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8 Best AI Text-to-Music Generators for Your Content


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: AI Solutions • Proven solutions

Deep down, there's a bit of a rockstar within each of us. Now, with the fast advancement of technology, we have the power to unleash our musical potential. One of the most compelling developments in the creative fields, including music, is the rise of AI technology.

Artificial Intelligence has shown its prowess in composing original music, generating catchy melodies, and even writing lyrics that resonate with listeners. As AI continues to evolve, the creative landscape of the music industry is destined to undergo further transformation.

Let's learn more about this technology and check out this year's popular AI text-to-song generators.

Part 1: What is AI Voice Generator

An AI Voice Generator is a type of artificial intelligence technology that can produce human-like speech or generate voice audio. It falls under the broader category of Text-to-Speech (TTS) systems, which convert written text into spoken words.

AI voice generators use advanced algorithms, neural networks, and deep learning techniques to mimic natural human speech patterns, intonations, and emotions. They are becoming increasingly popular in various fields, including video production and content creation.

These tools offer the advantage of quickly and affordably creating high-quality audio content, such as voiceovers.

Part 2: 8 AI Text-to-Music Generators for Creative Composition

In addition to AI voice generators, artificial intelligence has also found its way into the realm of music composition. AI music generators made it possible to create music based on texts. These technologies have opened up possibilities for musicians, composers, and music enthusiasts to explore new avenues of creativity and expression.

Here is the list of the top 8 AI text-to-music generators:

1) Amper Music

Amper Music AI music generator

Amper Music is a modern and user-friendly AI tool that creates original soundtracks. It's perfect for marketers, companies, and podcasters. You only need to choose your favorite music genre. Then, with a simple click, you'll have your own unique piece of music ready to use.

Pricing: Starting at $5 - $29 for a personal license.

OS: Online

Quality: Medium


  • Quick composing
  • Built on the cloud 
  • Abundance of musical instruments
  • Availability of musical samples


  • The platform is currently undergoing updates
  • Refunds are only applicable to customers residing in the EU after payment
  • The interface can be confusing for beginners

What makes it unique:

Amper Music's cloud-based platform grants users easy access to their music and provides convenient storage.


AIVA AI music generator

Meet AIVA, the Artificial Intelligence that creates emotional soundtrack music. Regardless of your musical skills, AIVA can help you in your creative journey. Perfect for independent game developers and professionals alike, AIVA's AI-generated music allows you to craft compelling themes for your projects faster and easier than ever before.

Pricing: Free version is available or purchase subscription starting at €11/month.

OS: Online

Quality: Medium to High


  • Full copyright ownership of your compositions with the Pro Plan
  • Ability to monetize your compositions without restrictions for subscribers
  • Download your compositions in various formats: MP3, MIDI, WAV, and more


  • It can’t make complex music composition
  • AIVA may not grasp all the fine details and emotions of human creativity in its music

What makes it unique:

AIVA is best for creating original soundtracks and scores for films, videos, commercials, and games. It saves time and money by generating custom-made music that matches the desired mood and tone, making it a valuable tool for filmmakers, advertisers, and game developers.

3) Soundraw

Soundraw AI music generator

Soundraw provides an extensive selection of musical genres and instruments for users to explore. The platform's AI-driven capabilities extend to composing, arranging, and mixing music. It analyzes musical patterns, harmonies, and rhythms, offering valuable suggestions and generating high-quality compositions effortlessly.

Pricing: Free version is available or purchase a premium plan starting at $16.99/month.

OS: Online

Quality: High


  • Soundraw keeps expanding its library with over 500,000 new patterns added every month.
  • Soundraw allows you to export your compositions in different formats like MIDI, MP3, and WAV.


  • It may lack the emotional depth and nuance present in human-created music.

What makes it unique:

You can create compositions in pop, rock, jazz, electronic, and classical styles. The platform provides drums, bass, guitar, piano, synthesizer, and even a built-in voice synthesizer to add vocals to your music.

4) Ecrett Music

Ecrett music AI music generator

Ecrett Music is a royalty-free AI music generator from text. It has already produced an impressive collection of over 54 million unique music combinations. With its user-friendly interface, Ecrett Music makes it easy for users to explore and create an extensive variety of original musical compositions.

Pricing: Free version is available or purchase for the individual plan starting at $4.99

OS: Online

Quality: High


  • With over 54 million unique music combinations.
  • An intuitive interface that makes it easy for musicians to navigate and create music.
  • All the music produced by Ecrett Music is royalty-free


  • Some of the more advanced features and functionalities may require a purchase

What makes it unique:

Ecrett Music's sheer volume of unique music combinations sets it apart from many other AI music generators. The ability to access such an extensive collection of royalty-free music through a user-friendly interface makes it a powerful tool for content creators, filmmakers, and musicians.

5) Boomy

Boomy AI music generator

Boomy makes music creation effortless for everyone, from beginners to experienced musicians. Its intuitive interface allows you to compose original songs in seconds.

Pricing: Free version is available or purchase a subscription starting at $9.99/month.

OS: Online

Quality: Standard-High


  • The platform caters to various genres and styles, accommodating the diverse musical preferences of users.
  • Boomy fosters a community of music creators, allowing users to collaborate and share their musical works.


  • Some users may need time to familiarize themselves with the AI-driven music creation process.

What makes it unique:

Boomy enables you to share your music with the world by submitting your songs to popular streaming platforms. By participating in a vibrant global community of artists empowered by generative music, you have the opportunity to earn money through listenership and engagement.

6) Soundful

Soundful AI music generator

Soundful is an innovative audio editing software designed to provide users with a seamless and professional sound editing experience. Whether you are an aspiring musician, a podcast producer, or a video content creator, Soundful offers a comprehensive set of tools to refine your audio projects.

Pricing: Free version is available or purchase a personal license starting at $29.99

OS: Online

Quality: Standard to low


  • Diverse Audio Effects: From basic audio adjustments to advanced effects like reverb, echo, and pitch modulation, Soundful offers a wide array of effects to elevate your audio content.
  • Users can edit and preview changes in real time, streamlining the editing process and saving valuable time.


  • While the free version offers essential tools, users may find it somewhat limited in comparison to the premium version.

What makes it unique:

Soundful’s unique ability is to cater to a diverse range of users, from aspiring musicians to podcast producers and video content creators. It stands out with its comprehensive set of audio editing tools, offering both basic adjustments and advanced effects like reverb, echo, and pitch modulation.

7) Loudly

Loudly AI music generator

Loudly is the ultimate AI-powered platform designed for modern creators to make music with ease. With Loudly, you can create, customize, and explore an extensive collection of music, all made possible by the magic of artificial intelligence.

Loudly provides user-friendly tools that let you craft musical wonders with simplicity and joy. Plus, here's the best part: all the music you create on Loudly is 100% royalty-free, giving you the freedom to showcase your talent without any restrictions.

Pricing: Free version is available or purchase $7.99.month for personal license

OS: Online

Quality: Low to Standard


  • Loudly utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to enable modern creators to produce music effortlessly, making the process smooth and enjoyable.
  • Users have access to a vast collection of music on Loudly, providing them with a wide range of options to explore and customize according to their preferences.
  • 100% royalty-free music


  • Loudly can take a while to finish the process.

What makes it unique:

Loudly stands out as the ultimate AI-powered platform that seamlessly blends technology and creativity. The extensive collection of music available on the platform provides endless possibilities for customization and exploration

8) OpenAI – MuseNet

MuseNet AI music generator

Besides ChatGPT, OpenAI also introduces MuseNe, an impressive deep neural network capable of creating captivating 4-minute musical compositions using a diverse array of 10 instruments.

MuseNet promises the ability to blend styles from country to Mozart to the Beatles effortlessly. Instead of explicitly programmed music rules, MuseNet discovers patterns of harmony, rhythm, and style by learning from hundreds of thousands of MIDI files.

Pricing: Free

OS: Online

Quality: High


  • AI-produced songs sound human-like and showcase unique musical qualities.
  • Free to use


  • Limited control over the final product compared to other AI music composers.
  • Operates within the boundaries of its data set, potentially restricting musical diversity.

What makes it unique:

What makes MuseNet unique is its ability to break free from traditional programming methods. Unlike other music composition tools, MuseNet doesn't rely on explicit music rules. Instead, it stands out by using a deep neural network that learns from MIDI files to discover intricate patterns of harmony, rhythm, and style.

Part 3: How To Choose the Best AI Text-to-Music

Now, let’s make the best decision to choose the best AI text-to-music generators for your needs by considering the following essential factors:

  1. Customization
    Every user has unique preferences and requirements for their musical compositions. The software should allow you to adjust various parameters, such as tempo, instruments, mood, and style, to create music that aligns perfectly with your content.
  2. User-Friendly
    The AI text-to-music tool should be accessible and easy to use, even for beginners. Look for a platform that streamlines the process of generating music from text and offers helpful guides or tutorials.
  3. Integration
    When looking for an AI tool, take into account how well it integrates with your current workflow. Look whether you can use it for content creation, video production, or any other application. Remember that seamless integration is essential!
  4. Licensing
    Pay attention to the licensing terms and usage rights associated with the AI text-to-music tool. Some tools may have restrictions on the commercial use of the generated music, while others may grant full rights.
  5. User Reviews

Do thorough research and read user reviews and testimonials about the AI text-to-music tool you're considering. Look for feedback from individuals or businesses with similar needs to yours.


Inside each of us, there's a bit of a rockstar waiting to shine. Now, with the rise of AI, we have the power to unlock our musical potential. AI voice generators and music creators have become fascinating tools in the creative world. They revolutionized how we compose music and produce audio content.

As we explore some of the popular AI text-to-song generators, the decision lies in your hands. Now, seize the opportunity to embark on your musical journey.

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