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6 Ways to Transfer Data from Samsung to Samsung S20 Quickly

Alice MJ

Aug 31, 2023 • Filed to: Data Transfer Solutions • Proven solutions

Have you ever thought of how to transfer data from Samsung to Samsung the fastest way? Whether you bought a new Samsung device or mean to change to a new Samsung S20 or your existing Samsung device has broken. There are situations that demand data transfer from Samsung to Samsung. Knowing the right way would undoubtedly help you in transferring data from Samsung to Samsung devices. In case you are unsure about how to send data from Samsung to Samsung mobiles after you get new Samsung S20. We have these 6 amazing solutions for you.

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Part 1: Switch everything from old Samsung to Samsung S20 in 1 click

If you are worrying about how to transfer data from Samsung to Samsung S20. Then transferring data using Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer is your ultimate answer. This amazing software enables you to transfer data between iOS and Android devices. The software is compatible with the latest iOS and Android versions. You can transfer a wide range of files such as photos, contacts, music, text messages, videos etc. You can switch data between 6000 plus models of smartphones including Apple, Samsung, Sony, HUAWEI, Google etc. in case you are thinking how to transfer all data from Samsung to Samsung. Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer is the best bet.

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Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer

Transfer one or all data type from Samsung to Samsung S20 in 1 Click Direcly!

  • Easily transfer various data types from Android to Android including apps, music, videos, photos, contacts, messages, apps data, call logs etc.
  • Works directly and transfer data between two cross operating system devices in real time.
  • Works perfectly with Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Google, HUAWEI, Motorola, ZTE, Nokia and more smartphones and tablets.
  • Fully compatible with major providers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.
  • Fully compatible with the latest iOS versionNew icon and Android 10.0
Available on: Windows Mac
3981454 people have downloaded it

Here is the detailed guide to transfer files from Samsung to Samsung S20–

Step 1: Install Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer software on your computer. Launch the software and then connect both your Samsung mobiles through USB cables.

transfer samsung to samsung-lauch the software

Step 2: Now, tap on the ‘Phone Transfer’ tab from Dr.Fone interface and specify the source and target device among them. You can even tap the ‘Flip’ button, in case the selection is not right.

transfer samsung to samsung-tab the flip button

Note: Selecting the ‘Clear Data before Copy’ checkbox will erase data on the destination device prior to transferring data.

Step 3: Here, you need to choose the file types you want to move and then hit the ‘Start Transfer’ button. The progress bar window will notify about the transfer process. Tap ‘OK’ when it’s done.

transfer samsung to samsung-tap ok

How to transfer data from Samsung to Samsung S20 using Smart Switch App?

In case you are wondering about how to transfer files from Samsung to Samsung using Smart Switch Mobile app. We have got the answer for you. Using this app, you can transfer a variety of data including contacts, messages, media files etc. You can wirelessly send data from an Android device to another. This app is primarily designed for switching to Samsung Galaxy devices at large.

Let’s see how to transfer all data from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy phones –

    1. Get the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app installed on both your Samsung Galaxy devices. Ensure that they are within 50 cms of distance from each other. Now, launch Samsung Smart Switch app on both of them.
    2. Click on the ‘Connect’ button on any of the devices to establish the connection. Upon connection, go to the list of data types displayed on the source device. Select what you want to transfer and then click the ‘Transfer’ button.
    3. The target Samsung Galaxy will show a prompt to receive the data. Hit ‘OK’ to confirm and allow some time to let the transfer complete.

transfer samsung to samsung-establish the connection transfer samsung to samsung-select the data to transfer transfer samsung to samsung-let the transfer complete

  1. Once the transfer is over, press the ‘Done’ button and exit.

How to transfer data from Samsung to Samsung via NFC?

When you are concerned about how to transfer files from Samsung to Samsung. Samsung devices enabled with NFC – Near Field Contact bring a new dimension to it. Using this method you can transfer photos, web pages, contacts, apps and videos etc. It doesn’t matter whether you are beaming to a tablet or a phone or the other way around. The process of content beaming stays the same. You need to activate NFC and Android beam to let the transfer happen.

    1. On both your Samsung devices, turn on NFC and Android Beam by visiting ‘Settings’ and tapping ‘More’. Click on the ‘NFC’ switch to turn it on.

transfer samsung to samsung-click on the nfc

    1. Now, select the data you want to share and face the backs of both devices to each other. A haptic and sound confirms that the devices have been detected.
    2. On the source device, you can see the screen compressed to a thumbnail saying ‘Touch to beam’. Hit it to start beaming.

transfer samsung to samsung-start beaming

  1. Upon completion of the process, you can get an audio confirmation or notification. You can also see the app being launched and displaying the beamed content.

How to transfer data from Samsung to Samsung S20 via Bluetooth?

Transferring data between Samsung devices is easy with Bluetooth. Though, most of the times the process is pretty slow and it fails. Through this process you can also transfer apps from Samsung to Samsung. But, only if you have the .APK file saved on your source device.

Here is the process –

  1. Search for the ‘Bluetooth’ feature and turn it on for both the devices. You can find from ‘Settings’ or by swiping down the notification bar.
  2. Now, on the source device, select the desired data to be transferred. Click the share icon and select ‘Bluetooth’ as the sharing option.
  3. Bluetooth will search for devices in range. Tap on your target Samsung device name from the list. On your target device hit the ‘Accept’ button upon being prompted.
  4. The Data will start being transferred to the target Samsung mobile.

How to transfer pictures/photos between Samsung devices via Drag and Drop

In case how to transfer music from Samsung to Samsung S20 is making you stressed. We have a simple solution in that matter. Why not use the drag and drop method and get it sorted? Apart from music, you can share a lot other data types in this process.

  1. Connect both your Samsung devices to your computer through USB cables. Select the data transfer mode for both the devices.
  2. Now, open your source Samsung mobile and select the desired files. Drag and drop to the specific folder on the destination mobile device folder.
  3. You are done transferring files.

How to transfer files between Samsung devices using Shareit?

To understand how to transfer apps from Samsung to Samsung S20 you need to check with Shareit. It can wirelessly transfer data using Wi-Fi.

    1. Install Shareit on both the Samsung devices. Launch them for them as well.
    2. Now, on the source device tap on the ‘Send’ button and select the files you want to share.

transfer samsung to samsung-use shareit to share

    1. Click the ‘Send’ button again to start sending. On your target mobile, tap on the ‘Receive’ button to make it discoverable.

transfer samsung to samsung-tab on the receive button

  1. Now, from the source device hit on the Receiver’s profile and both the devices will connect. The files will get transferred now.

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