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How to Unlock Mi Pattern Lock? 4 Ways!


Jun 03, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

“How to unlock MI pattern lock? I have a Xiaomi phone, and I can not seem to remember the pattern of the screen lock. Is there any way to unlock the lock screen without pattern password?

MI phones by Xiaomi have been slowly gaining popularity amongst everyday users. It is due to the brand’s amazing features and cost-effective rates. Given the rising popularity of the MI phones, it is natural that more problems related to the brand will also occur.

Though people are hasty to enable screen security such as pattern lock on their phones, there are also very quick to forget them. If you have a MI phone and do not remember the device’s pattern lock, then we will show you the different techniques.

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Part 1. How to Unlock MI Pattern Lock using Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android)?

Enabling a pattern lock on your MI phone is among the top approaches to prevent unauthorized access. However, it is also among human nature to forget the password that they had put in. One such suited channel that you could approach to unlock MI pattern lock is using the Dr.Fone Android Screen Unlock Tool. Here are some of the more advanced features of Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android):

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Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android)

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If you wish to unlock your MI phone’s pattern lock, then download the app on your computer and follow the steps stated below:

Step 1. Connect your MI Android Phone and Select the Unlock Android Screen Mode:

Connect your MI phone with your system and launch Dr.Fone. From the interface, click on the “Screen Unlock” option. Then, click "Android".

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Once you see the lock screen options on the display, click on "Unlock Android Screen". It will be the first option available on the interface, which is useful for MI phones.

drfone advanced unlock 1

Step 2. Select Device Brand and Reboot device:

After that, choose your device brand "Xiaomi" when you see this interface, and then follow the display on-screen instructions to reboot your MI device.

drfone advanced unlock 3

Step 3. Bypass the MI Pattern Lock:

Once you have followed every step listed on Dr.Fone’s interface, click on "Done" to mark the successful completion of the pattern lock unlocking process.

drfone advanced unlock 7
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Part 2. How to Unlock MI Pattern Lock with Mi Account?

The method to unlock MI pattern lock with an MI account will only work if you have synced your device with the Xiaomi Cloud service. It is vital to remember that this technique will erase all the files stored on the MI phone. Here are the steps to unlock the MI pattern lock with your MI account:

  • Once you countlessly try to open the pattern lock without any success, the interface of MI will lock the device. Tap on the “Forget Password” option;
  • Enter your MI account details such as Account ID and Password to unlock the screen;
mi pattern lock 2

Part 3. How to Unlock MI Pattern Lock via Mi PC Suite?

Much like all the Android phone brands, MI devices also have a phone manager called the MI PC Suite. The app is available from its official website. If you intend to use this method to unlock the MI pattern lock, then download the PC Suite on your system and follow the steps stated below:

  • Power off your MI device and run the MI PC Suite.
  • Press the “Volume up” and “Power” button to enter the “Recovery Mode” of the MI phone.
  • Select the “Recovery” option from the list and proceed further.
  • Now connect your MI device with your computer and the MI PC Suite will soon detect the phone.
  • Click on the “Update” tab and then hit the “Wipe” button. This process will erase all the storage available on the MI phone. The device will restart automatically soon after that.
mi pattern lock 3
  • Select the “ROM Selection” button on your phone and then pick the type of ROM for your MI phone.
  • Install the ROM by clicking on the “Update” button.
  • Once the installation finishes, reset the MI pattern lock and start using the device.

Part 4. How to Unlock MI Pattern Lock by Hard Reset?

You can apply this method to open the MI pattern lock if you haven’t connected your device with the MI account or PC suite. However, it is worth mentioning that you will end up with no data on your MI phone. Please follow the simple steps below to bring the process to fruition:

  • Hold the Power button of your MI phone for some time until it is powered off.
  • Put your fingers on the “Volume up” and “Power” buttons concurrently and press them. Hold off the keys after the phone’s screen starts displaying the MI brand logo.
mi pattern lock 4
  • The phone will enter into “Recovery Mode” The volume key allows you to navigate with ease.
  • Select the “Wipe Data” option, which will delete every last thing stored on the MI phone.
  • Once you enter the new mode, all you have to do is pick the “Wipe All Data” option to authorize the action.
  • After the whole process is over, select the “Reboot” option to restart your MI device.
mi pattern lock 5
  • You will be able to set a new pattern lock on your MI phone after that.

FAQs about Unlocking MI Pattern Lock

  1. Can I unlock Xiaomi phone without losing data?

No, it is not possible to unlock a locked MI device without data loss. If you have forgotten your lock screen credentials, you need to factory reset the device, which will erase all data on the phone. This is done to ensure the security of your data and to prevent unauthorized access to data in case of device theft.

  1. Can I unlock my Mi device without an internet connection?

Some methods might require an internet connection. For example, using your Mi Account credentials for recovery purposes. However, certain offline methods can unlock the device without an active internet connection. For example, using hardware key combinations to enter Recovery Mode and perform a factory reset.

  1. Is it safe to unlock the Mi Phone?

Yes, unlocking your Mi phone using official methods provided by Xiaomi is safe. Similarly, the process is generally safe if you use reputable third-party software like Wondershare Dr.Fone. Other methods, such as hard reset, are safe as long as they are performed with care.

    1. How to change the screen password on a Xiaomi phone?

Here is how to change the screen password on a Xiaomi phone:

Step 1. On your Xiaomi device, access Settings and scroll down to tap "Password & Security". Press "Screen Lock" on the following screen and provide the current phone password.

Step 2. Now, you can change the password to Pattern, PIN, or Password. Enter your current lock screen credentials if prompted. Follow the on-screen instructions to set a new screen password.

mi pattern lock 1


Now you understand all the available techniques to break the MI pattern lock. We advise you to regularly keep a backup of multimedia files and documents available on your phone. This is because most of the methods to open MI pattern lock result in data loss.

If you have forgotten to create the backup and wish to keep the files stored on your phone, then we suggest Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android). The app can not only unblock any type of pattern lock but also carry the ability to recover deleted/wiped data from the MI device.

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