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Best WhatsApp Template AI Generators


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: AI Solutions • Proven solutions

WhatsApp is the go-to messaging app for over two billion monthly active users around the world. As expected, AI-powered WhatsApp Template generators have come out to help automate those messages.

Now anyone can quickly generate personalized WhatsApp message templates with these little tools. Whether it be for work, a customer service message, an event invite, or anything else you could think of — these whatsapp templates got you covered. They’ll save you a ton of time and effort while adding that customization touch.

You get to easily put in names, dates, URLs, and other details that make it look like it was written by a real person. Plus in today's busy world where everything moves fast, the ability to automate this kind of communication is super appealing.

If you wanna give this tool a shot, next time you need to send out a batch message try using the AI Template generator instead. You might find yourself reaching for it more than your usual way of communicating through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Communication

Part 1. SendPulse

1. SendPulse

SendPulse Homepage

An AI-infused marketing automation platform that gets businesses to enhance engagement with customers through different ways: email, SMS, chatbots, web push notifications and on-site messaging.



They offer a simple drag and drop builder, automated workflows, advanced segmentation, A/B testing, analytics in real-time, SMS marketing and dynamic content.

Can be overwhelming for those who are beginners in marketing the initial learning curve is steep with no support from phones.

Pricing: With SendPulse you only pay for the messages you send. The free plan lets you build chatbots and send 10,000 messages a month across all bots, with up to 500 subscribers, 3 bots, 10 variables, and 10 triggers.

If you need more, the Pro plan is just $8 a month or $96 annually. With Pro you get unlimited everything - messages, bots, variables, RSS feeds, and more. Accept payments, use tags and webhooks, integrate external URLs, and remove SendPulse branding. WhatsApp is even included at no extra cost!

Ratings: Capterra - 4.6/5 based on 655 reviews. G2 - 4.6/5 based on 390 reviews. Overall positive ratings for usability and automation features.

Part 2. LandBot

2. LandBot

Landbot Homepage

LandBot is an AI platform that makes it easy to create chatbots for websites without needing to write any code. Engage visitors and convert leads through automated conversations.



Drag-and-drop builder, human takeover, analytics, multiple integrations, customizable templates whatsapp chats

Limited free plan, no phone support, lacks advanced personalization

Pricing: Start with Landbot's free Sandbox plan to test things out. It includes 100 chats/month, 1 seat, and basic features like variables and limited integrations.

The Starter plan is just €40/month. It unlocks AI chatbots, conditional logic, custom code, and essential integrations. 500 chats/month and 2 seats keep your small business humming.

Level up to the Pro plan at €100/month for advanced options galore. 2,500 chats/month, 3 seats, dynamic data, webhooks, and priority support mean Landbot can scale with your growing business.

For large enterprises, custom Business plans start at €400/month. Get unlimited everything, priority support, training, and special features to meet your needs.

Ratings: Capterra - 4.5/5 based on 68 reviews. G2 - 4.7/5 based on 287 reviews. Positive feedback for ease of use.

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safe Downloadsafe & secure

Part 3. Wati

3. Wati

Wati Homepage

Wati is a type of software that uses artificial intelligence to provide websites with real-time support and conversion through automated chatbots.



Drag and drop chatbot builder, lead scoring, real-time analytics, team chat, mobile app, easy integration.

Steep learning curve, lack of advanced features in basic plan.

Price: There are three pricing options for this AI tool. First is the ‘Growth’ at Rs. 2,499 per month with 5 additional users for just Rs.699 per user per month. Next is the ‘Pro’ at Rs. 5,999 per month. Finally we have the “Business” which is Rs. 16,999 each month.

Ratings: It has been given 4.6 out 5 ratings on Capterra and G2.

Part 4. AiSensy

4. AiSensy

AiSensy Homepage

AiSensy is a tool that you can use for enabling sales through whatsapp templates or to even create lead generations.



Their natural language processing engine allows for more natural conversations with users. You can also easily create lead capture forms to grow your contact lists.

The learning curve can be fairly steep as you try using more advanced features.

Pricing: The basic paid plan starts at $12 per month

Pro Plan - $28 per month

Enterprise Plan - Custom pricing

AiSensy has you covered when it comes to a range of WhatsApp business plans. We know that each business is unique and we have something for everyone’s communication needs. Starting with the basic plan at ₹899 per month, you get key features like template messages for whatsapp, audience segmentation, and broadcasting. The pro plan costs ₹2159 and unlocks even more advanced functions like campaign analytics and routing.

Ratings: Capterra - 4.0/3 based on 3 reviews. G2 - 4.5/5 based on 27 reviews. Praised for lead generation capabilities

Part 5. Aibert

5. Aibert

AiBert Homepage

Aibert is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps write better content through suggestions on grammar, style, tone and more. It's best used with ChatGPT and Midjourney.



Contextual writing suggestions, plagiarism checker, readability scoring, productivity analytics, Chrome extension.

Limitations in free version, grammar correction could be better.

Pricing: To get started with these tools, here are their pricing options:

  • $1 for 10 monthly requests
  • $8 for 60 monthly requests
  • $27 for unlimited monthly requests

Pay As You Go Pricing:

  • Pay as you go, starting at 10 requests. With that you get an additional 10 free for just $2
  • Pay as you go, starting at 60 requests. With that you get an additional 10 free for just $12 and this was the most popular option.
  • Finally we have pay as you go, starting at 250 requests. With that you also get an additional 10 free all for $35.

Ratings: No ratings on Capterra or G2. But overall it’s a helpful writing tool for whatsapp templates.

Part 6. Yellow Ai

6. Yellow Ai

Yellow.ai Homepage

Yellow Ai is a platform for building chatbots with an intuitive interface that even people without a tech background can use.



Anyone can pick up and use Yellow Ai's simple drag and drop interface to build conversational flows. They also have whatsapp templates ready to be used so you don't have to start from scratch.

The more advanced features will require some time and learning in order to master. So if you want your chatbot to go above what the basic features provide, you will need to spend time fumbling around with it.

Pricing: If you’re looking to create a chatbot as a serious business then you might want to consider their paid plan. The free plan is too limiting for anything professional. How much it'll run you depends on how much customization and usage is needed.

Ratings: On Glassdoor they have around a 3.8 out of 5 rating.

Part 7. Chat Bling

7. Chat Bling

ChatBling Homepage

Chat Bling is an all-in-one chatbot platform for engaging visitors through AI-powered live chat, marketing pop ups and more.



Drag and drop builder, lead capture, real-time analytics, SMS campaigns, easy WordPress integration.

Steep learning curve, basic free plan, lack of advanced features.

Pricing: Free plan for 1 chatbot. But if you want to upgrade to pro then all you need to do is type 'pro' on the chat, and you'll get all the necessary details about the pricing.

Ratings: No ratings yet on specific platforms like Capterra and G2. But, there is overall positive feedback for its usability.

Part 8. Mobile Diffusion

8. Mobile Diffusion

Mobile Diffusion Homepage

Mobile Diffusion is an AI-based graphic and web design platform to create mobile app interfaces, icons, images and websites through text prompts.



Fast output, text to image generation, design versioning, cloud collaboration, Photoshop plugins.

Requires technical knowledge, unstable results, no free version.

Pricing: It's entirely free, all you need to do is download the app and signup using your account.

Ratings: It has a 5 star rating on app store. Positive reviews of output, but learning curve noted.

Part 9. AI Input

9. AI Input

AI Input Homepage

AI Input is an artificial intelligence writing assistant that generates content ideas, writes out a draft, summarizes text and provides suggestions to grammar.



Researches topics, supports multiple content formats, checks grammar and style, Chrome extension, API access.

There are times the incorrect grammar is not corrected.

Pricing: Free limited version and no paid plans available.

Ratings: Not rated on Capterra and G2 but general ratings and reviews praise the quality of the content it produces and how fast it works.

Part 10. Quick Reply AI

10. Quick Reply AI

QuickReply.ai Homepage

Quick Reply AI makes automated content by generating personalized templates on whatsapp based on your needs.



It helps businesses boost engagement through WhatsApp and other messaging apps. It analyzes customer data to identify the best opportunities to reach out with targeted campaigns.

Limited free plan and high learning curve with no custom pricing.

Pricing: There are three price ranges for this AI tool:

  • Starter ₹2,500 ($35) - monthly
  • Standard ₹6,000 ($80) - monthly
  • Plus ₹6,000 ($199) - monthly

Ratings: Capterra and G2 - Still no ratings yet. Google Reviews highly rate its personalization capabilities.


WhatsApp is an amazing tool for communication. It’s no secret that they’ve done wonders for the world of business and our personal lives.

They’ve already made things easier, but imagine what could be. These AI whatsapp templates are just the start. Using them can completely change your WhatsApp game.


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