How to Transfer Photos, SMS and Other Data from Samsung to Samsung?

If you have recently switched over to a new Samsung device from an old one, you would require transferring all the data to the new Samsung device. Now, with the new tools for data migration, data transfer has become a lot easier and simpler and can now be done even without having to connect the devices with cables. While on Android devices, just having a Google account keeps the contacts, apps and more synced with cloud, it is always better to have an app which can help transfer all the data from one device to another without any loss. Moreover, using apps also helps to transfer messages from Samsung to Samsung etc, which having a Google account never helps. This article lets you know how to transfer photos from Samsung to Samsung as well.

Here’s how to transfer data from Samsung to Samsung:

Part 1: How to transfer everything from Samsung to Samsung using Samsung Smart Switch?

Samsung Smart Switch is a free app which can be used to wirelessly transfer data from old Galaxy device to a newer one. Since this works wirelessly, cables or wires to connect and copy data go out of the picture making this process easier to follow. It lets you transfer contacts, memo data, calendar, messages, pictures, music, videos, app list, etc. Here’s how you can use Samsung Smart Switch to transfer data from Samsung to Samsung device:

Step 1: First of download Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app on both the Samsung Galaxy phones between which you want to transfer data.

Step 2: Since this works wirelessly, keep both the Samsung devices close to each other (within 50 cm from each other). Now, launch the app on both the devices. You have to now initiate the connection between the two devices. So, tap on “Connect” button on the interface as shown in the picture given below to initiate a connection.


Step 3: The connection will be established in some seconds and once it is done, you will find a list of data types that Samsung Smart Switch supports to transfer. You can choose the data types as per requirement to transfer. Select the data type to send and then tap on “Transfer” button to start the transfer process.

select data type

Step 4: You will be prompted on the receiver Samsung mobile as shown in the picture given below, to accept the transfer initiation. Tap on “OK” to accept the transfer.


Now, when the data transfer is complete, tap on “Done” button to finish and exit. Choose all the data types you wish to transfer on the sender mobile to send everything at one go. You can now switch to the new Samsung device with all the data present in it after the data transfer process is complete.

Part 2: How to transfer everything from Samsung to Samsung using dr.fone?

Transferring data when you switch phones is a cumbersome job. You have to transfer everything starting from important documents, music files, contacts, messages to application data. While on Android devices, having the Google account configured keeps most of the data safe, it is always better to have a comprehensive tool which can manage backing up everything on the phone to a safe storage. This not only helps prevent data loss, but also comes to rescue if you switch to a new phone and require transferring all the old phone data to the new one. dr.fone toolkit - Android Data Backup & Resotre is one such comprehensive tool which can be used to transfer all the data from your old Samsung device to the new one easily. Here’s how you can transfer data from Samsung to Samsung using dr.fone tookit – Android Data Backup & Restore to transfer data:

dr.fone toolkit - Android Data Backup & Resotre

Flexibly Backup and Restore Android Data

  • Selectively backup Android data to computer with one click.
  • Preview and restore backup to any Android devices.
  • Supports 8000+ Android devices.
  • There is no data lost during backup, export or restore.
Available on: Windows
3981454 people have downloaded it


Step 1: Launch dr.fone Android toolkit

Install the program and launch dr.fone toolkit for Android on the computer. Now, from among various toolkits on the interface, choose “Data Backup & Restore”.

launch drfone

Step 2: Connect the Android device to the computer (OLD SAMSUNG DEVICE)

Now, connect the old Samsung Phone to the computer using a USB cable to backup all the data present in it to the computer. Ensure that you have enabled USB debugging mode on the phone. You might get a pop up message on the Samsung mobile as well asking to allow USB debugging. Tap on “OK” if you get one.

connect old samsung phone

Step 3: Select file types to back up

After the old Samsung phone is connected properly to the computer and recognized by the program, select the data types to back up. By default, you will find all the data types already selected for you as shown in the picture below:

select data type

Now, deselect any data type if you don’t want to backup and then click on “Backup” button to start the backup process. The whole backup process will take few minutes to complete. So, don’t use the device or disconnect it from the computer during the process.

backup old samsung phone

You can view the backed up files after the program has backed up everything to the computer, by clicking on “View the backup” button.

backup completed


Step 4: Connect the Android phone to the computer

Launch dr.fone Android toolkit on the computer and then click on “Data Backup & Restore” from multiple toolkits present on the program interface. Now use a USB cable to connect the new Samsung phone to the computer.

connect new samsung phone

Click on “Restore” button.

Step 5: Select backup files to restore on the new Samsung device

Now, after you click on “Restore” button, by default, the program will display latest backup files on the left side of the interface. You can change the selected backup file by clicking on the drop down icon where you can as well find the data type list.

select backup file

Step 6: Preview and Restore backup file to the new Samsung device

dr.fone allows you to preview both while backing up data and restoring it. While restoring, you can preview each file in the backup. Now, select the files you need to restore and then click on “Restore” button to restore those items on the new Samsung device.

restore to new samsung phone

Once you have started the process to restore, please do not disconnect the device from the computer or use it while in the process. The whole process will take few minutes to complete. So, it is also recommended not have any Android phone management software running or open on the computer during the process.

restore completed

Now, after all the data is restored on the new Samsung device, you can start using it without any issues.

So these were the ways in which you can successfully transfer data from Samsung to Samsung device. Hope this article now gives you a clear picture on how to transfer data from Samsung to Samsung. Do let us know what was your experience using the dr.fone toolkit in data transfer.

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