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The emergence of live wallpaper creators online has renewed the world of digital customization. Free live wallpaper makers online use AI algorithms to simplify designing dynamic wallpapers. They enable creatives to transform their ideas into captivating, interactive backgrounds for their devices.

With intuitive interfaces and features, live wallpaper generators online or for PCs have made it easier than ever for individuals to unleash their creativity. You can now personalize your screens like never before. Embrace the future of customization with these innovative platforms. See the list below to learn more.

image of a live wallpaper

Part 1. Top 10 Free Live Wallpaper Creators Online

Here are the top 10 free live wallpaper creators online . These tools are where you can harness the latest technology to craft dynamic wallpapers for your device. Discover the limitless possibilities of digital customization by trying all the tools below.


Rainmeter is a versatile desktop customization tool for your PC. You can animate your computer using GIFs to create an advanced live desktop. The app offers a few simple starter skins to give you a head start. The most significant advantage of Rainmeter is its vibrant community from various social media platforms.

rainmeter live wallpaper main window

Key Features

Rainmeter has a downloadable app you can install on your computer. Below are its key features.

  • Customizable Skins . To customize your wallpaper, you can place live hardware usage meters to fully functional audio visualizers. The only limit is your imagination and creativity.
  • Free Forever . Rainmeter is open-source software. It's completely free to use. It also has forums to find fresh and innovative skins for your desktop.


Moewalls is an excellent resource for anime live wallpapers on Windows 10. The tool is simple, free, and open-source. It offers a vast collection of Anime and Sci-fi live wallpaper at your disposal. You can download wallpapers from the website, create projects, and even set online videos as live wallpapers.

moewalls live wallpaper main window

Key Features

Moewalls' unique strength is its availability on older systems and collection of live wallpapers. Below are its key features.

  • Efficient on Older Systems . Moewalls runs on computers with as little as 2GB of RAM. It ensures accessibility for a wide range of users.
  • Diverse Wallpaper Collection . Moewalls offers a wide variety of downloadable live wallpapers. It caters to different genres and preferences, making customization easy and enjoyable.

Lively Wallpaper

Lively Wallpaper is another free and open-source live wallpaper creator online . The tool offers interactive webpages such as wallpaper, audio visualizers, video wallpapers, and automatic pausing during gaming or full-screen apps. It's a versatile choice for dynamic desktop customization.

lively wallpaper main window

Key Features

Lively Wallpaper's features set it apart from other online live wallpaper makers. Below are its key features.

  • Modern & Friendly . Lively Wallpaper works for the latest Windows 11 design with an intuitive user experience.
  • Performance in Mind . Your live wallpaper pauses at 0% usage when running full-screen games or applications to save on usage.

Wallpaper Engine

Wallpaper Engine is a popular online live wallpaper creator on Windows 10 and 11. It offers a vast array of options, from graphics to videos. Wallpaper Engine even allows the use of applications or websites like wallpapers. The platform also has a companion app for Android to transfer your favorite wallpapers to your Android mobile device and take your live wallpapers on the go.

wallpaper engine main window

Key Features

Wallpaper Engine lets you personalize live wallpapers with your favorite colors. Here are its key features.

  • Create Your Live Wallpaper . Wallpaper Engine has a built-in editor. You can create your animated wallpapers with real-time graphics, videos, and more.
  • Steam Workshop Access . The platform has an active Steam Workshop where you can share and download live wallpapers for free.


DeskScapes is a live wallpaper generator software for PCs . It offers pre-made animated wallpapers and the ability to use your WMV files. With 60+ special effects, including Instagram-like color filters, you can customize your wallpapers extensively. The software also supports various resolutions and multi-monitor setups.

deskscapes live wallpaper main window

Key Features

DeskScapes' user-friendly interface makes creating animated live wallpapers a breeze. Here are its features.

  • Bring Images to Life . DeskScapes allows you to enhance static photos with over 60 special effects. You can turn any image or video into a background for your PC.
  • User-generated Catalog . You can browse or share live wallpaper designs straight from the DeskScapes community.


RainWallpaper is a robust live wallpaper application enabling extensive customization with a diverse selection of animated wallpapers. It offers compatibility with both 3D and 2D live wallpapers. Akin to Wallpaper Engine, the app integrates websites, videos, and interactive animated wallpapers into your Windows 10 and Windows 11 desktop experience.

rainwallpaper main window

Key Features

Aside from its built-in wallpaper editor, here are some highlights about the platform.

  • Pre-made Live Wallpapers . RainWallpaper offers a selection of live wallpapers you can download right away on its DeviantArt community.
  • Clean and Fast User Interface . The app is easy to use and requires minimum CPU and RAM usage.

Desktop Live Wallpapers

Among the top live wallpaper apps for Windows 10 is Desktop Live Wallpapers. The app is available for free on the Microsoft Store. It offers a diverse range of categories, including Search, Dark Vista, 3D Aquarium, and more. Desktop Live Wallpapers allows users to apply captivating wallpapers to their Windows 10 PC.

desktop live wallpapers main window

Key Features

Animal enthusiasts will appreciate the Cats live wallpaper category. Aside from that, here are its key features.

  • Create Your Own . The platform allows you to create your live wallpapers with ease. Upload your favorite video, and the app will convert it into a live wallpaper.
  • Multi-monitor Support . Desktop Live Wallpaper supports up to 3 monitors and multiple DPIs for the best displays.

If you're looking for a specialized platform for live anime wallpapers on Windows 10 and 11, is the one for you. It offers a wide array of categories. The platform's main advantage is its standout selection of anime live wallpapers that anime enthusiasts will find delightful.

mylivewallpapers main window

Key Features

Aside from having all your favorite Anime characters free for download, below are MyLiveWallpapers' key features.

  • Dedicated Software . MyLiveWallpapers has free software, MLWapp, to easily apply live wallpapers.
  • Most Popular Browsing . The Most Popular section of the app allows you to find the best live wallpapers available on the platform easily.

Wallpaper Waifu

For those searching for dynamic gaming wallpapers for PC, check out Wallpaper Waifu. The website hosts a plethora of live wallpapers and an impressive collection dedicated to gaming themes. While it doesn't have its application, you can easily use Wallpaper Engine or Lively Wallpaper to set these captivating backgrounds.

wallpaper waifu main window

Key Features

Wallpaper Waifu works on all modern PCs without any incompatibility issues. Below are its key features.

  • Dedicated Support . Wallpaper Waifu uses a feedback form for all kinds of issues to fix problems on the platform.
  • Completely Free to Use . Like other online live wallpaper creators, Wallpaper Waifu is free.

PUSH Video Wallpaper

PUSH Video Wallpaper is a versatile program designed to infuse life into your screen with dynamic wallpapers and screensavers. It offers a diverse range of animated backgrounds for downloading and the option to use your videos. You can also set animated GIFs or YouTube videos as your wallpaper or screensaver.

push video wallpaper main window

Key Features

Creating live wallpapers is easy with PUSH Video Wallpaper. Below are its key highlights.

  • Multi-format Support . The platform supports various formats, from GIFs to YouTube videos to craft live wallpapers.
  • Versatile Compatibility . The platform works on the latest operating systems, such as Windows 11, 10, and 8.1.

Part 2. How You Can Use Live Wallpapers Effectively

Live wallpapers can transform your device's look and feel, but using them effectively requires a few essential tips.

  • Match the Mood . Select a live wallpaper that aligns with your desired ambiance. Whether it's a serene nature scene or a dynamic abstract design, choose one that complements your aesthetic preferences to set the right tone.
  • Optimize Settings . Adjust animation speed and consider using static elements in conjunction with live wallpapers. Optimizing the settings allows you to preserve battery life and device performance.

Most online live wallpaper creators provide built-in customization options. They often offer settings to tailor animations, colors, and effects to your preferences.

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Digital customization offers a plethora of options with the top 10 free live generators for PC and online . These tools empower you to breathe life into your screens effortlessly.

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Dr.Fone promises to elevate your wallpaper creation experience to new heights. Till then, dive into the world of creativity and personalization by exploring the 10 remarkable live wallpaper makers online. Let your imagination run wild as you craft captivating backgrounds for your digital realm.


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