Soundful AI: A Feature-Packed and Robust AI Music Creator


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The music industry always welcomes changes with open hands. Whether it was a time to move from CDs to online streaming platforms or experiment with electronic music, the music industry never shied away from new adventures. The same is true for the integration of AI in song creation. AI music creators like Soundful have recently found their use case in beat production.

Many new-generation music producers are using AI to make fresh beats for their songs. Moreover, these tools even allow singers to write lyrics and vocals with the help of advanced technology. In this article, we'll talk about one such tool known as Soundful AI music generator. After reading this review, you will be able to use this AI tool for creative music creation.

Part 1: In-Depth Overview of Soundful AI Music Generator

Soundful provides musicians with a futuristic method to create fresh beats. They can take advantage of AI-powered systems to generate royalty-free music in a few clicks. No matter if you want background music for your videos or desire to create commercial beats, this AI tool will help you do so. Additionally, you can monetize these tunes to earn some revenue with the help of this AI music creator.

Furthermore, Soundful AI comes with a diverse set of mood and genre templates to make beat production easier than ever. This AI tool is specially built for music producers, creators, and even brands trying to develop an emotional connection with the audience. All you need to do is pick the right pricing plan to start creating perfect music in an affordable way.

soundful online ai music app

Pricing Plans of Soundful AI

Whether you are a social media star or a struggling music producer, Soundful has an affordable pricing plan for your needs. You can choose from its Content Creator, or Music Creator Plus plans to start composing tunes now. Let's analyze the cost of creating innovative beats with this AI music generator:



Content Creator Plan

$29.99 per year

Music Creator Plus

$59.99 per year

$9.99 per month

The content creator plan only comes with a yearly plan. However, if you want to make exclusive license music with Soundful AI, the tool allows you to choose from monthly or yearly plans. Choose the best plan for your needs now to add soulful tunes to your content.

Part 2: What Are the Features Offered by Soundful AI Music App?

The features of any tool usually define its utility in different use cases. The same is the case with AI music creators offering a diverse range of features. The more features they offer, the greater will be their application in different scenarios. Soundful is one such AI tool that allows musicians to create tunes with its great variety of features. The following are some of the most used features of this tool:

1. Music Templates

Soundful AI has a huge library of soundtrack templates from different genres of music. Whether you want to create hip-hop beats or compose ambient music, this AI tool will have something in store for you.

Each category of the genre further has diverse options of templates to generate fresh sounds for listeners. So, this AI music tool is perfect for breaking your artist block and giving you the right inspiration to create new tunes.

2. Global Tracks Library

In addition to music templates, this AI tool also provides you with different global tracks in the music library. Musicians get the chance to play around with these global tracks to create fresh music out of it. All you need to do is click on the "Similar" icon when you open the track in the player. Then, this tool will take you to the settings window.

3. Mood-Based Music Generation

With the help of the Moods & Themes templates, artists can create tunes for every situation. Whether you want music for a sad scene or desire to represent a happy occasion, Soundful AI has the right mood template for you.

You have the option to choose from hype beats, meditation tunes, and many other templates to create mood-based compositions. Filmmakers or content creators can use this feature to add more power to their video content.

4. Mix and Master Tunes

You can also mix and master the soundtrack after you add them in the My Library. After playing around with the keys and tempo of the music, save these tunes in the library. However, you have to do the final rendering before downloading these compositions. By performing all these steps, you can mix and master any tune with Soundful.

5. Exclusive License to the AI-generated Tracks

As a subscriber to the Music Creator Plus plan, you get an exclusive license to all the tracks you generate with this tool. All the tracks and loops exclusively belong to you, and you have the right to monetize these tunes in any way you want. You also have the right to sublicense or sell these compositions to other Soundful users.

Part 3: What Type of Tracks Do You Create With Soundful AI?

As discussed in the previous section, the Soundful music generator has diverse templates. You can create music in different genres without even the proper know-how of the instruments. These templates are also useful for seasoned musicians to try their luck in various genres of music. Take advantage of this AI tool to create the following types of music:

  1. Hip Hop:This music genre is in trend nowadays. Every musician is trying their best to create catchy hip-hop beats to connect with the listeners. Soundful, with the best hip-hop templates, has made the beat production process way simpler than before. Producers can make use of club beats, emotional traps, LoFi chill, and more of these templates to make fresh hip-hop beats.
  2. Pop:New musicians can try their luck in this classical music genre with the help of Soundful AI. They can use a variety of pop tunes, including afro pop, dancehall, and pop-funk to generate catchy tunes. All these tunes can ignite a sense of creativity in the producers struggling to come into the right mindset to produce compositions.
  3. EDM:Nowadays, this music genre has found its application in every type of song. You can hear electronic music in classical, sad, happy, and every other composition. Musicians can use the EDM templates in this AI tool to integrate electronic music into their tunes. Drum and bass, melodic techno, and future bass are some of the EDM samples you can get in the Soundful AI.
  4. RnB Music:This genre combines the elements of pop and jazz to create rhythmic beats. Soundful music tool allows musicians to make use of RnB wavy, pop, disco, and other tunes to create catchy tunes for the listeners.
  5. Latin:Music producers can also experiment with Latin music in They get the options of emotional Latin, reggaeton, and Latin dance to compose fresh Latin beats.
  6. Ambient:Most people use ambient music for meditation and relaxation purposes. Soundful even fulfills this need of the users to let them create soulful music pieces for relaxing their minds. You get templates like ambient, dark ambiance, and 963 Hz to create compositions for your soul.
  7. Instrument Loops: Soundful AI also contains instrument loops to integrate them into tunes. Music producers can take advantage of the soft piano, strings, acoustic guitar, and other instrument templates to make innovative tunes.

Part 4: How to Create Royalty-Free Music With Soundful AI Music Generator?

Soundful has a simple user interface to even let beginners create royalty-free tunes. Anyone without a basic knowledge of musical instruments can generate music with this AI tool. Let's analyze the steps with which you can compose fresh music pieces using Soundful AI:

  • Step 1: Access the Soundful AI Music Generator

First, open the Soundful music generator website on your browser and log in to your account. Afterward, click the "Start for Free" button on the homepage to reach the AI music generator page. Hit the "Create New Music" icon on the bottom right of your screen and choose the "Track" option to begin the music production process.

tap on track option

  • Step 2: Choose the Genre for Your Track

Once you click on this button, you will access the AI music generator options of this tool. Here, you have to select the genre of the tune you want to produce. If you are creating a hip-hop beat, click on the "Hip Hop" genre to continue the process.

choose the music genre

  • Step 3: Select the Template to Create Music

After clicking on the music genre, you will see a diverse range of templates belonging to that music style. You will see options such as emotional trap and LoFi piano. Here, you can proceed to click on any template, like the "Dark Piano Trap” template, to further customize the beat settings.

confirm the template

  • Step 4: Apply Personal Touch to the Template

On the customization screen, you can experiment with the “Speed” and the “Keys” of your tune. Moreover, you can also choose from major or minor keys to add a more personal touch to your music.

customize the template

  • Step 5: Save the Track to My Library

Finally, write your track name and click on the “Create Preview” button to listen to the quality of the beat you have produced. Then, hit the “Save” button to add this track to the “My Library.”

press the save button

Part 5: What Is the Feedback From the Users After Using Soundful AI?

The user reviews tell a lot about the quality and functionality of the tool. These reviews testify to whether the tool is delivering on the claims it makes or not. In our view, the Soundful music generator seems to be an excellent tool for creating fresh tunes in a short time. However, let's see what other users are talking about this AI music creator.

Positive Reviews

“Soundful is an absolute game changer in this space! It is extremely user friendly and such an empowering tool for all types of users and being able to create a one-of-a-kind sound and get the option to then pay a small fee and it is yours and only yours is incredible and unique.”Alexa Bates

“Love this AI tool for creating music. It's truly a ChatGPT for creating music!! Soundful saves me hours per week in ideation stage for music as well as providing royalty free music for my YouTube channel.”Carl Vernersson

“Easiest way to generate custom tracks that do not sound like it was pre-installed on a new keyboard. Great music quality. Awesome option for royalty free music.”VRwithKR

“I love this product so much and am even considering using their service sometime for music generation within my business in the future. there is a sheer sense of quality within the ai's generation function, and I love how its outcomes. thanks for such an excellent product!”Alex Squibbs

Negative Reviews

“Just beware that the music you generate, and download isn't yours. Their terms and conditions are very strict. For example, if you use their sound to monetize your video and you unsubscribe from their paid plans in the future, you'll need to remove the music from your videos or buy the license for that music by contacting them.”Zenspring.eth.

“In my brief time with Soundful I have a very poor opinion of them. At first it looks like there's a lot of choice, so I signed up for a year, but then I realized it wasn't really fit for my purpose and also there is a complete lack of features to change your tracks. I created one track with the AI generator, did not download anything, realized it wasn't useful for me…”Infernal Brush (Dave)

Part 6: 3 Best AI Music Alternatives to Soundful AI

If you are looking for some alternatives to Soundful AI, we still get you covered. There are tons of AI music creators available in the market to fulfill your needs. However, not all of them are as effective as the Soundful music generator. We are presenting before you the top 3 alternatives to this AI tool to allow a smooth music production workflow.

1. Loudly

Loudly is a perfect tool for modern musicians who are willing to experiment with the way they create music. It is an AI-powered tool that allows content creators to compose and personalize tunes with a few clicks. Moreover, you can explore and edit hundreds of existing soundtracks with the help of this AI tool.

Users can also combine different chords in real time with its latest playback engines. Additionally, this AI tool is planning to launch a feature with which it can read the emotions in your videos to suggest a suitable soundtrack. This feature will change the way most content creators generate audio and video content for social platforms.

loop ai music creator

2. MelodyStudio

MelodyStudio can work wonders for lyricists, as it suggests suitable melodies for the words they write. These lyricists just have to upload their lyrics on the tool and let AI do the magic. The advanced algorithms will analyze the emotions behind their lyrics to recommend chords and melodies.

They also get to try out melodies before choosing the most suitable one for their song. The best thing about this AI music creator is that it places each chord change on the relevant word in the lyrics. Moreover, it also has a MIDI piano roll editor to personalize the melodies.

melodystudio ai music creator


Beatoven is a royalty-free AI music generator that helps struggling musicians earn revenue in a time-efficient manner. These artists can use various samples to create fresh tunes within a few clicks. By doing so, they can enhance their workflow to release more music and connect with the listeners. Also, they can integrate this tool with other music workstations to maximize the quality of their work.

Furthermore, music producers can interact with one another using the community feature of this AI tool. All these features make it a perfect tool for musicians, gamers, podcasters, and YouTube content creators alike. ai music creator

safe Downloadsafe & secure


Irrespective of all the functionalities of AI music creators discussed in this article, these tools are only here to assist humans. These AI music generators can never replace traditional musicians in any circumstances. However, without ever feeling threatened, these musicians can take advantage of AI tools such as Soundful to create trendy tunes.

These AI tools not only innovate the way they create music but also boost the efficiency of the process. So, if you are a musician or an amateur who loves to compose beats, make use of Soundful AI to create fresh music for your listeners.


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