Discovering the Best AI Music Apps for Online and Offline Use


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AI music generator apps are making a significant impact in various artistic fields. This includes the music and film industry as well because there has been a major impact on the content creation game with these AI tools.

With these tools, you can easily make engaging music, sounds, and ringtones for different purposes. Therefore, this article will discuss some of the best AI music apps that can help you generate unique and optimized content.

Part 1: What Features Should Be Present in an AI Music Generator App?

An AI music app is considered a complex tool whether it is available online or offline as a mobile app or software. This is because it uses several different AI algorithms, which help it generate results according to user requirements.

At this point, it is crucial for such music-generating apps to have some essential features to improve user experience. To understand what these features are, take a look at the list given below:

1. User Interface and Customization Options

One of the major things that helps a tool to stand out from the competition is its friendly user interface with multiple editing options. Many users want to create content as per their necessity, so customization options can help them a lot in this scenario.

2. Regular Updates and New Features

In such times, where technology is continuously evolving daily, it is very crucial for these AI music-generating apps to keep up with the market. For these reasons, they need to make regular updates to fix bugs and any other issues in the tool. In addition, the development team should also develop new features that can help engage the audience for a long time.

3. Privacy and Data Security

One of the most essential things every AI music app should focus on is providing its users with the best privacy and data security features. This is necessary to ensure that the user's data is not accessible to any unauthorized person, which may cause harm in the future.

4. Cloud Integration for Storage Services

It is essential for an AI tool to have its own cloud integrated with it, which can be used to store the data for later use. With the integration of the cloud, it can also be made possible to make the app run offline.

Part 2: Top 4 Online AI Music Generator Apps

There are a lot of tools that are available on the internet which help to make original songs. But to understand which one of them is the best AI music generator online tool, you will need to read the tools given below:

1. Boomy AI

Boomy AI helps users enhance their productivity with its unique features for creating innovative songs. This tool allows you to use a variety of instrumental styles, which helps you to generate music in seconds as per your requirements.

Furthermore, it also enables you to release your songs on different streaming platforms once you have saved 5 or more songs. This way, you can also generate revenue from these streaming platforms. You can also access your saved songs in the library provided by this tool.

boomy ai music app

Key Features

  1. Users can also download their AI-generated songs from this tool in MP3 and WAV format on their devices.
  2. Various people and businesses use this tool for commercial and non-commercial use, such as live streaming, podcasts, and much more.
  3. Boomy AI also allows you to add vocals, artist names, and more once your song is generated successfully.

2. is an AI music generator online tool that is being used by a lot of content creators and artists around the world. Using this AI tool, they can quickly generate captivating and original audio for their YouTube videos.

This tool also allows its users to set the tempo of the music as per their requirements. After successfully creating music with this tool, you can also access its Pro Mode to make more adjustments. Here, you can adjust your song's melody, bass, length, and more. ai music app

Key Features

  1. You can easily use this tool for commercial and personal purposes without fearing copyright strikes.
  2. Content generated with this tool can also be shared on different platforms, including Spotify and a few more.
  3. This tool lets users quickly generate the desired content by selecting the right genre, mood, and theme features.


Creating emotional soundtrack music is now easier with the help of the AIVA tool. This is because it provides a creative assistant to its users, which helps them to generate amazing songs. The process of using this tool is straightforward, and even a non-specialist can use it without any issues.

Here, you can upload your MIDI file to influence the composition process of this tool. This way, you can generate desired content more efficiently. In addition to this, you can also use preset styles like electronic, pop, and much more to create songs more quickly.

aiva ai music app

Key Features

  1. It also allows you to download songs more than 300 times every single month in different formats.
  2. You don't need to face any licensing issues while using this tool because it provides you with full copyrights for the content that you have created on this tool.
  3. With the help of this AI-integrated tool, you can also monetize your creativity with different methods.

4. Soundful

For content creators and producers, Soundful is considered one of the best AI music tools. This is because it helps its users generate royalty-free music, which can be used as background music for different kinds of visual content.

It has a variety of themes and mood templates, which helps to make the music feel unique and original. Due to these reasons, it is also being used by different businesses for commercial use. In this tool, you can also find a featured section from where you can get more content ideas.

soundful ai music app

Key Features

  1. With the help of this AI music generator online, you can also create a loop in different categories, including drum loops, instrument loops, etc.
  2. It also has a Global Tracks option in which you can easily access the most popular songs to get inspiration and ideas.
  3. You can easily share your AI-generated songs from this tool with your friends and family members with the help of different share options.

Part 3: Top 4 AI Music Apps for Android and iOS Users

If you want to use AI music apps on your Android or iOS devices to create engaging music, we recommend you read this section thoroughly. It should be noted that these are the best mobile apps for creating original AI songs.

1. AI Music Generator – Melodia [Android | iOS]

Melodia is considered one of the most creative AI music apps that helps to convert words into unforgettable melodies. It uses many AI algorithms to ensure users get the best results quickly. With the help of these tools, artists can get a lot of inspiration and new ideas, which can help them write new songs creatively.

melodia ai music app

Key Features

  1. This tool allows you to convert textual content into music without complications.
  2. You can also use its unique prompts and different styles to make your content feel more memorable and engaging.
  3. All the AI-generated songs can easily be used for various social media platforms to entertain your targeted audience.
  • Android:0 and up
  • iOS:0 or later

2. MusicAI: AI Music Generator [iOS]

If you are a content creator or an individual who wants to convert his ideas from textual form to audio form, MusicAI can be the best fit for you. This is because this AI music generator app has many exciting features that help users create interesting songs quickly. You only need to enter the prompt and select the music length with the desired style to use this tool.

musicai ai music app

Key Features

  1. This music-generating tool uses the sequence-to-sequence modeling task, which helps it to generate music at 24 kHz.
  2. While using this tool, you can also choose three different vibes, like Techno, EDM, and Rap, as per your requirements.
  3. With its effective modeling algorithms, this tool ensures that your music remains consistent over several minutes.
  • iOS:0 or later

3. AI Music - Melody Generator [Android | iOS]

AI Music Melody Generator is a reliable Android and iOS app that several people use to generate high-quality music melodies in a few simple steps. Different advertising agencies, musicians, and producers use this app to generate content for various scenarios. This is because this tool provides you with the best sound quality and offers 49 in-built music templates to create unique, original, and engaging music.

ai music melody generator music app

Key Features

  1. While using this tool, you can quickly generate music in various genres, such as rock, pop, and classic.
  2. This tool also helps to generate remixes of existing songs for multiple uses.
  3. You can share the melodies created with these tools on social media platforms without complications.
  • Android:0 and up
  • iOS:0 or later

4. Musica - AI Song Generator [iOS]

Creating AI songs with customized lyrics is easier with the help of Musica – AI Song Generator. This AI music app allows its users to create unique songs in three simple steps around the globe. With this tool, you can also select the desired AI voice per your requirement to ensure your content is creative and engaging. It also has 6+ beats, which you can use in your AI-generated songs.

musica ai music app

Key Features

  1. Musica provides its users with some fantastic templates. These templates can convert text into audio format and be shared with friends as a surprise.
  2. This tool lists more than 15+ AI voices, which you can use to generate your creative songs.
  3. Using the AI lyrics generator, you can also generate the lyrics for your content and convert them into an audio file without any headache.
  • iOS: 10 or later
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In the end, we can say that AI technology has made a huge positive impact on the music industry. Due to this, the consumption of human resources is also reduced significantly. But with these benefits, it is also essential that you check out which AI music apps fits well according to your requirement so you can get the desired results.

To ease this process, we have discussed the best online and offline AI music generators to generate compelling soundtracks. Using these apps will help you create unique songs of diverse genres and with different voices.


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