Xiaomi's Flagship Model for 2024

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The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is Xiaomi's cell phone for 2020. This model provides top portable innovations in a device with an unrivaled spec sheet. It is about the large numbers with this cell phone; however, how do those numbers reveal reality? Here, in Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra's review, you will discover all the necessary information about this phone.

The Design

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra looks recognizable, that is, if you have ever dealt with the Mi 10 or 10 Pro. It is a phone of a similar awe-inspiring shape and a strong impression. What's more, except if you are among a couple of fortunate ones to get the Transparent Edition, the Ultra will likewise seem like your regular glass-sandwich phone?

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is a better cell phone in each dimension. The Mi 10 Ultra is weighty and can be heavy because you do not have enormous hands and deep pockets.

What's unique?

Xiaomi has a glass sandwich design with aluminum rails and bent glass on the two sides. There is a full-size screen on the front with a poke hole in the upper left. The left side is clear, while the right side has the volume rocker and power button. Up top is an IR-blaster and two receivers. You will discover the USB-C port, a mouthpiece, the fundamental speaker, and a double SIM plate on the base. An enormous camera bump lives in the upper left corner of the backboard.

This "Straightforward Edition" model shows off the device's internals through the back glass. The Xiaomi Mi 9 is also available in this style, making the phone look and feels as premium as it should.

xiao mi flagship model

Display: A Driving Factor

Xiaomi decided on a Full HD+, 120Hz OLED display rather than a Quad HD+ screen. Contenders, for example, the OnePlus 8 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Note 20, offer higher-resolution screens at this value point, yet they do not give the equivalent charging qualities. If you want, you can change the screen to 60Hz through settings. The screen is lively, with profound contrast and a quick 120Hz revive rate.

Significantly under direct daylight, the Mi 10 Ultra is effectively perceptible. It oversees just over 480nits, which is altogether higher than the contending Galaxy Note 20 Ultra's 412nits.


The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra skirts the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 along with Adreno 650 GPU Plus for the ordinary 865. Xiaomi didn't state why it avoided the most recent chip. In any case, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is quick — even the center level 12GB RAM model. You may play heaps of games, take numerous photographs, and do a ton of performing multiple tasks. You could not get the Mi 10 Ultra to falter. I believe any reasonable person would agree that whatever you do on your phone will be light work for this gadget. The Mi 10 Ultra is a genuine article.


By all accounts, the Mi 10 Ultra's battery is a normal size for this class of cell phones. It is a 4,500mAh cell in a phone with five cameras, a power-hungry chipset, and a major, high-refresh-rate display. Xiaomi's product, notwithstanding, works forcefully in the background, killing applications and optimizing the battery used to convey the best battery life.

But here's the kicker:

It is in its charging capacities that the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra sparkles. First off, the device charged from 0-100% in only 21 minutes. How you inquire? The included 120W charging base. That is the quickest charging phone you would ever observe. This mobile has a 4,500mAh battery charged in a little more than 40 minutes, which is unusual in wired structure, not to mention wireless!

Software: A love or hate situation

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is the first cell phone you can see that boots MIUI 12 out of the case. The new launcher depends on Android 10 and presents a refined interface. One of the most visual changes is the expansion of Super Wallpapers. The Super Wallpapers are not inconspicuous, but rather, they give one exceptionally reasonable visual experience.

The Ultra supports Always-on Display, and you can plan it or leave it on/off regularly. MIUI 12 brings a huge load of new AOD topics you can browse and make yours. With the new software, you open the screen through the bursting quick optical under-screen fingerprint scanner.

xiao mi software

Camera: The talk of the day

The back camera is genuinely marvelous. It has all that you can think, in the domain of current innovation. The primary camera depends on another OmniVision 48MP sensor with an OIS lens, at that point, another 48MP snapper by Sony behind a 5x long-range lens. Likewise, a 12MP picture shooter for 2x zoomed photographs and a 20MP cam with a 12mm super-wide lens is also appropriate for super full-scale shots. One thing that is a first-ever in mobile is the option to record 8K videos with the 5x imager. The Mi 10 Ultra's most prominent photography update is its zoom usefulness. Samsung offered 100x zoom in the Ultra model of S20, yet Xiaomi is offering 120x in the Mi 10 Ultra.

That doesn't end here:

Front camera specifications are: 20 MP, f/2.3, 0.8µmm, 1080p video. The Mi 10 Ultra can take some decent selfies, yet, there is a fair measure of skin-smoothing. It is not excessively outrageous, and there is still some detail left, yet it is not entirely there. Selfie picture mode photographs appear to look rather reasonable. Xiaomi lets you change how blurry you need the background to be.

Conclusion: The Verdict

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra proves itself worthy in all aspects, yet, it's not perfect. We expect an IP rating at this value point. Xiaomi also needs to fix its notification issue. The warmth produced while charging is not consoling either. These issues may be the factor for many people to go for other models at such a price tag.

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