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[100+] Types of Wallpapers and Top AI Wallpaper Makers


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: AI Solutions • Proven solutions

People use wallpapers to show and connect with the things they love the most. A nature lover will put natural scenery as their wallpaper. On the other hand, an anime fan will search for animated wallpapers to put on their desktop or mobile. Most of us choose wallpaper to get a good vibe whenever we look at our laptop or mobile screen. Some may want to cheer themselves up with motivational wallpapers.

Whatever your reason for choosing a particular wallpaper, the result is the sheer happiness they deliver when you look at your screen. If you are searching for the right wallpaper to satisfy your liking, read this article to fulfill your wish.

Part 1: Examples of the Best Wallpaper Categories and Best Wallpapers Websites

Windows and other operating systems like Android and iOS provide limited options when it comes to wallpapers. However, there are unlimited choices when you browse the internet for different kinds of wallpapers. Whether you want nature wallpapers or digital wallpapers, the internet has something for you. Let’s analyze a few of the most searched wallpaper types on different websites.

1. 3D Wallpaper

3d wallpapers

2. Preppy Wallpaper

preppy wallpapers

3. Nature Wallpaper

nature wallpapers

4. Motivational Wallpaper

motivational wallpapers

5. Animate Wallpaper

animate wallpapers

6. Minimalist Wallpaper

minimalist wallpapers

7. Cartoon Wallpaper

cartoon wallpapers

8. Quote Wallpaper

quote wallpapers

9. Cyberpunk Wallpaper

cyberpunk wallpapers

10. Pastel Wallpaper

pastel wallpapers

11. Landscape Wallpaper

landscape wallpapers

12. Scenery Wallpaper

scenery wallpapers

13. Boho Wallpaper

boho wallpapers

14. Gradient Wallpaper

boho wallpapers

15. Digital Wallpaper

digital wallpapers

16. Text Wallpaper

text wallpapers

17. Sketch Wallpaper

sketch wallpapers

18. Scientific Wallpaper

scientific wallpapers

19. Glam Wallpaper

glam wallpapers

If you are an admirer of any of these wallpaper styles, we can help you find them. There are a lot of websites available that deliver good wallpapers to the art lover. However, not all of them provide most of these unique wallpapers. We are listing some of the best websites available on the internet where users can find the wallpaper of their choice.

  1. Pexels:It is one of the best websites to find nature wallpapers You can download wallpapers in different resolutions to fit the screen size. Moreover, it allows you to add them to your favorites or bookmark them for later use. The best thing is that this website gives you the option to edit these digital wallpapers directly on Canva.

pexel wallpapers website

  1. Unsplash:Users can find different styles of backgrounds for their desktop or mobile on this website. Whether you want cyberpunk wallpapers or scientific wallpapers, this website has something for you. Users can download these desktop or mobile backgrounds in different resolutions. You can also share 3D wallpapers on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

unsplash wallpapers website

  1. com:You can find wallpapers belonging to different categories on this website. The categories on this site include aesthetic, gaming, anime, and many more wallpaper styles. From here, users can download wallpapers in their screen resolution. Moreover, they can share minimalist wallpaper URLs with friends and family. You can enter the custom width and height of the wallpaper to make it fit precisely on a desktop or mobile screen.

wallpapers.com wallpapers website

  1. Wallhaven:This website has a diverse range of wallpapers to cater to your artistic needs. You can find everything from trendy cartoon wallpapers to classic boho wallpapers on this site. The forum feature of this website lets you share wallpapers with the community of art lovers. Also, it allows you to download wallpapers in custom sizes and resolutions to fit the device screen.

wallhaven wallpapers website

  1. Pinterest:If you are searching for some of the most unique wallpapers for your device, this is the place where you find them. Pinterest is the most famous image-sharing website available, with the best community. You can copy your favorite wallpaper link or share it with other Pinterest users. Additionally, you can also download these wallpapers in your desired resolution.

pinterest wallpapers website

Part 2: What are the Best Online AI Wallpaper Tools to Create Unique and Various Wallpapers

All of the websites mentioned in the previous section have some pretty amazing wallpapers. However, it is possible that these desktop backgrounds don't match your creative taste. If this is the case, you still have nothing to worry about. We are presenting two of the best online AI wallpaper creators available in the market.

1. Picsart

Picsart is one of the best AI image generators that helps you create wallpapers within seconds. Whether you want to create cyberpunk wallpaper or want to put text wallpaper on your screens, this tool will help you in every situation. Moreover, users can also generate 3D wallpapers in an 8K resolution with this AI tool. All of this is possible because of the advanced text-to-image feature this tool offers.

Key Features

  1. Users can make use of this AI tool to generate wallpapers in different styles. You can choose from cyberpunk, anime, doodle, sketch, and many more styles to add an artistic touch to your wallpapers. Additionally, you can choose from different qualities to make your wallpapers crisper-looking. There are over 30 wallpaper qualities available on this AI image creation tool.
  2. Picsart also allows you to choose the artist to take inspiration from their artwork. The tool has the option, like Da Vinci, Dali, and Picasso, to make your wallpapers more creative. You can select any of these artists to convert your minimalist wallpapersinto artistic ones.
  3. You also have the option to play around with the color and mood of the wallpaper. This tool lets you select from monochrome, crimson red, and other color schemes to set the tone for your wallpaper. Moreover, you can also apply dreamy, dark, atmospheric, or any different mood to these desktop or mobile backgrounds.

Step-by-Step Guide to Generate Wallpaper With Picsart

If all of these features have left an impact on you, head straight to the Picsart website. We’ll guide you step-by-step to create a personalized wallpaper for your desktop screen.

  • Step 1: You need to visit the Picsart website and then select the AI image creator tool to begin the process. On the homepage of this tool, click on the "Generate" button to access the AI image creation window.
  • press the generate button

  • Step 2: Afterward, write a prompt you have in your mind to describe the kind of wallpaper you want. For example, if we’re creating nature wallpaper, we can write "cloudy sky, lake, trees." The prompt will give an idea to AI about your thought process.
  • add the wallpaper prompt

  • Step 3: Now, it is time to play around with the different art styles. You can choose styles like Oil Painting or Watercolor for your nature wallpaper. After completing all the selections, click on the "Generate" button. After doing so, you'll see different variations of your wallpaper. Now, all you need to do is choose the best one and hit the "Download" button to finish the process.
  • hit the generate button

    2. Fotor

    Fotor is a free-to-use AI image generator that can convert your words into artwork. With this tool, users can generate any style of wallpaper they desire, including cartoon wallpaper, gradient wallpaper, and quote wallpaper. However, your prompts have to be extensive to get the best output wallpaper. You also get the chance to upscale or remix the quality of your wallpaper.

    Key Features

    1. Users have the option to generate the wallpaper with the help of the image. You can give an image prompt to AI and choose a style to add an artistic touch to the output. Additionally, this tool allows you to provide custom prompts about what changes you want in the image. Users can even set the similarity percentage between the output and the generated image.
    2. You can choose from a diverse range of art styles when giving a text prompt. Select from concept art, anime, 3D, and many other styles to make the wallpapers more creative. With this feature, you can even generate cyberpunk wallpapersand other such stylized wallpapers.
    3. You can generate multiple variations of wallpapers if you want from a single prompt. Fotor has the option of up to 6 variations of wallpaper in the tool. These options allow you to select the closest one to your thoughts. Afterward, you can apply the final touches to your selection.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Generate Wallpaper With Fotor

    Whether you want to create 3D wallpapers or sketch wallpapers, Fotor can help you do so. Follow these simple steps to create different styles of wallpaper with this AI tool.

  • Step 1: First, open the Fotor website on your browser and access its AI image generator tool page. Afterward, click the “Generate” button to go straight to the wallpaper generation window.
  • click on generate

  • Step 2: You can either write a prompt or upload an image as a prompt to train AI. Let's suppose we are creating an animated wallpaper. You can write a prompt as “animated world, cute character, blue-hair, light skin” to command the AI tool.
  • write the desired prompt

  • Step 3: After writing a prompt, choose the style as "Japanese Anime" or "90's Anime" to generate animated wallpaper. Additionally, you can change the "Aspect Ratio" settings to make a wallpaper that fits on your device screen.
  • choose the wallpaper style

  • Step 4: After completing all the steps, choose the number of variations of wallpaper you want. Then, click the "Generate" button to let AI perform the magic. Now, you can select any variation you like and hit the "Download" button to get the animated wallpaper.
  • click the generate button

    Part 3: 2 Best Apps to Create Wallpapers With Unique Prompts on Android and iPhone

    The online AI image creators may have some limitations while working on your mobiles, such as internet connectivity or low speed. For this reason, we are listing down two of the best AI wallpaper makers available on iPhone and Android. These tools can help you make creative boho wallpapers with their simple interface.

    1. starryai: AI Art Generator [Android | iOS]

    starryai can help users create stunning visual artwork with simple prompts. All you need to do is express the idea you have in your mind in descriptive commands to let AI do the magic. You can create any wallpaper style, ranging from simple text wallpaper to artistic boho wallpaper. In addition, you can share these wallpapers in the community to let others appreciate your artistic sense.

    Key Features

    1. This AI tool lets users prompt AI with the help of images and even handmade sketches. These visual prompts will give the tool a better idea about your creative thoughts. After adding an image or drawing a sketch, you can still write a text command to further command the AI technology.
    2. Users can also take advantage of this tool's "Prompt Builder" feature if they lack creative ideas. With this feature, you have to choose the art style and descriptive terms to add to your prompt. Moreover, you can select the artist and the art medium to customize the tool. Users can also tell Ai if they are trying to create any character or landscape wallpaper.
    3. Starryai also has a unique "Remove from Image" feature. Users can use this feature to add negative prompts for AI to tell the tool what not to add to the image. Moreover, you can also change the canvas size to make better-fit wallpaper for your mobile.


    • Android:Android 5.0 and up
    • iPhone:iOS 13.0 or later versions

    User Rating

    • Android: 3 out of 5.0
    • iPhone: 7 out of 5.0

    Step-by-Step Guide to Generate Wallpaper With starryai

  • Step 1: After downloading the app, open starryai on your Android or iPhone device. Now, choose if you want to create wallpaper from “Text,” “Image,” or “Sketch.” In this case, we’ll make the 3D wallpaper with the text prompt. For this, tap the "Text" button on your screen to access the AI image generator.
  • choose the creation method

  • Step 2: Once you access the wallpaper generation screen, write a simple prompt to describe your 3D wallpaper. If you don't have any prompt in your mind, tap on the "Prompt Builder" feature to formulate a custom prompt. The tool will let you choose from different styles, art mediums, and descriptive terms to generate a prompt for you.
  • tap on prompt builder

  • Step 3: After building your prompt, select the style for your wallpaper. Here, you’ll choose the “3D Art” style to add a new layer of creativity to your 3D wallpaper. You can also add a negative prompt with the "Remove from Image" feature.
  • adjust the negative prompt

  • Step 4: Finally, press the “Create” button to generate multiple variations of your 3D wallpaper. Choose the best one and hit the "Download" button to save your wallpaper on your device.
  • tap on create button

    2. Imagine: AI Art Generator [Android | iOS]

    Imagine AI is a perfect tool to transform your imagination into creative artwork. You can create wallpaper in various styles, including pastel wallpaper, sketch wallpaper, and text wallpaper. The developers have done an excellent job of training this AI with millions of images from the internet. With this extensive training, this AI model can now represent any innovative wallpaper idea you have in your mind.

    Key Features

    1. Users can generate custom prompts with the help of the "Generate Prompt" feature. All you need to do is upload any reference image, and AI will create a prompt for you. Additionally, you can make changes in this prompt to add a personal touch to the final output.
    2. Imagine also allows you to select from different AI models to generate perfect wallpaper. You can also choose from different art styles, including anime, vibrant, and fantasy. Each style will give a specific artistic taste to your wallpaper.
    3. In the advanced settings, users can write a "Negative Prompt" to tell AI what not to add to the wallpaper. You can also change the resolution settings to make the image fit your mobile background. These settings also allow you to optimize processing speed according to the quality of the output image.


    • Android:Android 6.0 and up
    • iPhone:iOS 15.0 or later versions

    User Rating

    • Android: 2 out of 5.0
    • iPhone: 5 out of 5.0

    Step-by-Step Guide to Generate Wallpaper With Imagine

  • Step 1: Open the Imagine AI application on your mobile to start generating AI wallpapers. Once you open the app, write the prompt for the wallpaper you want to create. For example, if you want sketch wallpaper, type a related command. The prompt can be written as "pencil sketch, manga art, portrait, character sketch" to tell AI what you want.
  • enter the wallpaper prompt

  • Step 2: After writing a prompt, select the “Model” and “Style” for your creation. Here, you’ll choose the “Portrait” model and “Sketch” style for your sketch wallpaper. Moreover, you can also change the aspect ratio in the settings.
  • choose the model and style

  • Step 3: Then proceed to enter the "Advanced Settings" option to customize the process further. You have the option to write a "Negative Prompt" in these advanced settings.
  • customize the negative prompt

  • Step 4: Once you are done with all the settings, hit the “Generate” button to let AI create a sketch wallpaper for you. You can even generate more wallpaper variations after writing the "Edit Input" text and pressing the "Generate More" button. If the final result satisfies you, tap the "Download" icon to save the changes.
  • tap the generate button

    News: A Powerful and Innovative AI Wallpaper Generator Integrated in Wondershare Dr.Fone [Coming Soon!]

    If you’re still not satisfied with the final result of these online and mobile AI image creators, Wondershare Dr.Fone is here to solve your issue. Wondershare Dr.Fone is known for its ability to provide solutions to every mobile-related problem. Now, it is entering the AI image creation field after seeing that users are struggling to find the right wallpapers for their Android and iPhone devices. After this tool's release, users can generate any style of wallpaper they want. Whether you want boho or minimalist wallpaper, Wondershare Dr.Fone will help you create one. All you need to do is have a bit of patience while the tool is still under development.


    Humans get bored with everything they use or see for a long time. It is human nature, and you cannot do anything about it. The same is the case with wallpapers we apply on our mobile or desktop screen. People feel the need to change these wallpapers regularly to keep up with the trendy ones.

    For this, they can generate modern backgrounds like cyberpunk wallpaper to satisfy their urge for change. After going through this article, you have the knowledge of all the right tools to create personalized wallpapers for your devices. All you need is creative thought and words to describe it to generate wallpaper with these tools.

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