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A Review of the Top 5 AI Text Image Makers in 2024


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: AI Solutions • Proven solutions

Today, you will see AI text image makers making a mark in the creative industry. These AI tools take a prompt, process it using machine learning techniques, then create an image that matches your prompt. At its forefront stands OpenAI DALL·E 2. But if you need more, then keep reading. This article looks at the top 5 alternatives to OpenAI DALL-E, exploring the features, usability, and creative potential of each.

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Part 1. Overview of Our Best Picks

Here are the criteria used to help you find and choose the right AI text image maker.

a person editing on a laptop

User Categories

Discover a range of AI text image makers that cater to diverse user categories. These tools are valuable for finding inspiration and creating social media visuals and designs.


Access these AI text image makers seamlessly on various platforms, ensuring flexibility and convenience. Whether you're on a browser, mobile device, or desktop, these tools are readily available to help you.

User Experience: Simplicity and Speed

With user-friendliness at the core, these text image makers offer easy-to-use interfaces. Also, the chosen AI text image makers boast quick generation times, ensuring your ideas come to life in moments.

Affordability Matters: Price and User Feedback

Staying within your budget is crucial, and with a keen eye on user feedback, these tools offer an array of plans to fit your budget and requirements.

AI Text Image Maker App Dezgo Craiyon Bing Image Creator Wepik Canva
Best for Digital artists, professionals Students Researchers, Students Intermediate users, professionals Content creators, marketers, students
Compatibility Online Online Online, iOS, Android Online, iOS, Android Online, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android
Ease of Use Standard Basic Basic Standard Basic
Turnaround Time Less than a minute Within a minute Less than a minute Less than a minute Less than a minute

Available in a free trial

Power Mode, pay-as-you-go

Available in a free trial

Starts at $5/month, billed yearly

Available in a free trial

Use Microsoft Rewards points for extra boosts

Available in a free trial

Starts at $5.99 for 100 images in 25 generations

Available for free

For access to other features, check Canva Pro


4.7 out of 5

4.7 out of 5

4.0 out of 5

4.5 out of 5

4.7 out of 5

Part 2. Dezgo: AI Text Image Maker for Gaming and 3D Visualization

Powered by Stable Diffusion AI, Dezgo doesn't stop at simple image generation – it takes things to the next level with advanced features. This online AI text image maker lets you choose from sampling methods like DPM++ 2M Karras or Euler. Want more control? Adjust sampling steps and upscale the image using the Real-ESRGAN model.

dezgo interface with generated raw image

Features of Dezgo

Dezgo provides you with raw AI output. It means you have complete creative freedom to edit the generated visuals based on your preference. Aside from that, here are more capabilities of this AI text image maker:

Various AI Models

Dezgo lets you envision character designs, 3D artwork, or photorealistic masterpieces. This text photo maker has several AI models to bring your ideas to life. Choose from options like DreamShaper 6 for anime-inspired visuals and Stable Diffusion 2.1 for a general style.

Beyond Text-to-Image

Dezgo doesn't limit itself to converting text into images alone. This AI tool takes it a step further by offering image-to-image functionality. You can upload an image and prompt Dezgo to change it, resulting in a brand-new raw image.


Available in the free trial, with restrictions.

Upgrade to Power Mode, a prepaid pay-as-you-go basis. For pricing details, refer to the FAQ page on Dezgo's website.

Final Verdict

Dezgo suits beginners, offering text-to-image generation without requiring an account. While this text image maker AI can create human models, it particularly shines in producing visuals for gaming and interior 3D modeling projects.

Part 3. Craiyon: Simplified AI Text Photo Maker for Starters

Craiyon, previously known as DALL·E mini, is a straightforward AI text image maker that enlivens your text prompts. It learns concepts from images and creates unique visuals based on its knowledge. Just enter a prompt, and Craiyon will combine elements creatively, resulting in artistic pictures.

craiyon online text image maker interface

Features of Craiyon

Can't think of a prompt? No problem – this text photo maker AI suggests one for you. Here are more key attributes of Craiyon:

Estimated Generation Times

Craiyon understands the importance of time. This AI text image maker lets you know when to expect your image so you can optimize your workflow.

Multiple Options for Visual Variety

Craiyon doesn't limit your creativity to a single outcome. You can choose from multiple choices aligned with your chosen style.

Versatile and Convenient

Craiyon is an online text picture maker with no app yet, but you can try it for free without an account. Choose from Art, Drawing, Photo, or no style for your prompt and exclude unwanted elements.


Start for free with a watermark on the images. Want more? Plans start at $5/month for faster generation and more benefits.

Final Verdict

Experience creativity in its simplest form with Craiyon text image maker. It currently offers basic styles and no customization options like seed number and generation steps yet. This AI text picture maker suits you if you still practice creating prompts for AI-generated images.

Part 4. Bing Image Creator: AI Text Picture Maker for Interior Designs Ideas

Microsoft Bing Image Creator, powered by DALL-E, is a text image maker AI that converts your imaginative concepts into images. Like other text photo makers, it generates captivating pictures based on your input.

microsoft bing text photo maker interface

Features of Bing Image Creator

With Microsoft Bing Image Creator, you can create images in different styles, but specificity is the answer. Fine-tune your prompts with adjectives, artistic styles, and more to achieve the desired outcome. The more precise your instructions, the more tailored and impactful the generated images. Discover the functionalities of Bing Image Generator, a go-to text picture maker.

Filtering Harmful Images and Prompts

Microsoft Bing Image Creator prioritizes user safety. The system actively blocks and warns against potentially harmful image-generation prompts. Rest assured that measures are in place for a secure and enjoyable experience while using this text picture maker.

Explore and Edit Suggested Prompts

Don't know what to prompt? Let Microsoft Bing Image Creator assist you. It offers suggested prompts you can customize to suit your creative needs.

Easy Access to Recent AI Images

Microsoft Bing Image Creator keeps your generated AI images accessible for future reference. Take a trip down memory lane and revisit your past creations whenever inspiration strikes.


As a new user, Microsoft Bing Image Creator grants you 100 boosts to kickstart your tasks. However, if you exhaust your boost points, image processing times may take longer. If you run out of boosts, you may redeem your Microsoft Rewards points for additional boosts for faster processing times.

Final Verdict

Microsoft Bing Image Creator is a good AI text image maker for creative artists who know how to craft good prompts. While you can't change the AI model or sampling method, this tool will prove invaluable in generating the right images.

Part 5. Wepik: Text Photo Maker AI Tool for Anime Style

Wepik AI text image maker offers image generation with the power of Stable Diffusion technology. With Wepik's AI text photo maker, creating stunning visuals has become more manageable.

wepik ai text image editor

Features of Wepik AI Image Generator

Wepik text picture maker automatically generates several images, saving time and effort. Additionally, you can access and reuse previous works, making content creation a breeze. Now, let's explore the other functionalities of this AI image generator.

Customizable Aspect Ratio and Styles

Align your images with customizable aspect ratios—square, portrait, or landscape. Choose from styles like photo, digital art, and 3D to achieve the desired visual effect.

Color, Lighting, and Framing Options

Express your artistic vision with Wepik's extensive array of features. Select color schemes, from black and white to dramatic or vibrant. Try studio, long exposure, or cinematic lighting to set the perfect mood. Frame your artwork with portrait, macro, or panoramic settings.


You can explore Wepik's capabilities through a free trial. If it meets your creative needs, you can subscribe to their pricing plan, which starts at $5.99.

Final Verdict

Wepik AI text image maker lacks advanced settings for sampling, generation steps, or seed number modifications. But, by selecting style, color, and lighting effects, you can create images based on your prompt. It's a good AI text photo maker for human-like models and interior designs. No distortions or unwanted objects appeared in the AI-generated images, even without a negative prompt setting.

Part 6. Canva: AI Text Image Maker for Marketers

Canva has introduced its AI text image maker, an exciting addition to its platform. With AI-powered text-to-image functionality, Canva lets you add imagery to your projects.

canva ai text to image generator

Features of Canva AI Image Generator

As an AI image generator, Canva empowers you to bring your ideas to life through simple text input. Once you enter your text, you can choose from three style categories tailored to your editing needs. Let's explore the key features and options provided by this AI text image maker.

Several Style Options

Photography encompasses styles like photo, vibrant, and minimalist options. For Digital Arts, you can select from 3D, concept art, anime styles, and more. Fine Art offers variations like watercolor or ink print. After that, you can tailor your visuals to square, landscape, or portrait aspect ratios.

Surprise Me

Unsure about which style to go for? Canva's "Surprise Me" feature adds an element of delightful spontaneity to your designs. Let your creativity flourish as you experiment and discover unexpected visual expressions.


Canva's AI text image maker is free. To unlock more features and access a wider range of design resources, Canva offers various subscription plans.

Final Verdict

Canva's AI text image-maker is a good alternative for content creators and marketers. It works seamlessly for posters, presentations, and social media posts. Although customization options for lighting and seed number are limited, Canva's AI easily grasps your ideas. Its AI text photo maker generates images aligned with your prompts.


Each tool offers unique features to cater to specific needs. Some of the AI text image maker listed above has customization and advanced settings. Others offer a user-friendly interface to choose styles and get instant images.

From the flexibility of Dezgo and the simplicity of Craiyon to the power of Image Creator, the artistic options of Wepik, and the integrated experience of Canva, there's an alternative for everyone. So, explore these AI text-to-image generators to see which one is for you.

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