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Transfer phone data without a PC

Something You Won't Miss about Mi Mover

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Dec 06, 2023 • Filed to: Data Transfer Solutions • Proven solutions

There are ample tools available in the digital market to move the data from one gadget to another. The data mover apps help you move the data flawlessly from one device to another without any difficulty. The Mi Mover is one such application designed by a giant gadget developer Xiaomi. In this article, you will study this app in detail and its associated issues. You can find out alternative ways to handle the failures during the data transfers. Choose the best method which fits your needs appropriately and carry out the data transfer between gadgets effortlessly.


Part 1: What is Mi Mover?

The Mi Mover helps you to move the data from your old smartphone to Mi devices. This app seems to be compatible with all sorts of data formats like contacts, messages, photos, videos, etc. There is no need for any wire or any external connections using cable instead. It works as a Wi-Fi hotspot during the transfer process. You can move large data from one device to Mi gadgets effortlessly within a wink of an eye.


  • This app connects the gadgets in a high-speed platform directly, thereby restricting the data to expose with third-party applications.
  • It is a simple tool with a user interface environment that assists in data transfer between the gadgets.


  • You can use this tool only with Android and Mi gadgets and it is not compatible with the iOS platform.
  • During the app installation, you must allow nearly 72 permissions to complete the process.

Part 2: How Mi Mover transfer phone data?

In this section, you will learn to move phone data between gadgets using the Mi Mover app. Surf through the instructions carefully and carry out the data transfer process successfully.

Step 1: Download the Mi Mover app on your phone and install the program. Then, tap ‘Settings -> Additional Settings -> Mi Mover’. You must enable the Wi-Fi feature in both the gadgets before you commence the data transfer process.

Step 2: Now, launch the Mi Mover app on your target phone and set it as a ‘Receiver’. A QR code displays on the screen. Make the source device QR code to scan the target device QR code to establish a wireless connection between the gadgets.

Step 3: Check in the desired data type you would like to send between the devices and select the files like photos, videos, documents, etc, depending on your needs. Then, finally, hit the ‘Send’ button to trigger data transfer between devices.

These are the steps necessary to transfer the data between the devices flawlessly using the Mi Mover app.


Part 3: What if Mi Mover fails to transfer?

In case the data transfer between gadgets using Mi Mover fails, you can opt for Dr. Fone- Phone Transfer application. It is the best app to move large data effortlessly within a short span. It is the prestigious product of the renowned software developer Wondershare. This application works well between platforms like Android and iOS without any flaws. It is compatible with the latest version of Android and iOS devices. You can establish data transfer between devices just by one click using the Dr. Fone tool. It stands unique from the crowd of programs available in the digital market. It is high time to enlighten its incredible features below.

Unique Features of Dr. Fone- Phone Transfer Application

  • This program is compatible with Windows and Mac versions.
  • It supports a wide range of data types like texts, images, documents, videos, etc.
  • The high-speed data transfer takes place between gadgets.
  • The user-friendly environment assists you in establishing the data transfer effortlessly.
  • There is no loss of data during the transfer despite the file size.
Download for PCDownload for Mac

4,039,074 people have downloaded it

This program is the right fit to satisfy your data transfer needs between devices quickly. In the below section, you can elaborate on how to use this app to carry out a swift data transfer process.


3.1 How to transfer data with Dr. Fone-Phone Transfer?

You can make use of Dr. Fone-Phone Transfer tool to move data between gadgets. Either employ PC during the data transfer process or try it out without using it. This section will get an idea of data transfer between devices with or without a PC.

A: Transfer data from phone to phone with a PC

Carefully read the below steps for a clear understanding of the data transfer between devices using PC. The computer serves as an intermediate to move the data between the phones. You must choose the right app to support the process flawlessly.

Step 1: Download the tool Dr. Fone app.

Visit the official webpage of Dr. Fone and download the program on your PC. Install it and launch the tool. Choose the ‘Phone Transfer’ module from its home screen. You must choose the right version of this application compatible with your PC. On the official webpage of Dr. Fone- Phone Transfer program, you can find tools supporting Windows and Mac versions. You must select accordingly to overcome compatibility issues.


Step 2: Connect the gadgets

Use an effective USB cable to connect the gadgets with the PC. Ensure the connection exists firmly throughout the data transfer to avoid data loss during the transfer process. The source gadget and the target phone must be in the right position on the screen; else, hit the ‘Flip’ option to interchanges its position. It is highly recommended to use quality USB cables to eliminate connectivity problems during the data transfer process.


Step 3: Choose the data

Select the desired data, which requires a transfer process, and hit the ‘Start Transfer’ button to trigger the data transfer procedure. You can find a wide range of options, like contacts, messages, photos, videos, etc. Check in the desired ones and trigger the transfer process. You can select the ‘Clear data before copy’ option below the destination gadget screen to erase the existing data in the target phone to avoid redundancy.


You must wait for a few minutes until the data transfer completes successfully. Disconnect the gadgets from the PC and check out the data in the target gadget. The above steps will assist you in completing the data transfer between devices using a PC. Follow the above steps carefully and try out the data transfer between devices optimally. If you want to make a data transfer without using a PC, try out the below method.

B: Transfer data from phone to phone without a PC

Here, you will learn how to transfer data between devices without any PC. In this method, you must establish a direct connection between devices using the adapter cable. Make sure the connection exists between the devices firmly throughout the process to avoid unnecessary issues.

Step 1: Download the app Dr. Fone- Phone Transfer

Based on your gadget’s version, download the right tool from its official webpage. Go for the Android-based Dr. Fone app version and install it by following its instruction wizard. On the home screen, press the ‘Import from USB cable’ option.


Step 2: Connect the gadgets.

Now, directly connect the gadgets using the adapter cables. Choose the desired data which needs a transfer process and hit the ‘Start Importing’ option on the screen. This action triggers the data transfer process.


Wait for few minutes until the entire data transfer completes between the gadgets. Do not disturb the adapter cable till the entire data transfer completes successfully.


Thus, it is an enlightening discussion on data transfer between devices using Mi Mover and Dr. Fone application. Choose the desired method and carry out the data transfer process precisely. It is high time to select the right method to transfer data between devices without any data loss. The Dr. Fone- Phone Transfer program is the perfect way to move the data between one device to another flawlessly. You can quickly move the data between devices without any interruptions. Many professionals recommend Dr. Fone -Phone Transfer program to move large data between gadgets effortlessly. Choose the right method wisely and make your data transfer between phones effortlessly. Stay tuned with this article to explore exciting facts on phone data transfer using an incredible tool Dr. Fone.

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