS device setup, and it doesn't support restoring backups to Android devices. The iCloud Manager feature in Wondershare Dr.Fone offers a solution to address this limitation.

It allows selective content restoration from iCloud backups to Samsung devices without alteration. Learn how to transfer from iPhone to Samsung via iCloud backup data with the help of the following steps:

  • Step 1: Access Wondershare Dr.Fone and Plugin Samsung Device

To begin with, open the Wondershare Dr.Fone software on your system and connect your Samsung device to it. Then, access your device on the software from the left side and select the "iCloud Manager" option within the home screen. You have to fill in those credentials to sign into your iCloud account.

sign in to icloud id

  • Step 2: Select the Data Files and Start Restoration

In the next step, you have to select the data type from your iCloud backed-up data. Then, hit the "Restore to Device" button and the "Start" button to start the restoration process. The progress bar will appear and display the progress of the restoration of iCloud data to Samsung devices.

start the transfer process

  • Step 3: Finish the Data Restoration Process on Your Samsung Device

The process will conclude within a few minutes and display the final message of completion. Then, you can press the “Done” button to conclude the iCloud to Samsung data transfer process.

press done on complete restore

Bonus Tip. What Are the Most Recommended Upcoming Smartphones of Samsung in 2024?

Samsung is planning to add generative AI to its new products, and they will possibly share more details next year. They've introduced their generative AI and given hints regarding Galaxy AI's role in their 2024 phones. It's a major competitor and other big names in the mobile market. We’re expecting the following mobile products from Samsung next year based on their usual launch cycle and reports.

1. Galaxy S24 Series

The projected launch timeline for the Galaxy S24 series is early 2024. Artificial intelligence will likely take the main area for the Galaxy S24. Samsung's Gauss generative AI model, similar to ChatGPT, can compose emails, summarize documents, and help in coding. Additionally, the Galaxy AI is anticipated to facilitate call translations.

Moreover, Samsung's Exynos 2400 processor guarantees a significant AI performance boost, enabling text-to-image AI generation. AI enhancements, such as Samsung's Zoom Anywhere feature, will notably impact the camera. This feature, probably in Galaxy S24 Ultra, will enable 4x zoom for moving objects.

2. Galaxy Z Flip 6

The rumored Galaxy Z Flip 6 expects to overcome the Z Flip 5 by introducing a new processor and more software features. These software features will benefit its foldable design. Also, the reports suggest a 50-megapixel primary camera sensor for the Z Flip 6. There is also the possibility of AI capabilities similar to those of the Galaxy S24 series. Samsung normally unveils new Galaxy Z Flip phones around August.

3. Galaxy Z Fold 6

Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold is very similar to the Z Flip. This phone will probably have a slot for the S Pen stylus that will boost its productivity. Also, the Z Fold 6 might come with a new processor similar to the one in the Galaxy S24. Some fresh software features and slight design enhancements might be added, too.

4. Galaxy A55 5G

Samsung usually unveils new Galaxy A phone versions in March. Samsung's Galaxy A series phones offer impressive features like multi-lens cameras and high-refresh-rate screens at more affordable prices. However, they often compromise on performance and camera quality. Also, it's unlikely that the Galaxy A55 will use the same chip as the Galaxy S24 series.

Samsung's Galaxy A phones usually have a slightly less powerful processor than their flagship counterparts. For instance, the Galaxy A54 uses the Exynos 1380 processor, which falls behind Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 series.


In a nutshell, the Samsung Smart Switch application provides an efficient and convenient method to transfer from iPhone to Samsung. However, it comes with certain disadvantages and limitations that have been faced by many users. We have provided you with a more effective and powerful solution: Wondershare Dr.Fone. This tool will assist you in transferring your iPhone to Samsung with just one click. Plus, you learned about the latest Samsung devices in this article.

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