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Switch from iPhone to Samsung S10/S20: All Things to Know

Alice MJ

Sep 26, 2023 • Filed to: Data Transfer Solutions • Proven solutions

You are done with your iPhone and now want to walk over a new path of Android. When it comes to trying Android, Samsung appears to be the secured option. Speaking about the recent launch, Samsung has added a newest model in its S series i.e. S10/S20. And if you are pondering over purchasing Samsung S10/S20, it sounds a really interesting idea! Moreover, how about knowing the essentials before switching from iPhone to Samsung S10/S20?

This article specially focuses on how to transfer from iPhone to Samsung S10/S20 and some fundamental points. Go further and explore!

Part 1: Things to do before switching from iPhone to Samsung S10/S20

Before we move on to the solutions for transferring data, there are some things that should not be neglected while changing from iPhone to Samsung galaxy S10/S20. We don’t want you to overlook these significant points. Hence, read on this section to make yourself familiar with what you should keep in mind.

  • Battery: You need to ensure that the devices you are going to work with must be well-charged. While you transfer the contents from old iPhone to your new one, the process may interrupt if any of the device’s battery gets low. Thus, please make the battery sufficiently charged on your devices.
  • Backup old iPhone: An obvious point that can never be ignored while switching from iPhone to Samsung S10/S20 is to backup the iPhone. You will never want to lose important data your iPhone contains, will you? Therefore, it is important to create backup of your iPhone so that whenever you want the important files, you will be able to access them anytime you want.
  • Accounts signed in: When you decide to move from iPhone to Samsung S10/S20, make sure to get logged out of the accounts that you’ve signed in. Signing out of the accounts will prevent any unnecessary unauthorized access.
  • Data security: In order to make sure that your data is secured with you only. Ensure to wipe off all your data from your old iPhone so that no one else will ever be able to make use of it. This is vital in case you are going to hand over your previous phone to someone.

Part 2: One click to transfer all data from iPhone to Samsung S10/S20

After discussing the required things, we are all set to make you learn about how to transfer info from iPhone to Samsung S10/S20. We would like to recommend you Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer to serve this purpose. It is a software that makes data transfer easier than ever for the users by providing the easiest steps and interface. Compatible with even the latest iOS, it will take a few moments of yours to fulfill your needs.

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Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer

Click-through process to transfer all data from iPhone to Samsung S10/S20

  • Offers the simplest and one-click process of transferring
  • Not just allows transferring from iPhone to Samsung but stretches compatibility with a great deal of Android devices.
  • Migrating between different operating systems is possible
  • A wide range of data types are supported including contacts, text messages, images, videos etc.
  • Completely safe, reliable and even offers fast transferring speed
Available on: Windows Mac
3,109,301 people have downloaded it

How to switch from iPhone to Samsung S10/S20 in one click

Step 1: Download Dr.Fone Toolkit

To begin the transfer of files from iPhone to Samsung S10/S20, firstly, you have to download Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer in your computer. Install it later and then launch it. You will see some options on the main screen. Select ‘Switch’ among those.

transfer from iphone to samsung galaxy S10/S20 - install Dr.Fone

Step 2: Connect the Devices

Get the two devices, i.e. iPhone and Samsung S10/S20 connected with the computer. Use the original respective cords for better process and connection. You can check on the screen if your source and target devices are correct. In case not, simply hit on the ‘Flip’ button to reverse the choices.

transfer from iphone to samsung galaxy S10/S20 - connect devices

Step 3: Pick Out the File

From the next screen, you are allowed to choose the data types that you like to transfer. Simply check the boxes beside each data type to be transferred. Once done with the selection, make sure to click on ‘Start Transfer’.

Note: There’s an option saying ‘Clear data before copy’. You cans imply check this option if you wish the data erasure on the destination phone prior to transfer.

transfer from iphone to samsung galaxy S10/S20 - select data types

Step 4: Complete the Transfer

Please do not disconnect your devices while the process is going on. Past some moments, you will get notified that your selected data has been completely transferred. Wait for it and enjoy your dear data in Samsung S10/S20.

transfer from iphone to samsung galaxy S10/S20 - complete phone switch

Part 3: Samsung Smart Switch: Transfer most data from iPhone to Samsung S10/S20

Samsung Smart Switch is the official app by Samsung. It aims to achieve the purpose of getting the data from other devices into Samsung. There are two ways offered by this app for transfer of files from iPhone to Samsung S10/S20. That is to say, one can either transfer data wirelessly or they can take help of USB cable to get the job done. Moreover, if you wish to make no use of a computer for moving data, then this method can prove to be helpful.

This method though comes with some restriction. Let us first introduce you with those and then we will get to the steps ahead.

  • While using the app, the target device should be no other than Samsung. Putting simply, there is no way to transfer data conversely. You can only move data from other devices to Samsung and not from Samsung to other devices.
  • Secondly, your Samsung device should be operating above Android 4.0. Otherwise the app won’t work.
  • The app doesn’t fully support iCloud backups that are made with iOS 9. If you tried backup with iPhone running on iOS 9, you could merely move contacts, photos, videos and calendar.
  • There are reports too, that state users’ bad experience of data corruption post transferring.
  • Quite a lot of devices aren’t compatible with the app. The users, in such case should connect the device with PC using the Kies app.

Transfer data from iPhone to Samsung S10/S20 with Smart Switch (wireless way)

Step 1: The wireless method will enable you to transfer your data that you backed up in iCloud. Supposing you have enabled iCloud backup (‘Settings’ > ‘iCloud’ > ‘Backup’ > ‘Back Up Now’), download the app on your Samsung device.

Step 2: Launch the app and choose ‘WIRELESS’. Later, select ‘RECEIVE’ option and tap on ‘iOS’.

move from iphone to samsung S10/S20 - start smart switch

Step 3: It’s time to sign in with your Apple ID. Just key in the credentials and tap on ‘SIGN IN’ right after that. Choose the contents and click ‘IMPORT’. The selected data will be transferred to your Samsung S10/S20 now.

move from iphone to samsung S10- enter apple id

Transfer data from iPhone to Samsung S10/S20 with Smart Switch (USB cable way)

Keep your iPhone and Samsung S10/S20 enough charged if you have a large amount of data to be transferred. This is because the transfer process will eat up a good amount of time. And if the device turns off due to dead battery, the transfer process will hamper.

Another thing to be noted while using this method is you should possess an OTG cable. This will help the iOS cable and the USB cable to get attached. And you’ll successfully establish the connection between the two devices.

Step 1: Start with getting the app installed on both the phones. After installing, launch the app on the devices. Now, tap on the ‘USB CABLE’ option.

move from iphone to samsung S10/S20 - connect ios and samsung

Step 2: Make connection between iPhone and Samsung S10/S20 with the help of the cables you prepared earlier. Post successful connection, you will receive a pop-up on your iPhone. Tap ‘Trust’ on the pop-up and then tap ‘NEXT’.

Step 3: Pick out the content that you want to transfer and lastly tap on ‘TRANSFER’. Wait a while until data is transferred into your Samsung S10/S20.

move from iphone to samsung S10/S20 - select contents

Part 4: How about data in iTunes?

Well! Being an iPhone user, we all store most of our data in iTunes by default. And while considering switching from iPhone to Samsung S10/S20, transferring this important iTunes data to your new device also becomes essential. And if you are puzzle about how to do this, we would happily like to ward off this curiosity of yours. As Dr.Fone – Phone Backup (Android) is there to assist you without any complications. Allowing you to work with over 8000 Android models, it can effortlessly restore iCloud or iTunes data to Android devices. Let us consider this aspect of moving from iPhone to Samsung S10/S20.

How to Restore all iTunes Backup to Samsung S10/S20 in One Click

Step 1: Download and Install the Tool

Begin to download Dr.Fone on your computer. Simply click on either button below to download.

Download Download

Once downloaded, complete the installation process. Post installing it successfully, open the toolkit and opt for ‘Backup & Restore’ from the main screen.

transfer itunes data to samsung galaxy S10/S20 - install itunes restoring tool

Step 2: Connect the Android Device

Now, take your Samsung S10/S20 and its original USB cord. With the help of the cord, connect your device with the computer. After the device gets successfully connected, hit on ‘Restore’ button given on the screen.

transfer itunes data to samsung galaxy S10/S20 - connect device to pc

Step 3: Choose the Tab

After getting navigated to the next screen, you are required to click on ‘Restore from iTunes Backup’. This option is located on the left panel. When you choose this, a list of iTunes backup will appear on your screen.

transfer itunes data to samsung galaxy S10/S20 - restore from itunes

Step 4: Pick Out iTunes Backup File

From the list, you just need to select the preferred backup file and click on ‘View’ button. When you click it, the program will detect the file thereby showing you the data in it.

transfer itunes data to samsung galaxy S10/S20 - select data

Step 5: Preview and Restore

You can now select the data type one by one from the left panel. As you select the data type, you will be able to preview them on the screen. Once you are satisfied by previewing, click on ‘Restore to Device’ button.

transfer itunes data to samsung galaxy S10/S20 - confirm data restoring

Step 6: Confirm and Finish Restoring

You will notice a new dialog box where you are supposed to pick out the target device. Click on ‘Continue’ lastly and then the data types will begin to restore. Please note that the data types which an Android device isn’t able to support; will not be restored to it.

complete transferring itunes data to samsung galaxy S10/S20

Part 5: iPhone to Samsung S10/S20: Must-have things to go with you

Changing from iPhone to Samsung galaxy S10/S20 or switching between any devices may seem a tiresome job. There are some unavoidable data types that one must transfer when changing their iPhone with Samsung S10/S20. We are going to talk about those data types that are pretty important.

  • Contacts: Needless to say, we all depend entirely on our phones for contacts as keeping them in the diaries are the things of past now. Therefore, moving contacts into new Samsung S10/S20 or any other device you buy carry a huge importance.
  • Calendar: There are loads of important dates/events we keep record of in calendar. And it is another prominent file type that mustn’t be ignored when switching from iPhone to Samsung S10/S20.
  • Photos: While capturing each and every moment to create your massive memorabilia, you don’t really want to miss transferring your photos to new device, do you? Ergo, you should take your photos with you when transfer files from iPhone to Samsung S10/S20.
  • Videos: Not just photos, creating videos add special touch to the moments you spend with your near ones. And when changing from iPhone to Samsung galaxy S10/S20, you should certainly take care of your videos.
  • Documents: Be it your official documents or personal, you should always carry those with you. You never know when you need them. Hence, include documents in your list too while moving from iPhone to Samsung S10/S20.
  • Audio/Music: For a music lover, losing any of the favorite tracks can create chaos. So, when you transfer info from iPhone to Samsung S10/S20, don’t miss your music and audio files.
  • Text Messages: Ever since the various messenger apps have launched, we are less drifted towards text messages. However, they are still important as there are numerous official messages that you can’t ignore. And this is because you must take care of it and transfer it to your new device.
  • Social App Chats (WeChat/Viber/WhatsApp/Line/Kik): Today’s era is incomplete without social apps comprising WhatsApp, WeChat and the like. Not taking these chats in the new device can cost really important conversations. To do the transfer, one can make use of this great tool called Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer.

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