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Exploring the Top 8 AI Music Generators Online in 2024


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: AI Solutions • Proven solutions

Many people worldwide want to be a part of the music and film industry. But due to many reasons, they are unable to do this. However, this thing has changed entirely with the help of different AI music apps. These AI tools help provide new ideas and concepts according to the listeners' liking.

Moreover, AI music generators provide single music in different styles and give you different options to customize them in real-time. That is why, in this article, we will discuss some of the top AI tools helping people make their dreams come true.

Part 1: What Are the Use Cases of Online AI Music Apps

With the invention of AI music apps, the way we create and interact with music has been revolutionized completely. That is why many businesses and individuals are now using these AI music tools to fulfill their needs quickly and efficiently. To understand the usage of these online AI music apps, you can take a look at the use cases given below:

1. Recommendation of Personalized Music

Many AI algorithms are used by different streaming platforms, which help to analyze user preferences and listening habits. Due to this, it becomes easy for these online music apps to suggest personalized music playlists to their users to engage them more effectively.

2. Emotional Music for Visual Content

With the help of AI tools, it is easier to create music with different emotions. Due to this feature, many content creators are creating more engaging music. In addition, many businesses are also using this feature to add emotional music to their advertisement campaigns, improving their ROI.

3. Remixing and Mashups

Creating new exciting remixes and mashups is now possible in a very short time with the help of these AI music apps. Furthermore, DJs can also use these tools to experiment with different combinations and arrangements of songs to create complete music playlists for parties and different occasions.

4. Real-Time Music Enhancement

Live music singers can use these AI music tools to improve their real-time performance with different features. Here, they can enhance the rhythms, bass, and other key features, making the overall musical experience unforgettable.

Part 2: 8 Efficient and Reliable AI Music Apps To Use Online

The game of creating original and amazing music has now entirely changed with the help of AI technology. The internet is full of open AI music platforms, which are being used by a lot of people to create exciting songs. Due to this, we have listed some of the top reliable online music apps below, which you can use for different purposes:


AIVA Music is an AI-powered tool mainly used to generate classical music with the help of different AI algorithms. This tool has many unique features, such as chords, melody, and bass, which are considered one of the most suitable tools for composers and musicians.

It also allows users to create a generation profile in different mood templates. Due to these templates, it becomes easy to generate AI songs for different videos according to their mood and vibes. Following this, you can also adjust the dynamic range, auto-mixing, and various settings of this generation profile according to your needs.

aiva online ai music app

Key Features

  1. Aiva Music AI has multiple preset styles like cinematic, pop/rock, and a few more.
  2. This tool also has an emotion view and advanced view option, which provides users with different options for sound creation.
  3. You can also drag and drop your MIDI or audio files in this tool, which can be enhanced with the help of its AI algorithms.

2. Loudly

Loudly is an AI music app that helps music enthusiasts create and customize music using innovative AI technology. It provides 100% royalty-free music, which is very helpful for content creators who want to publish their content on different social media platforms.

With the help of this tool, you can easily discover the popular tracks created with AI by accessing its discovery option. This will help you to understand the current song trends and get inspiration and new content ideas. In addition, you can also use its featured moods to give a natural touch to your song.

loudly online ai music app

Key Features

  1. While using this tool, you can quickly access more than 2500+ free songs.
  2. This AI music appprovides its users with unlimited AI recommendations, which helps generate unique content.
  3. All the music generated with this AI tool is licensed, which enables you to use these songs on different social platforms.

3. Boomy AI

One of the most influential open AI music tools that are playing a vital role in the music generation is the Boomy AI. This tool enables users around the world to generate original songs in just a few seconds. Using this AI-powered tool, it is easier for people to enter the music industry by creating and releasing up to 25 songs per release every month.

Furthermore, you can check out the trending and featured songs in this tool to understand the current trends. This way, you can use this AI tool to create and edit song features more effectively to generate engaging AI songs.

boomy online ai music app

Key Features

  1. Music generated with this tool can easily be used for commercial use on different social media platforms.
  2. A lot of advertisement agencies are also using this tool for creating sound for their ad creatives.
  3. This tool allows users to download more than 25+ free songs per month in both MP3 and WAV forms.

4. Soundraw.io

If you are looking for a reliable online tool for creating amazing songs with different customization options, then Soundraw.io can be your perfect partner. This tool allows its users to generate free AI music that is royalty-free so that they can use it for commercial use as well.

This online music generator tool also provides an API to make content creation easier. Besides, it also helps you to edit your songs once they are generated successfully. You can also access the Pro mode to make more customizations in the AI-generated music.

soundraw.io online ai music app

Key Features

  1. This tool provides its users with an unlimited audio stream to ensure the creation of fantastic content.
  2. You can easily use the content generated with this tool for a TV ad, TikTok videos, and more without having the tension of any copyright issues.
  3. While using Soundraw.io, you can quickly generate songs with a max length of 5 minutes with different moods.

5. Soundful

The power of AI tools is now more harnessed with the help of Soundful. This AI music generator online tool is helping many people from different fields to generate high-quality background music as necessary. In addition, this tool allows you to customize your inputs so that you can create your tracks in a few steps.

Music content created with Soundful can be used for digital ads, social media, and even live broadcasts. Due to this specification, many agencies and businesses use this tool as necessary.

soundful online ai music app

Key Features

  1. Soundful provides its users with more than 100 unique templates which can be used to generate songs in just a few seconds.
  2. You can easily download songs from this tool in MP3 and WAV format more than 300+ times per month.
  3. This tool enables you to make different customizations like speed adjustments, key settings, and more to your AI-generated songs.

6. WavTool

WavTool is a professional AI online music generator tool that helps you make your music frictionless with proper suggestions and guides. This tool provides side-chain compression and many more advanced editing features, which help make music per your requirements.

In this tool, you can also use the auto-color tracks & clips feature, which helps you perform more advanced audio functions. With this tool, you can add instrumental sounds to your music to give it a natural touch.

wavtool online ai music app

Key Features

  1. WavTool allows you to make unlimited tracks with maximum lengths without any issues.
  2. With the help of this AI-integrated music creator, you can easily record, compose, and mix your audio in your computer browser.
  3. It also has a chatbot which helps you to get answers to your queries in a quick way.

7. MelodyStudio

If you want to convert your lyrics from text form to a fantastic melody, this AI-powered tool can significantly help you. It has a lot of unique features for producers and singers. Due to this, this tool is a big support for songwriters who want to explore creative ideas for their new songs.

Furthermore, it is straightforward to organize songs in albums with this AI music app, so you can access them anytime, anywhere, without any complication. This music creator also provides the option to create happy or sad AI license-free songs.

melodystudio online ai music app

Key Features

  1. MelodyStudio provides its users with a timeline where they can easily edit melodies according to their requirements.
  2. This tool lets you easily adjust the BPM and keynotes of your AI-generated songs.
  3. It is easy to generate perfect songs with the help of the chord library that is provided by this AI tool.

8. Beatoven.AI

Beatoven.AI is a feature-packed open AI music platform that helps users generate the perfect music that aligns with their content. Due to this reason, it is easier for content creators to make engaging music. Using the AI powers of this tool, you can also add different emotions to your AI-generated songs.

Besides, this AI tool also enables you to create music for short films, social media platforms, etc., to improve your audience engagement. Many video creators like YouTubers, agencies, and Podcast Creators are already using this tool to make their content look more professional.

beatoven.ai online ai music app

Key Features

  1. You can easily customize the length, mood, and other features of your song with the help of this tool.
  2. It has more than 9+ different soundtracks and genres, which you can apply to your AI audio.
  3. ai has a list of different emotions, which helps to align your audio with your visual content perfectly.

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In addition to AI-generated music, Dr.Fone AI Ringtone Maker offers a selection of sound effects to enhance your ringtones. These effects are perfect for customizing your ringtones with real-world sounds, such as natural environment sounds, urban environment sounds, animal sounds, or music effects!

With Dr.Fone AI Ringtone Maker, your ringtone options are limitless. Express yourself through music, mood, and sound effects, and make your phone truly your own. Say goodbye to generic ringtones and start creating your unique sound today!

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In conclusion, we can say that AI technology has had a significant influence on people's lives. This is because it has enabled them to make their dreams come true. Furthermore, the utilization of human resources is also reduced with these AI tools, improving the workflow. To make it possible, this article discussed the top 8 online AI music apps that provide all the music generation features under one roof.

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