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People are quite conscious while selecting a wallpaper for their desktop or mobile. These wallpapers represent the personalities and interests of the people. So, they want to choose the wallpaper that resonates with their interests in the best manner. That's the reason why free-spirited people choose boho wallpapers to embrace the sense of creativity in them.

These aesthetic boho wallpapers have gained special popularity among art lovers. People love these backgrounds due to their artistic patterns and vibrant colors. Moreover, these wallpapers deliver a sense of calm whenever the art lovers look at them on their screens.

Part 1: The Best Boho Wallpaper for Desktop and Mobile Devices and Websites To Get Them

If you are tired of always looking at conventional wallpaper on your laptop or mobile screens, we have something to solve your problem. With their artistic style and creative patterns, boho wallpapers will never give you boring vibes. Have a look at some of the innovative desktop and mobile backgrounds given below. These images will compel you to choose a bohemian style for your next wallpaper.

Example 1

The collage given below presents unique astronomical and floral patterns to connect the user with nature. These wallpapers depict a union of our solar system with botanical elements in nature.

boho wallpaper example 1

Example 2

The abstract and vintage patterns on the following wallpapers can give your device a creative look. With the intricate designs, these wallpapers will have a positive effect on your artistic sense.

boho wallpaper example 2

Example 3

This collage of boho wallpapers gives you a true picture of abstract artwork. The randomness of the patterns in these wallpapers will force you to observe them for long periods.

boho wallpaper example 3

Example 4

You can feel a true connection with nature by just looking at the flowing sea patterns. All these whimsical patterns can provide you with a sense of playfulness and creative imagination.

boho wallpaper example 4

Example 5

In the following collage, all the leaves, vines, and feathers are arranged in an artistic way. The mixture of these foliage and floral patterned wallpapers can ignite a feeling of innovation in your mind.

boho wallpaper example 5

Example 6

This collage combines the freeform nature of abstract patterns with the delicacy of floral art style. With this combined effect, users will get a surge of creativity just by looking at these wallpapers.

boho wallpaper example 6

Example 7

The patterns of leaves, vines, feathers, and flowers on wallpapers connect you with nature. The colorful nature of all these botanical elements can refresh your mood every time you look at your screen.

boho wallpaper example 7

Example 8

The vintage flair of these boho wallpapers and floral patterns make them an instant fan favorite. All these flowers and leaves filling your screen will help you connect with nature.

boho wallpaper example 8

We hope that these intricate designs have tickled your artistic sense. If these designs managed to leave an impact, you can visit different image websites to pick the boho wallpaper best suited for you. You don’t have to worry about the website from where you can choose these desktop and mobile backgrounds. Visit any of the following websites to get the best minimalist boho wallpapers.


You can get various styles of boho wallpapers from this website. If you’re looking for wallpaper for your laptop or mobile, this website can fulfill your needs. Users can download wallpapers in different resolutions to best fit their screens. Additionally, it also lets you share the URL of the backgrounds with friends. Users can even enter the width and height of the image to optimize the size. boho wallpaper

2. Adobe Stock

This website gives users the option to download aesthetic boho wallpapers. You can download wallpapers in different patterns, including floral, motif, and tribal designs. Also, you can save the background in your personal library to download them whenever you need. The best thing is that you can open these wallpapers with Illustrator or Photoshop to personalize them.

adobe stock boho wallpaper

3. Rawpixel

Users can download wallpapers in vector, PSD, PNG, or JPEG format from this website. There are loads of cute boho wallpapers available on Rawpixel to meet artistic taste. You will also get wallpapers in different resolutions to fit on social platforms. Moreover, you can also open these wallpapers on Adobe software for better customization.

rawpixel boho wallpaper

4. Pinterest

This website is the most famous image-sharing platform available in the market. Here, you can find wallpapers of every kind with minimal effort. Additionally, it allows you to share desktop and mobile wallpapers with other Pinterest users. You can also share these Pinterest boho wallpapers on social media or download them for personal use.

pinterest boho wallpaper

5. Freepik

If you want to download different patterns of bohemian wallpapers, this website is best for you. Freepik allows users to download backgrounds in a few clicks without paying money. Additionally, they can also share these artistic wallpapers on different social sites. Users can also access the vector version of these images to edit them according to their style.

freepik boho wallpaper

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Part 2: Top 3 Online AI Wallpaper Generators To Create Aesthetic Boho Wallpaper

You will only find common boho wallpaper patterns from the above-mentioned websites. However, if you want something more creative, you have to generate it yourself. AI image generators are your best bet to induce a sense of innovation in your background. We've listed the top online AI wallpaper creators to help you in this regard.

1. Fotor

Fotor AI image creator lets users transform their words into images with a few clicks. This tool, with its text-to-image generator, can generate personalized boho wallpapers. All you need to do is command AI to bring your idea to life in creative ways. Moreover, you can also upscale and remix the backgrounds after getting the output. However, you have to make sure the prompt is extensive to get the best result out of this AI.

fotor ai boho wallpaper generator

Key Features

  1. Users can also generate cute boho wallpaperswith the help of images. All you need is an existing wallpaper as a reference image for the AI. Afterward, you can upload the image on the tool’s server and give an additional prompt to make the desired changes.
  2. Fotor lets you choose the style and aspect ratio after writing a custom prompt. You can select a style from a diverse range, including concept art, anime illustrations, and oil painting. These different styles will give an artistic boost to the output wallpaper.
  3. You can even apply final touches to your AI-generated boho wallpaper. With the AI photo editor feature of this tool, you can add effects to these backgrounds. Moreover, users can even add frames and other different elements to these wallpapers.

2. Picsart

Picsart has the latest AI image creator to convert your text into wallpaper. With the help of an extensive command, you can turn your idea into a creative art piece using this AI tool. Moreover, users can play around with different art styles to bring innovation to their boho wallpapers. If you want to create backgrounds with up to 8K resolution, Picsart is the best AI tool for you.

picsart ai boho wallpaper generator

Key Features

  1. Picsart gives you the option to edit certain aspects of the images generated with this tool. Users can add text and stickers to the aesthetic boho wallpapersto add a personal touch. Moreover, they can also add new effects to the image until they feel satisfied with the outcome.
  2. After applying all the final touches, you can download wallpapers in various formats. Whether you want to download wallpapers in JPG, PDF, PNG, or even MP4 format, this AI tool will let you do so. Additionally, you can change the file size of the boho wallpaperbefore the downloading begins.
  3. Users can also select artists such as Da Vinci and Picasso to prompt AI to draw in their style. After you choose any of these artists, Picsart will take inspiration from their art style to create cute boho wallpapersfor you.

3. Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI will assist you in creating stunning wallpapers with minimalistic efforts. You can unlock the creative ideas in your head and give them a visual reality with this AI tool. Additionally, with an advanced text-to-image generator, users can create boho wallpapers in different patterns. The developers have used millions of images online to train the AI of this image creator.

hypotenuse ai boho wallpaper generator

Key Features

  1. With the help of the "Guide Me" feature of this online tool, users can choose the type and aesthetic of their art. You also get the option to choose the mood and lightning for the output image. Moreover, you can even select the art style to create minimalist boho wallpaper.
  2. Users can also change the aspect ratio of the AI-generated images to post them on social media. Furthermore, you get the option to create boho wallpapersin different resolutions. This feature allows you to generate backgrounds for every desktop or mobile screen.
  3. You can also select the artist to take inspiration from his art style. Hypotenuse allows you to choose artists like Van Gogh and Salvador Dali to create wallpapers with their artistic touch.

Part 3: Top 3 AI Wallpaper Generators To Create Boho Wallpaper on iPhone and Android

If the quality of the images generated through online tools fails to satisfy you, we’ve something else for you in the store. With the help of the following AI image generation apps, you can create optimized wallpapers for your mobile screens. Let's take a look at these top AI background creators to help you generate boho wallpaper.

1. starryai: AI Art Generator [Android | iOS]

starryai allows you to generate aesthetic boho wallpapers with the help of its AI-integrated system. Users can make use of its text-to-image tool for instant image creation. Moreover, you can share your artwork with the online community to engage with them. The effective sharing and community feature brings the best out of the new artists. Additionally, you can use image prompts to train the AI system in a better manner.

starryai ai boho wallpaper generator

Key Features

  1. As mentioned above, users can also use this app to create cute boho wallpapersfor their screens. After adding the image as a prompt, they can select art styles and descriptive text to make the prompt clearer. The best thing about this tool is that you can make rough sketches in the prompt section to deliver the idea in your mind to the AI.
  2. This AI tool comes with a brilliant "Prompt Builder" feature to generate optimal prompts. You can select the artist and art medium to create a creative environment for your wallpaper. Additionally, you can also choose different styles, such as cyberpunk, classical, and anime, to make the prompt even better.
  3. Users also have the option to apply final editing changes to their wallpapers. Moreover, if the output file fails to satisfy your artistic sense, you can make more variations to come up with the best output. After getting the output you want, upscale or enhance the quality of your boho wallpaper.


  • Android:Requires Android 5.0 and up
  • iPhone:Requires iOS 13.0 or later

User Rating

  • Android: 4 out of 5
  • iPhone: 7 out of 5

2. Imagine: AI Art Generator [Android | iOS]

Imagine allows the users to create minimalist boho wallpapers without any skills. You can now give a visual representation of your thoughts with the help of this easy-to-use AI tool. Moreover, to give an artistic touch to your thinking, there are hundreds of different art styles present in this app. The regular updates to the systems let you stay at the top of the evolving AI image creation technology.

imagine ai boho wallpaper generator

Key Features

  1. Users can pick from over 100+ art styles to bring creativity into their wallpapers. Whether you like manga and anime style or prefer photo-realistic images, this tool has something for you. Moreover, you can also choose from different AI models to achieve perfection.
  2. Imagine AI also lets you remove the blurriness and distorted noise from your images. All you have to do is use the "Upscale" feature on this tool to do so. If the result still fails to meet your needs, you can write custom prompts to generate better variations of your boho wallpaper.
  3. With the help of the "Negative Prompt" feature, you can even tell AI what not to add to your boho wallpapers. These negative prompts are the best way to apply a personal touch to your images.


  • Android:Requires Android 6.0 and up
  • iPhone:Requires iOS 15.0 or later

User Rating

  • Android: 2 out of 5
  • iPhone: 5 out of 5

3. GenZArt - AI Art Generator [Android | iOS]

GenZArt is an innovative mobile application to turn your words into beautiful art pieces. With the power of the latest AI, this tool gives you the opportunity to bring life to your creativity. Moreover, you can also change the aspect ratio of the cute boho wallpaper to make it optimum for your device screen. Users can also share their artwork in the feed of this multi-featured AI tool.

genzart ai boho wallpaper generator

Image name: boho-wallpaper-19.jpg

Image alt: genzart ai boho wallpaper generator

Key Features

  1. You can explore a diverse range of art styles and filters to give an artistic touch to the wallpaper. This tool allows you to choose from classic Picasso styles to trendy game art styles. No matter what kind of art style you like, this tool will meet your artistic taste.
  2. With the help of its new AI-powered editing tool, you can tap anywhere on the generated image to start editing. The AI will segment that part, and then you can transform the area according to your liking. All you need to do is add prompts related to the changes you want to make in the selected area on your boho chic wallpaper.
  3. GenZArt also lets you turn your creations into custom merchandise. After creating an art piece with this tool, you can paste it on T-shirts, mugs, and sweaters. The best thing is that you can do all of this within the application.


  • Android:Requires Android 5.1 and up
  • iPhone:Requires iOS 14.0 or later

User Rating

  • Android: 2 out of 5
  • iPhone: 7 out of 5

News: A Powerful and Innovative AI Wallpaper Generator Integrated in Wondershare Dr.Fone [Coming Soon!]

Even if all these online tools and applications fail to satisfy you, don't worry at all. Wondershare Dr.Fone is an all-in-one mobile solution provider that has something in store for you. It is already providing mobile-related solutions to millions of users. Now, it is stepping into the AI wallpaper generation market to help its users generate the best wallpapers for their mobiles. In case you are already using the Wondershare Dr.Fone tool, you have the idea of its multi-functionality. With the futuristic thinking of the developers, this tool is soon going to rule the AI wallpaper generation market. You just have to wait to get the best aesthetic boho wallpaper for your devices since it will launch this new feature soon.


It is human nature to get bored of something after using it for some time. The same is the case with the wallpapers they put on their mobile or laptop screens. People always look for trendy and artistic wallpaper to boost the beauty of their devices.

In this article, we’ve tried to provide you with the best boho wallpapers to never let you fall short of options. Now you know where to find cute boho wallpapers for your mobiles and laptops. Even if you don't find the right wallpaper on any website, you have good knowledge of how to create one for your use.

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