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AI Photo Generator Apps' Contribution to Graphic Design


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: AI Solutions • Proven solutions

Graphic designing is a creative field that involves creating visual content for different sectors. It combines art, typography, and layout elements to convey ideas in visualized standards. In general, graphic design consumes a lot of your time and effort. A better way to pursue the domain of graphic design is through a free AI photo generator

With the AI generator photo app, graphic designing becomes simplified and efficient. In this article, you will find different AI tools to assist your design process. 

Part 1: How AI Art Generators Are Better Than Manual Methods?

When it comes to graphic designing, manual methods first come to mind. With AI generator photos, graphic designing has become revolutionized. Since it's a better way to approach visual art. But why AI art generator is better than manual ways? Find answers here:

1. Speed and Efficiency

AI art generators can produce art at a faster rate compared to manual methods. This means your artwork will get ready in a matter of seconds or minutes. So you don't need to wait hours to prepare your artwork. Despite the speed, the quality and consistency of artwork remain maintained. Hence, you can continue to enjoy high-quality images in a quick time.

2. Endlessly Creativity

There exists the ability to generate illustrations and unique artworks. So you won't witness the same, old, or repeated artworks on different prompts. Every time the system generates a new artwork with different styles, colors, and textures. Hence, artists can explore broader potential with innovative artistic expressions. Thus, experience endless creativity when using AI art generators.

3. Easy Accessibility

In an ideal scenario, an AI generator photo app gets access to a broader audience. This means many people can adopt the skill of making artwork without much effort. So, if you don't have graphic designing experience, an AI art generator can help. You need to provide text prompts, and the desired art will get ready instantly.

4. Iterative Improvement

The underlying algorithms in AI generators can learn and improve through data. The provided feedback from the artist can help refine the functions of the software. This way, the artwork can become more extensive, advanced, and attractive. So you will get tailored results for your descriptions that come in high-quality resolutions. Thus, it becomes easy to do personalized work.

Part 2: Steadfast and Dependable Online AI Image Creation Tools

There exist several online photorealistic AI generators on the internet. Meanwhile, choosing the right one for yourself can be a difficult task. Here you'll find the list of 8 best options: 

1. Fotor 

Generate realistic images from simple text descriptions while using the Fotor AI image generator. This way, you can transform your dreams into real artworks. You've got to display your imagination in words, and Fotor AI will make realistic illustrations. In general, more than 50 million images are already generated from Fotor. Thus, you can trust this online tool with ease.

Whether it's about Cyberpunk, NFT, Cartoon, 3D or digital images, Fotor provides wider possibilities. After providing text prompts, select your style, and the system begins processing your image generation.

fotor ai photo generator

2. Visme

With simple text prompts, bring your dream images into reality. Visme is a top AI photo generator from the photo you can use. Thus, with the power of words, convert your prompts into stunning visual images. In fact, you can choose between different output styles, including 3D, pencil, painting, abstract, and more. Furthermore, there isn't any limitation on the number of prompts.

Using Visme is very simple and easy because it comes with a user-friendly interface. After image generation, you can download it or share it on social media. Different small or large enterprises, brands, and entities have huge trust in Visme.

visme ai photo generator

3. Veed.io

AI image generation becomes simpler and smarter with Veed.io. Hence, this AI photo generator free will make your dream illustrations a reality. After providing a unique prompt with the special scenario, witness a stunning image coming your way. You can also set the desired output image resolutions as needed.

The underlying AI technology assesses your descriptions and provides tailored images. You can further download the video or share it with your friends. Veed.io also comes with a video editor, screen recorder, and subtitles & transcription tool.

veed.io ai photo generator


Are you looking for a top yet reliable AI anime generator from the photo? IMGCREATOR.AI is a trusted solution with broader possibilities. So, this online tool allows the creation of appealing photographic content from words. You need to provide a text description which can be anything. For example, a UFO abducted a cow from Earth. Based on the description, IMGCREATOR.AI will develop an image with the necessary Illustrations.

You can even select your desired image category and perform the necessary styling. The options include anime, realistic, 3D, character, art, and illustration. Meanwhile, also adjust the generated quantity, output resolutions, and canvas size.

imgcreator.ai ai photo generator

5. Runway

Like its name, Runway allows you to run toward your dreams. This enables you to make stunning images from a simple text prompt. Thus, bring your imagination to reality and surprise the world today. After all, this AI photo generator app also uses your input prompts to generate visual images. You can even adjust settings through resolution, style, medium, mood, watercolor, and more.

In an ideal scenario, you can generate up to 500 images at once using Runway. This batch-processing function can save you a lot of time. There's also a video tutorial available to help beginners proceed with their image generations.

runway ai photo generator

6. Generated Photos

With Generated Photos tool, enhance your creativity levels to a new height. After all, this AI generator photo helps to create illustrative portrait images. So you can create facial portraits from scratch or use ready-made options. You can access the ready-made facial portraits and then edit them as needed. Moreover, it helps you generate photos through gender, head pose, age, emotion, skin tone, skin color, and hair color.

The generated image faces are free to download. Thus, you can use your portraits for sharing on social media. You can also use them on presentations, mockups, and apps.

generated photos ai photo generator

7. Getimg.ai

Getimg.ai allows you to unleash your imagination by making dream images through text prompts. This AI photo generator from photo is your way to visual creativity. After all, you can make up to 10 images in seconds through text input. Moreover, continue to style images from 20+ AI models, including stable diffusion.

You can also edit your image output width and height on the slider. There is also an option to adjust the visual resolutions of your generated image. In the negative prompt option, add what you don't want to see in your generated image.

getimg.ai ai photo generator

8. Artguru

Would you like to see a petrol pump on Mars or Moon? With Artguru, this can become a reality. Artguru is a free AI photo generator tool that converts text into images. Hence, you only need to provide a text prompt as input, and Artguru generates illustrative photos. Continue to adjust the style of your output and aspect ratio.

You can also add a negative prompt as an advanced setting. The image generation process is pretty fast and efficient, so you don't need to wait much. With cloud infrastructure, access Artguru on any device within any location.

artguru ai photo generator

Part 3: Discover Endless Artistic Opportunities With the Most Powerful AI Art Generators

Art is a great way to express creativity in an ideal scenario. With available AI art generators, artistic opportunities just increase. Let's discover some of the popular yet powerful AI photo generator apps:

1. Midjourney

Midjourney is a leading photo realistic AI generator app that turns dream visuals into reality. You've got to provide text inputs as prompts, and your images get displayed. Whatever the situation or scenario you apply, Midjourney's AI will assess and generate aligning image. In general, the quality of generated images will be in high resolution.

Thus, creating impressive digital images is a possibility with Midjourney. Moreover, it provides a total of 7 versions and different style options so you can create more realistic pictures against your prompt. The algorithm is fast, efficient, and reliable. You can even access Midjourney on both iOS and Android devices through your Discord.

midjourney ai photo generator

2. DALL·E 2

DALL·E 2 was introduced by OpenAI, which is the same source for ChatGPT. By using DALL·E 2, you can create original yet realistic images from text. This is done by providing descriptions as input prompts. Based on this, DALL·E 2 will craft images with the necessary detailing. The images get generated by combining style, concepts, and attributes.

Outpainting from DALL·E 2 helps expand images within the original canvas. In contrast, inpainting from DALL·E 2 applies edits to photos by adding or removing elements. DALL·E 2 can also create variations from the original image.

dall e-2 ai photo generator

3. Stable Diffusion

Generating photorealistic images is now a reality with Stable Diffusion. This anime AI generator from a photo tool uses text inputs to design visual images. Meanwhile, a latent AI diffusion model exists that helps generate creative images in seconds. The quality of the pictures remains high and with good resolutions. In general, using this platform is very easy and can be used even by beginner-level graphic designers.

Not to forget, there's a strong underlying GPU in the system. So you can expect fast and efficient image generation. Your data privacy remains intact because your text inputs and images aren't stored. In fact, you will get the freedom to type anything as a text description.

stable diffusion ai photo generator

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AI photo generation is a revolution in the graphic designing field. After all, this automates the process of crafting stunning photorealistic images. This article discussed free AI photo generator tools for assisting and enhancing visual creativity. By using these tools, image creation becomes fast and simplified. Thus, your graphic designing gets assisted in an ideal way. 

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