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How To Unlock iPhone X/XR: Official Method to Unlock Your iPhone


Mar 22, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

Restriction on the use of a SIM card by a carrier often creates a lot of problems. The barrier that you can't use another company's SIM somehow makes you feel like you're not the only owner of the phone. But you don't need to worry anymore because you are in the right place to know about the way use to unlock your iPhone X/XR.

This article is about the official way to get your iPhone unlocked from your carrier. But we also have a solution if you want to avoid contacting your carrier.

Part 1: What Should You Do Before iPhone X/XR SIM Unlock?

Before unlocking your iPhone from the carrier, you should fulfill the following criteria.

1. No Due Before Unlocking

When iPhone users sign contracts with a giant cell phone company for a certain amount of time, they often get a discount on a device. Because of this, the device comes with a controller lock so customers can only use it on their network.

So, if you've paid off your contract or bought your iPhone without a subsidy, it's perfectly legal to unlock it. But if you're still paying off your contract, you still need to own the iPhone fully, so you should confirm with your carrier before unlocking it.

2. You Should Buy It for More Than the Time Limit in the Contract

You can leave without paying anything if your agreement with the company is over. If you signed a contract in exchange for a lower price upfront, you would have to wait until your contract ended (usually 24 months) or pay the remaining balance if you bought your phone on a payment plan.

Examples: Requirements of Sim Unlock of T-Mobile/EE/AT&T

T-Mobile, EE, and AT&T have common requirements before you can unlock your iPhone.

  • It has to be legal. It means the device has not been reported as lost, stolen, or linked to a crime.
  • Your bank account shouldn't have any debts.
  • If you signed a contract in exchange for a lower price upfront, you would have to wait until your contract was up (usually 24 months) or pay the remaining balance if you bought your phone on a payment plan.

Apart from the requirements mentioned above, each company has its way of unlocking.


t mobile

Following are the unlocking requirements of T-Mobile.

  • In the past year, fewer than two SIM unlock codes have been asked for on each individual.
  • The device had been connected to the T-Mobile network for at least 40 days before the request to unlock it was made.
  • You have a service contract and have paid for at least 18 months in a row, or you paid a fee for moving. Customer Service can tell you more about a few special situations if you need to.
  • The phone's prepaid plan must have at least $50 worth of recharges paid for.
  • If you meet the above requirements, you can call customer service at 611 from the device you want to unlock to unlock an iPhone 11 or 12 that is locked to a T-Mobile network.
  • When you call about tips, make sure you have ALL of the following:
  1. The main account holder's phone number
  2. Account Password
  3. Account holder's SSN's last four digits
  4. IMEI number. You can find this by navigating Settings > General > About or dialing *#06#.



Following are the unlocking requirements of AT&T.

  • Customers can unlock up to five devices per year if their account is in great condition.
  • The full name of the person whose name is on the account.
  • The last four digits of the account holder's social security number.
  • The AT&T passcode of the registered account owner if they have an online account.
  • The iPhone's IMEI number is 11/12. The IMEI number is the same thing as the serial number. You can find it on the original packaging, under the battery, or on the back of some models by dialing #06 or going to Settings > General > About.



Following are the unlocking requirements of EE.

  • EE will only unlock pay-per-month phones after six months.
  • You need to call 150 from your EE phone. If you are still under contract, you will be charged £8.99. But if your contract is up, it's free.
  • EE will unlock the iPhone immediately; there is no waiting period. If you didn't buy the phone from EE, you'd have to pay £8.99. If that's the case, there's no fee.

Part 2: 2 Ways to Remove SIM Lock on iPhone X/XR

Way 1: Contact Your Carrier for iPhone X/XR SIM Unlock

So, if you fulfill the above requirements, you can contact your carrier and request them to unlock your sim Lock restriction. Follow the steps below to contact your carrier.

Get the IMEI code on your phone.

First of all, get the IMEI code on your iPhone. The serial number and the IMEI number are the same things. You can find it on the original box, on the back of some models, under the battery, by dialing #06 or going to Settings > General > About.


imei in about

Contact the service provider for unlock request.

Now you have to contact the service provider for an unlocking request. For this, Go to the official site of your service provider and send them an unlocking request or call on their helpline. They will ask you for the IMEI number of your iPhone and then guide you through the different processes. The unlocking request may take a few days.

If all goes well, you can get the unlock code.

After receiving the unlocking request, the company will pass the request through all the parameters. If everything goes according to company policy, the company will e-mail an unlock code. You will have to enter the code into your mobile.

Insert the SIM card from the new carrier and enter the unlock code

The unlock code may be 8 to 16 digits long. Follow the steps to enter unlock code.

sim not supported

  • Switch off your iPhone
  • Remove your existing sim card and insert the sim card of a network other than your carrier.
  • Turn on the mobile, and a window will pop up, asking you to enter the unlock code.
  • Enter the unlock code provided by the carrier company.
  • Now your iPhone x is officially unlocked, you are free to use any sim card on your device.

Way 2: Easy App for iPhone X/XR SIM Unlock

If you don't want to call your carrier to unlock your iPhone, you should find an easy way to unlock your iPhone and run like a normal factory-unlocked iPhone. Your search will end here because I'll tell you about Software that will help you unlock your iPhone without losing any data.

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Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS)

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  • Unlock Face ID, Touch ID, Apple ID without password.
  • Bypass the iCloud activation lock without hassle.New icon
  • Remove iPhone carrier restrictions for unlimited usage.
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Step1: Download and install the Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS) from our website.

Step2: Run Wondershare Dr.Fone. In its interface, choose "Screen Unlock." Don't go to wrong branches.

Step3: In the following window, select "Remove SIM Locked" to unlock the network on your device.

unlock iphone xr

Step4: When your iOS device is prepared to be SIM unlocked, tap "Start".

start to remove

Step5: After the connection between the 2 devices, you will see the information about your iPhone on the software screen. If all is right, you can go on the process with "Unlock Now".

unlocking information

Step6: Dr.Fone gives a jailbreak guide and a video tutorial to finish the jailbreak step. Without jailbreak, it's impossible to keep the removal process.

jailbreak guide

Step7: The instructions below are about how to put your SIM card out and reinsert it. Moreover, it'll help you to modify the network settings.

unlock iphone x

Step8: This step will continue automatically. The only thing you should do is wait for the progress bar.

Step9: The device is no longer under the hands of the SIM carrier because it has been unlocked. To release the SIM card in your iOS device, select "Done."


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Final Comments

So, that's all about unlocking iPhone X/XR by your carrier. You can easily request your carrier to unlock your iPhone if you perfectly fall on their criteria. However, in some situations, if you want to avoid contacting your carrier, you can still unlock your iPhone. Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS) is one of the most reliable and easy Software that unlocks your device by following very easy steps.

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