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6 AI Art Prompts Template And Image Examples


Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: AI Solutions • Proven solutions

AI art has come a long way. It has revolutionized the world of creativity, offering endless possibilities for artists or anyone to explore new realms of imagination. However, there's a common problem many creators encounter when using AI art generators – the results often fall short of their expectations.

The key to achieving satisfying AI art lies in crafting the right prompts. These prompts are not only designed to inspire but also to produce impressive results. In this article, we'll learn about AI art prompts and provide you with six ideas catering to different artistic styles and themes to help you enhance your artistic potential.

Part 1: How to Write 6 AI Art Prompts Based on Categories

When it comes to AI-generated art, there are many kinds of creative avenues you can explore. Each artistic style and theme requires a unique approach to crafting prompts that can guide the AI toward your desired output. Let's explore six categories along with AI art prompt ideas and learn how to create effective prompts:

1. Prompts for Anime/Manga style

  • Step 1: Describe the character’s appearance.
  • When diving into the world of anime and manga-inspired art, specificity is key. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is describe the character's features. It can be the clothing, the expression, or the hair.

  • Step 2: Define the background.
  • Next, you can add the surroundings in detail to ensure the AI captures the essence of the style you desire.

  • Step 3: Select the Anime style.
  • AI art generators offer a range of stylistic choices to suit your preferences. Many of these options include specialized anime styles that you can opt for. Then, proceed to generate your art prompt and wait until the result comes out.

    AI art text prompts: Generate a manga character with a playful smile, wearing a school uniform, and set in a bustling Tokyo street.

    Creating AI art prompts with anime style

    2) Prompts for futuristic digital artwork

    For those seeking a glimpse into a technologically advanced future, provide a vivid description of the elements you want to see.

  • Step 1: Describe the lighting and mood
  • Start by explaining the lighting and mood you want in your futuristic artwork. Is it bright with neon lights or more subdued with natural light? Describe the atmosphere you're aiming for.

  • Step 2: Mention technology
  • Include futuristic technology like holographic displays or advanced transportation. Explain how these tech elements fit into the scene.

  • Step 3: Set the environment
  • Think about the setting, whether it's a bustling city, a serene natural landscape with futuristic touches, or something else.

  • Step 4: Choose colors
  • Tell the AI your preferred color scheme, whether it's vibrant and neon or more subtle with pops of color. Summarize the overall mood or feeling you want the artwork to convey.

    AI art generator prompt: Generate a futuristic metropolis skyline at dusk featuring neon-lit skyscrapers reflected in a rain-soaked street.

    Creating AI art prompts for futuristic digital artwork

    3) Prompts for Vector Art/Illustrations

    Since vector art demands precision and attention to detail, you should clearly outline the elements, colors, and composition you desire. This will allow the AI to craft a clean and scalable illustration.

  • Step 1: Object description
  • Start by describing the main objects or subjects you want in the vector illustration. Be specific about their shapes, sizes, and positions within the composition.

  • Step 2: Color Palette
  • Define the color palette you'd like to see in the vector art. Specify and mention if you prefer vibrant, pastel, monochromatic, or a specific color scheme.

  • Step 3: Object style
  • Explain the style you want for the objects. Do you prefer a minimalist, flat design or a more detailed and intricate look? Describe any textures or patterns you'd like to incorporate.

  • Step 4: Details and fine points
  • Provide any additional details, fine points, or specific features that are important to your vision. This could include any text, logos, or intricate elements that should be included.

  • Step 5: Reference images (Optional)
  • If you have reference images or examples that align with your vision, you can share them to provide a visual reference for the AI vector artist.

    AI art generator prompt ideas: Create a vector illustration of a retro-style rocket ship blasting off into outer space with a stylized starry backdrop.

    Creating AI art prompts for vector art/illustrations

    4) Landscape photography

    Landscape photography prompts require you to paint a vivid mental picture. You need to describe the natural elements, lighting, and mood to help the AI create a breathtaking landscape scene:

  • Step 1: Describe the scene
  • Start by describing the natural landscape you want in your photo. Is it mountains, a lake, a forest, or something else? Tell us about its unique features.

  • Step 2: Lighting and time
  • Explain the lighting and time of day you prefer. Is it sunrise, sunset, or nighttime? You can also describe how the light falls on the landscape.

  • Step 3: Mood
  • Summarize the mood you want in the photo. Is it calm, dramatic, or lively? Describe the emotions you want viewers to feel. These steps help the AI create your landscape photo.

    Example AI art with prompts: Create a surreal landscape image featuring an otherworldly desert with towering rock formations and a mesmerizing starry sky.

    Creating AI landscape photography

    5) Prompts for portraits

    Portrait prompts should emphasize the subject's character and surroundings. Describe facial features, expressions, and the context to guide the AI in creating a captivating portrait:

  • Step 1: Subject Description
  • Explain their physical appearance, such as their facial features, hair, and any unique attributes. Provide details about their age, gender, and clothing style.

  • Step 2: Expressions and Emotions
  • Share the expressions and emotions you want the subject to convey in the portrait. Is it a smile, a serious gaze, or a specific mood?

    Step 3: Context and Setting

    Provide context and setting details for the portrait. Is the subject indoors or outdoors? Are there any props or background elements that should be included to enhance the storytelling aspect of the portrait?

    AI art prompt examples: A portrait capturing the energy and enthusiasm of a young man set on a vibrant, urban street.

    Creating an AI portrait photo

    Part 2: How to Come Up with AI Art Prompt Idea

    To create prompts that truly inspire and lead to remarkable results, consider the following tips along with AI art prompt ideas:

    1. Balanced complexity

    A good AI art prompt strikes a balance between being too vague and overly detailed. Avoid being too broad, like "Create something beautiful," as this might result in random or uninteresting outputs. Instead, provide enough specific details to guide the AI without stifling its creativity.

    1. Consider the context

    Next, think about the context in which your artwork will be presented or used. If it's meant for a specific project or purpose, tailor your prompt to align with those requirements. A prompt for a book cover, for instance, would differ from one intended for an art gallery exhibition.

    1. Combine elements

    Combining different elements within a prompt can lead to unique and intriguing results. Experiment with juxtaposing contrasting elements or concepts to spark creativity. For instance, "Combine the elegance of Art Deco design with the chaos of a post-apocalyptic world."

    1. Using AI art prompts generator

    Additionally, AI image generators often offer built-in random AI art prompt generators to help users brainstorm ideas. These can be valuable tools to spark inspiration and explore new creative directions.

    Don't hesitate to leverage these features to discover exciting and unexpected prompts for your AI art projects. There’s nothing wrong with using AI art generator prompt ideas to kickstart your creative journey.

    1. Experiment and keep it fun

    Most importantly, AI art prompts offer a canvas for experimentation. Don't be afraid to push boundaries and explore unconventional ideas. Keep the creative process enjoyable and open to surprises. Sometimes, the most captivating art emerges from prompts that embrace the unexpected.

    Remember that AI art generation is a collaborative process between human creativity and machine learning algorithms. The more thought and effort you put into crafting your prompts, the more likely you are to achieve AI-generated art that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

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    Part 3: Easy Templates for Your AI Art Prompt

    So crafting the perfect AI art prompt can sometimes be a creative challenge in itself. To make it easier for you, here are some templates that you can adapt to your AI art prompt. These templates are versatile and can be customized to suit various styles and themes:

    Template 1: [Art Style/Theme] + [Adjective] + [Noun] + [Setting]

    Example: A surrealistic painting with vibrant flowers set in a dreamy underwater world.

    Template 2: [Character/Subject] + [Action] + [Setting] + [Emotion]

    Example: Astronaut exploring an alien planet surrounded by a bioluminescent forest with awe

    Template 3: [Adjective] + [Art Style/Theme] + [Noun] + [Color Palette]

    Example: Classical renaissance fresco with warm gold accents

    Template 4: [Concept/Theme] + [Elements] + [Mood]

    Example: Underwater wonderland filled by coral reefs and colorful fish with tranquil and otherworldly mood.

    Template 5: [Famous Artwork/Artist] + [Twist] + [Art Style]

    Example: A modern reinterpretation of Leonardo da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa' in abstract expressionism style.

    AI art example with the Monalisa reference

    Remember that these templates are starting points. You can modify them to your preferences and objectives. Feel free to experiment, combine elements, or add cultural references to make your prompts more unique and tailored to your artistic vision.

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    Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the world of creativity. It offers new opportunities for artists and enthusiasts to explore their imagination. However, achieving satisfying AI-generated art often depends on crafting the right prompts. These prompts serve as the bridge between your vision and the capabilities of AI art generators.

    As you embark on your AI art journey, keep in mind that your creativity is still the driving force behind every masterpiece. The AI is a powerful tool that can bring your visions to life, but it's your unique perspective, ideas, and guidance that make the art truly yours.

    Now, armed with the knowledge and templates provided in this article, you're ready to dive into the world of AI-generated art and let your creativity flourish.


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