Samsung Backup: Full Guide to Backup Samsung Galaxy Devices

Getting a timely backup of your data is of utmost importance. If you are using a Samsung device, then you should make sure that it is either synced to auto back or you are making an effort to timely save your data. Nobody likes to lose their important information. From those memorable pictures to crucial contacts, be sure to never lose anything at all. We have come up with a comprehensive guide that will let perform Samsung backup and restore operations without any trouble. Follow these foolproof steps and never lose your data.

Part 1: Backup Different Data Types Separately

If you want to keep everything well-organized and have a separate backup of your data, then why not backup Samsung device with respect to different types of data. You can use the assistance of Google’s in-built backup mechanism to do so. Google can backup your app data, photos, contacts, music, and even device settings.

1. Start by visiting the “Settings” window and select the “Accounts” option.

2. Now, select your Google account. This will give you the option to pick the kind of data you want to take a backup of.

3. To control your data, go to “Backup & reset” option. Now you will get an option to select the kind of data you want to backup. It will have everything from your calendar to photos and app data to contacts.

samsung backup

If you only want to save photos from your device, then you can also use Google Photos app. This will help you backup your images by selecting the “Auto Backup” feature in the app.

samsung photo auto backup

In case, you want to store only your messages, then you can use the SMS backup and restore app. Just backup Samsung messages and transfer the file to your SD card or computer.

samsung sms backup

One can also manually perform this task. When you connect your device to your computer using a USB cable, use Samsung Kies. It will provide you a prompt of different data types. Just select the type of data you want to backup and save it on your computer.

samsung data backup

Now, click on the “Backup” button to commence the process. After when the Samsung backup is completed, it will prompt you accordingly.

samsung backup

Part 2: Backup Samsung Galaxy with One Click

dr.fone - Android Data Backup & Resotre

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Now, you can attain Samsung backup and restore with just a single click. Dr Fone is an excellent tool that will help you keep your data safe without any problem. Follow these easy steps to attain a hassle-free backup of your device.

1. Start by connecting your device to your system using a USB cable.

2. Open Dr Fone in your system. Visit the “More Tools” section and select the “Android Data Backup & Restore” option.

drfone backup samsung

3. It will prompt you regarding your device specifications and provide two options: Backup or Restore. Click on “Backup”.

drfone backup samsung device

4. Dr Fone will automatically detect different kinds of files in your system. It can detect almost every kind of file like contacts, videos, messages, application data, and more. Simply select the type of data that you want to backup.

backup samsung device with drfone

5. Click the “Backup” button at the bottom of the screen and the software will commence your backup in one click. It will also let you know the progress of backup simultaneously.

drfone backup samsung

6. After the backup is completed, it will notify you timely. The tool will also give you the option to view your backup.

samsung backup with drfone

7. Click on the “View the backup” and it will show the entire backup history.

view samsung backup

Simple, isn’t it? If you like to save your time to perform Samsung backup task without the need of working on various apps or having different tools for every kind of data, then you should definitely give Dr Fone a try. With a single click you can perform your desired task and save your time and resources.

Part 3: Top 5 Samsung Backup Softwares and Apps

To make it easier for you, we have handpicked some of the best Samsung backup softwares and apps. These tools will come handy to you on various occasions. Get yourself familiar with them and pick the most preferred app or software to backup Samsung device.

1. Samsung Kies

Kies is developed by Samsung and is widely used to backup data from various Samsung devices. One can download the software for free and run it on their Windows or Mac system. It can help you synchronize your files, backup your data, or even update the firmware of your device. Select the kind of data you want to backup and follow a simple process to save it on your system.

backup with samsung kies

2. MobileTrans Android Backup

It is one of the easiest and most effective Samsung backup softwares. Though, it can’t be obtained for free, but it provides a wide range of features which makes it an essential product. One can use the tool to transfer data from one phone to another and also from phone to computer (or vice versa). It supports a wide range of devices and can be used to attain a hassle-free transfer of data.

samsung backup with mobiletrans

3. Titanium Backup

It is one of the most widely used Samsung backup apps and has more than 21 million users the world over. Works in 31 different languages, it will help you attain multi-user accessibility as well. One can easily synchronize their data and acquire a complete backup of their device with this highly effective tool.

samsung backup with titanium

4. G Cloud Backup

If you want to attain a secure transfer of data, then this is just the app you need. It supports almost every kind of data and provides a high-end passcode protection as well. The free version of it can be used to store up to 10 GB of data. If you want to attain Samsung backup and restore of data which is pretty large in nature, then you can easily opt for the premium version of this tool.

samsung backup with g cloud backup

5. Helium

One of the most trusted apps to backup Samsung, it can let you save your data to either your SD card or computer. It works with both rooted as well as non-rooted devices and can be used without any trouble to save your data for future use. It provides a sleek interface and is trusted by millions of people worldwide.

samsung backup with helium

Simply pick your preferred app or software and start taking the backup of all your essential information without any trouble.

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