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4 Solutions to Fix iPhone Keeps Turning Off Randomly

Feb 04, 2023 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions


Who does not love using the iPhone? Amazing features, top of the line hardware, user-friendly software and what not. However, there are certain complaints by many users who say that iPhone keeps turning off or iPhone keeps restarting itself. Yes, you heard that right.

Consider a situation wherein you are using your iPhone and it switches off randomly. It can be very annoying and we understand the inconvenience caused to you if the iPhone keeps shutting off, disrupting your work and wasting your precious time.

So here are 4 ways to help you deal with this problem. If your iPhone keeps turning off suddenly, you need not panic because this error can be resolved by you at the comfort of your home,  by simply following any of the techniques listed below.

Part 1: Fix iPhone keeps turning off by draining the battery

Whenever you feel that your iPhone is not functioning smoothly, i.e., if your iPhone keeps shutting off all by itself, try this simple trick and the error should get fixed. Well, it might take some time for the process to complete and see the need result, but anything that solves the problem is worth a try, right?.

Let us see what all you need to do and the steps you should follow:

Step 1: Make sure that you do not charge your iPhone and let the battery drain out completely. It might take a few hours, but you need to wait for the battery to discharge. In short, you must let the phone switch off on its own due to insufficient charge.

fix iphone turning off

Step 2: Once your iPhone is switched off, plug in your iPhone into a charger and let it be until the battery is charged fully. You must use iPhone’s original charger and connect to a wall socket for better and faster charging.

Step 3: Now when you see that your iPhone has enough charge in it, turn it on and keep a check to know if the problem still persists.

Part 2: How to fix iPhone keeps turning off with Dr.Fone- iOS System Recovery?

Dr.Fone - System Repair(iOS) is the best software to tackle all iOS issues. The toolkit can be tried for free as Wondershare offers a free trial to test and use all its features. The best thing about this software is that it does not result in data loss and it guarantees a safe system recovery.

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Dr.Fone toolkit - iOS System Recovery

Fix iPhone system error without data loss.

Available on: Windows Mac
3981454 people have downloaded it

Just follow the steps given below if your iPhone keeps turning off:

To start with, download and run the software on your personal computer and connect the iPhone to it. Now various options will emerge before you. Select “System Repair” and move on.

ios system recovery

The Dr.Fone-iOS system recovery software will now detect the iPhone. Once it does, select “Standard Mode” to proceed further.

connect iphone

You will now be required to boot your iPhone in DFU mode by pressing the Power on/off and home button. Release only the Power on/off button after 10 seconds and once the DFU screen appears, release the Home Button also. Refer to the screenshot below.

boot iphone in dfu mode

Now you will be prompted to feed in the information correctly about your iPhone and firmware details before hitting “Start”.

select iphone details

You will now see that firmware is being downloaded and you may even monitor its status as shown below.

download iphone firmware

After the firmware is downloaded completely, let the toolkit to perform its task to repair the iPhone. Once this is done, the iPhone will restart normally.

fix iphone turning off

Note: In case the iPhone does not reboot to the Home Screen, hit “Try Again”  on the toolkit’s interface as shown below.

fix iphone completed

Quite simple, right? We highly recommend this software because it not only revolves the said issue but also helps in case your iPhone is stuck on locked screen, DFU Mode, black/blue screen of death and iOS issues.

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Part 3: How to fix iPhone keeps shutting off by DFU restore?

Another great way to fix it if iPhone keeps turning off randomly is to restore it via iTunes. Since iTunes is a software special developed by Apple to manage iOS devices, this technique is bound to solve the issue. Also, you need not worry about losing your data since you can back it up beforehand.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to understand what to do if iPhone keeps shutting off. Just follow them carefully.

Step 1: First, download iTunes (its latest version) on your personal computer from Apple’s official website.

Step 2: Now connect your PC and iPhone using a USB cable. You do not necessarily need to plug in the iPhone while it is switched on.

Step 3: Now boot your iPhone in DFU Mode. As explained earlier, just press the Power On/Off and Home button together for 8-10 seconds. Now Release the Power On/Off button only. Once iTunes identifies your iPhone in DFU Mode/ Recovery Mode, go ahead and release the Home button as well.

iphone dfu mode

Step 4: You will now see a pop-up on the iTunes interface and your iPhone’s screen will turn black as shown below. Simply, click on “Ok” and move on.

connect iphone to itunes

Step 5: Finally, click on “Restore iPhone” at iTunes and wait for the process to get over.

restore iphone

That's all, your iPhone shutting off problem has been resolved using DFU mode.

Part 4: How to fix iPhone keeps turning off by replacing the battery?

Replacing your iPhone’s battery should be your last resort and implemented only if all of the techniques listed above fail to solve the iPhone keeps turning off problem. This is because we are all aware that iPhone batteries are sturdy and do not go bad easily. You must consult a technician on this matter and know for sure whether or not your iPhone’s battery needs to be replaced with a new one.

Also, make sure to get the iPhone battery replaced at the Apple Store only and not from any local source. This is very important for the battery to fit and function smoothly with your iPhone and not give any more troubles in the future.

Now, in case you have made up your mind to replace the iPhone battery, please contact your nearest Apple Store and seek expert assistance.

If your iPhone keeps turning off abruptly while you are using it or even when it is lying idle, do not immediately think about replacing its battery. The methods listed above will come handy to resolve the issue and make your iPhone work normally. The Dr.Fone toolkit- iOS System Recovery software is the best amongst all other techniques and recommended by many affected users who had successfully removed the error and that too without any data loss.

The other methods have also been tried and tested by various users who vouch for their safety, effectiveness, and efficiency. So, do not hesitate, we urge you to go ahead and try these solutions to deal with iPhone keeps shutting off itself problem and resolve it right away.

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