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How to Screen Mirroring Xiaomi to PC?

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Suppose we consider a situation where you are sitting in a presentation, and you discover a major factor that is to be addressed and explained to your colleagues for developing a point, primarily, and have them moved over the point. It would get extremely difficult for you to show your smartphone's screen to the people sitting there all at once. For avoiding certain disciplinary and time losses, you require the screen to be mirrored to something bigger and wider for everyone to see in the room. This article considers different mechanisms that can be adapted to mirror your Xiaomi and other Android smartphones to PC.

Part 1: Screen Mirroring Xiaomi to PC wirelessly – Vysor

Vysor has presented itself as a very strong screen mirroring application for Android phones such as Xiaomi, where it provides a USB and ADB connection to its users who wish to mirror Xiaomi to PC using Vysor. This application might be referred to as the best in the market; however, it still presents a very peculiar drawback for many of its consumers. Many people have reported a high drainage rate of their phone's battery over using Vysor for screen mirroring through a USB connection. This article looks forward to presenting you with the usage of ADB connection in screen sharing Xiaomi to your PC.

Step 1: Initiate USB Debugging on your Phone

You need to have USB debugging enabled on your phone to connect your Xiaomi through the ADB connection. If it is not automatically enabled, you need to simply approach the "Settings" of your phone and open "About Phone." You need to open your "Developer Options" or have them enabled if never done before by tapping on the build number multiple times before enabling the option of USB debugging inside the Developer options.

Step 2: Open Command Prompt on PC

Turn on the Command Prompt on your PC to initiate an ADB command terminal. For that, you need to type in ‘adb tcpip 5556’ to restart ADB in TCPIP mode.


Step 3: Locate your IP Address

Following this, you need to locate the IP address of your Xiaomi. If you have a phone with an OS version below 6.0, type in:

Adb shell

Conversely, for phones greater than Android 7, sulk in:

Adb shell

A list shall appear on the Command Prompt, showing a list of all the local IP addresses associated with the computer. You need to locate the IP address of your Xiaomi Android phone and have it copied on the clipboard.

Step 4: Close and Re-Type IP Address

You need to exit the ADB window to re-type the IP address for connecting your PC with the phone. Type ‘ADB shell’ to exit the window; however, keep the terminal open. Retype the IP address on the screen.


Step 5: Remove USB Cable and Confirm Connection

Following this, you need to remove the USB cable and continue using your phone using the ADB connection through the Wi-Fi and Hotspot connection of your phone. To confirm, you can check the device connected through Vysor to observe it active on the list. You can simply connect to the phone in a normal manner for screen mirroring Xiaomi to PC.


Part 2: Screen Mirroring Xiaomi to PC via USB – Scrcpy

You can utilize another conventional mechanism of screen mirroring your Xiaomi to PC using the Phone's Scrcpy. Initially, you need its extension file on your computer, which can be downloaded from the Internet with ease.

Step 1: Extract and Launch

After downloading the archive folder of Scrcpy on your computer, you need to extract the files and launch the .exe file. However, it is important to connect your Android phone with the PC to avoid prompt errors.


Step 2: Enable USB Debugging on your Phone

You need to open the "Settings" on your phone and access its "About Phone" section. If your "Developer Options" are not enabled, you need to tap on the build number present on the screen multiple times, followed by opening the screen and selecting the option of "USB Debugging" from the list to have it enabled.


Step 3: Run Scrcpy File

After enabling the USB Debugging mode, you need to re-launch the .exe file on your computer and allow all the prompt messages received on your phone. This will conclusively mirror your Xiaomi screen to PC without any discrepancies. However, it should be kept in mind that the process elapses as soon as you detach your phone from the USB connection.


Part 3: Screen Mirroring Xiaomi to PC with Mi PC Suite

Step 1: Download Mi PC Suite

To successfully screen share your Xiaomi to PC, you can access the official website of Mi PC Suite to have it downloaded on the PC.

Step 2: Launch the PC Suite

After downloading the application, you need to simply launch it and observe the screen on the front showing the option of Connect your Device. You need to attach your Xiaomi phone to PC using USB Cable.


Step 3: Enable Screencast After Successful Connection

Your phone might take a while in installing the drivers for connecting to the PC. After the successful installation of drivers, the details of the phone appear on the screen on the front. You simply need to select the option of "Screencast" present on the bottom of the phone in the PC Suite. This lodges your screen onto the PC successfully.


This article has introduced you to different conventional and simplistic methods that can be adapted to mirror your Xiaomi to PC. You need to have a look over these mechanisms to get a good knowledge of these step-by-step guides for screen mirroring your Xiaomi to PC.

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