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2 Ways to Restore Contacts on Android

Selena Lee

Apr 07, 2023 • Filed to: Backup & Restore Data • Proven solutions

Losing important contact is a hectic thing. In some cases, we tend to lose some if not all of our contacts, not because of our fault but by accident. Well, this isn't the worst-case scenario. Imagine losing all your vital contacts and having no way to retrieve them, that's when the real trouble kicks in and this is a major and catastrophic incident.

However, in recent times ways have been formulated to counter such occurrences. There are various, simple, easy, and quick ways to do this, all that is required is your Android device and a working network connection and you are good to go.

Restoring deleted contacts on Android is possible. There are various ways this task can be accomplished. These methods are quick, genuine, and easy, can be done in just a few seconds, and you won't have to pay anything for getting it done.

Restoring contacts could be done in the various ways listed below.

  • • Using a one-click tool (a software: Dr.Fone - Data Recovery).
  • • Backing up through the Google Account.
  • • Using Android's external storage.

Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (Android) is the world's best Android data recovery software with numerous high rating reviews and ease of use. This software isn't only for smartphones, but also tablets. It's easy to use and with just a few clicks you can get things done. This tool is also essential when recovering lost data in the form of lost text messages, photos, call history, videos, WhatsApp messages, audio files, and more. It supports numerous Android devices and various Android operating systems as well.

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Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (Android)

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Part 1: How to use Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (Android) to restore contacts

Retrieving contacts follows the same procedure as retrieving any other lost data, so the procedure may look similar.

Step 1 - After downloading and installing the software, launch it, and connect your Android device using the USB cable.

connect android to computer

Step 2 - Enable the USB debugging mode as this ensures that the software recognizes the Android device, as after enabling this mode only can the computer detect your Android device.

android debug 

Step 3 - Select the type of files you want to recover, if you just want to recover contacts, only need to choose the "Contacts" then click "next".

Analyze the Android device 

Step 4 - Choose the scan mode, if your phones have root in advance, choose "Standard Mode".If you can't root your phones, please select the "Advanced Mode."

Analyze the Android device 

Step 5 - Analyze the Android device. This helps analyze the data on the phone and fix any issues with the operating system (especially if your device is a rooted one).

Analyze the Android device 

Step 6 - After Dr.Fone has analyzed the data on your phone, it will start scanning your phone.

scan android data

Step 7 - Here is where you select the data to retrieve, in our case we only have to select the contacts and hit next to let the software scan for your lost or deleted contacts. Then select a folder on your computer to save the recovered contacts and then you can transfer these on to your Android device.

scan android data

Part 2: How to restore Google contacts to Android

This is simply using your existing Google account, that is your email to restore the lost contacts. This form of backing up and restoring contacts is also good as your contacts are stored within your email account within Google and hence are hard to lose.

These are a few preconditions to be met before you restore contacts from Google:

There are a few vital things before one is ready to restore their device that they have to consider. Of course one first ought to have a Google account and this is as simple as signing up one to create your Gmail account (email account). You also need to have a good network connection. These will also help you:

  • • Recover deleted contacts
  • • Restore contacts after an unsuccessful sync
  • • Undo a recent import
  • • Undo a recent merge

Let's take a look at the steps now.

Step 1 - On your Android phone tap on Settings and scroll down to find Accounts and Sync.

restore Google contacts to Android 

Step 2 - You may log into your account and sync your contacts (or do it within the settings applications), wait until the process is over.

restore Google contacts to Androidsrestore Google contacts to Androids

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