Control the Samsung Kies for Mac Completely

This article features all the necessary information that a user needs to know in order to work productively with Samsung Kies 3 for Mac. Not many of us are used to having a software do all our transferring work for us and therefore, the process can sometimes be overwhelming. To make sure that you do not fall a prey to any such situation, grab a coffee and start reading as this information is sure to come in handy one day or another.

1.What is Samsung Kies for Mac?

Samsung Kies has two downloadable versions; one that is compatible with Windows and other that is compatible with Mac. The version of Samsung that is compatible with Mac operating system is known as kies for mac. Its lates version is Kies 3, which is a free software compatible with OSX 10.5 and above. Kies 3 for Mac can be downloaded from here .

Samsung Kies is useful for Samsung users as it is a simple to use enabling users with no apparent technical knowhow to operate with ease. It come with all the basic functionalities that the average user needs. It aids the users in file transfer process between their Mac and Samsung. It also takes care of the upgradation of firmware and resolution of any problems regarding the firmware.

System Requirements:Processor 1.8 GHz, Memory (Ram) 512 MB free, Hard Drive Space At least 100MB

2.How to Download and Install Kies for Mac on your Computer

Kies 3 steup can be downloaded from the link provided above. Opening the link will result in initiation of download of the Kies 3 for Mac setup file. Once the download is complete, install the software on your Mac by following the instructions that appear on the screen.

3.How to Use Samsung Kies

After you install Samsung Kies 3 on your Mac, launch it and follow these steps:

When you launch Kies 3 on your Mac, you will see a screen similar to the one shown below. Connect your Samsung device to your Mac using a USB cable and wait for Kies 3 to recognize your device.

You can use the three tabs shown in the following picture to navigate across the software. The first tab labelled "Basic Information" displays information of your Samsung device for instance its model, its firmware version etc. The second tab labelled "Sync" can be used to sync your data between your Mac and Samsung device. The third tab, marked as "Backup and Restore" can be used to back up the data on your Samsung device to your Mac. This backup can then be used to restore the Samsung device at any point in the future.

You can use the menu shown below to navigate between different types of data in your Samsung device. You can display pictures from your Samsung phone directly on your Mac. Similarly, you can play music from your Samsung on your Mac. Moreover, you can transfer data from your Mac to your Samsung device.

Kies for mac can also be used to upgrade the firmware of a device. From the main menu, select "Firmware upgrade" to check if an update is available for your device.


Q: How to Uninstall samsung kies on Mac OS X Manually

Manual installation requires a bit of effort as all the files associated with the desired software need to be deleted manually, one by one. This gives rise to the possibility that one or more files associated with the software to be uninstalled that may be present in various different location would not get deleted.

To delete Samsng kies on Mac OS X manually, follow these steps:

  • • Open Finder, select "Go" from the top menu, hold down the "alt" key to see hidden folder labelled as "Library" and click on it while holding down the "alt" key.
  • • Two folders named "Preferences" and "Application Support" will be present there. To delete samsung kies from OS X manually, you will have to manually scan these folders for the existence of files with "samsung kies" in their name.
  • • Delete all such files carefully to avoid having extra files taking space in your Mac's memory.


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