The Most Effective Ways to Bypass iPhone XS/XR/X Activation Lock


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Activation lock enables when you enable the Find My feature on your iDevices. This feature securely stores your connected device to Apple's activation servers. You will see an activation window on your iPhone when you reset your device. However, to remove the iPad activation lock, you first need to enter the connected account.

Still, there are times you might need to know how to bypass iPhone XR Activation Lock. Perhaps you may fail to remember your iCloud credentials, or the screen isn't responsive. Most frequently, a phone is second-hand or gifted, and the first user forgets to remove it from their iCloud account.

Whatever your reason, we'll walk you through iPhone XS iCloud bypass. Also, we will give you the best tools available in the market for your case.

Part 1: 5 Best Ways to Bypass iPhone XS/XR/X Activation Lock

1. Ask the previous device owner for Apple ID and passcode.

For an iPhone activation lock bypass, you'll require a couple of data:

The owner's Apple ID email and secret word. If you want to know how to bypass Activation Lock on iPhone or iPad, it's frequently just about as straightforward as signing into the device. It would help if you had the Apple ID credentials of the past owner.

The owner's four or six-digit passcodes. You might see the passcode screen instead of the activation lock if a device isn't deleted.

owner id

The following steps show the way to bypass iPhone XR activation lock:

  • Turn on your phone and follow the on-screen prompts to set up the device (language, WiFi, and so forth.)
  • When you see the "Sign In with Apple ID" screen, enter the Appl ID credentials of the previous owner.
  • With the correct credentials given, the process can proceed.
  • On the other hand, if you see the passcode screen, you can type it and set up the device without Apple ID.

With the device fully set up, access your device's Settings and sign out of the iCloud account. You can now make one more ID and sign into it.

2. Remotely bypass activation lock by the previous owner.

The iPhone XS iCloud bypass is likewise possible through iCloud. This method is helpful when the phone owner isn't with you and can't sign into their Apple ID. You'll require their Apple ID details, and they might have to verify the login activity through a different device.

Yet iCloud is a great choice for remotely bypassing a device from a client's Apple ID. The steps below will guide the owner on how they can remotely bypass iPhone XR through iCloud:

  • Visit the official iCloud website, i.e.,, through a web browser.
  • Sign in with the Mac ID details (Note: If you are performing these steps, the owner might have to verify your login is real through an iPhone or iPad related to their ID).
  • Select the "Find iPhone" symbol (Note: This is the "Find My" feature; Apple hasn't changed the name on However, it works for all Apple devices).
  • On the guide, select the blue spot related to the iPhone you want to sign into.
  • Select the "Erase iPhone" option.
  • Pick the "Remove from Account" option.

remove from account

3. iForgot website to reset Apple ID and passcode

  • Go to Apple's iForgot site, enter your Apple ID credentials, and tap Continue.

sign in

  • Apple shows phone numbers related to the Apple ID (the numbers are covered up, and just the last two digits can be seen). Enter the mobile number associated with your Apple ID and snap the Continue button.
  • Likewise, with a two-factor authentication login, a popup window appears on your devices. A list of all your connected Apple devices shows on the site. Click "Allow" in the Reset Password section to bypass the lock.

allow the apple device

  • Enter your device password or macOS passcode and snap Continue.
  • Please create a new password, retype it in the Verify field, and click Next or Change. Your password will now be different. You might have to retype it on various devices.

4. Use iCloud DNS Bypass.

This technique requires a SIM card and requests that you change your DNS settings. But this strategy takes care of iPhone X bypass for many users. However, it tends to be complicated for non-technical users. Also, it requests that you change the DNS settings, which can cause issues for your different settings. This technique is very tricky, yet all at once, not hard. Let's check it out:

  • On the device's setup, pick the country you're currently in.
  • On the WiFi network screen, tap the "I" icon.
  • Select "More WiFi Settings" (Note: You can't be associated with the web while playing out these steps, and the device must have the SIM card installed.)
  • Select the "I" icon once more.
  • Enter one of the below IP addresses in the "DNS" section (according to your region):

North America:



South America:

Other regions:

  • Select the "back" button on the upper left of the screen.
  • Pick your WiFi network from the different networks available on your screen. Then enter your WiFi code to connect.
  • On the following screen, select the "Back" option. The next screen that shows is the iPhone XS iCloud bypass screen.

dns bypass

5. Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock

You can't remove the iPhone activation lock without Mac ID credentials. If you use an activation bypass program to bypass the lock, you will effectively unlock it. Therefore, if your device is in any circumstances above, you want an expert tool.

Wondershare Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock is one such hassle-free and proficient program to bypass the activation lock on iDevices.

As one of the most well-known tools, Dr.Fone would be the best answer for iPhone XS iCloud bypass. This software is not difficult to work with. You can easily bypass the iCloud iPhone and utilize your device in a matter of moments. It is viable with all the most recent iPhone devices. Likewise, it additionally helps you with removing the Find My iPhone option.

Note: However, after removing the IOS activation lock, iPhone 6S-X users on iOS 15.0-16.3 will no longer be accessible to calling and texting.

Step 1: Download Wondershare Dr.Fone and launch it. Go to Toolbox>Screen Unlock>IOS and then connect your device to the computer and select “iCloud Activation Lock Removal”.

download Wondershare Dr.Fone

Step 2: In the next window, click Unlock Now button.

click unlock button

Step 3: You will see a prompt appear and please read the details, and checkmark “I have read and agree the agreement”. Tapping “Got it!” button.

confirm prompt

Step 4: Put iDevice in DFU Mode for the first time and the program will send a command to the device and it will restart.

Image alt: put iDevice in DFU Mode

put device in DFU mode

Step 5: Then you need to put the device in DFU mode for the second time. When it’s done, the program will activate the device.

put in DFU mode for second time

Step 6: For some situations where no device has been detected by the platform, follow the on-screen instructions to put their iOS device in DFU Mode.

no device detected

Step 7: Once the device has been processed under the DFU Mode, the computer’s screen will start displaying the removal of the iCloud Activation Lock. When it’s done, click Done in the next window.

 process done

safe Downloadsafe & secure


That is all on the best methods for iPhone XS iCloud bypass. Even though it's very baffling to run over such issues on your iPhone, multiple routes are available to assist you in bypassing the activation lock. Here we discussed all reliable and easy ways, and our best suggestion for you is to attempt Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock.

Part 2: FAQs


Activation Lock assists you with keeping your device secure, regardless of whether it's in the wrong hands. Moreover, it can increase your possibility of recovering the device. Regardless of whether you delete your device remotely, the activation lock can keep on stopping anybody from reactivating your device without your consent.

However, you should keep the Find My feature enabled. Also, it would help if you remember your Apple ID credentials.

With WatchOS 2, the activation lock can safeguard your Apple Watch. What's more, macOS Catalina or later and Mac PCs with the Apple T2 or Apple silicon chip can utilize the activation lock to keep your computer safe.

As mentioned above, one can remove the activation lock with a few simple steps. Moreover, if none of these methods work, Dr.Fone is still there for the rescue. You can use their advanced tools to unlock all locks on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Apple watches.
  • Open the iPhone Settings and tap your name.
  • Explore "Find My" and go to "Find My iPhone."
  • If Find My iPhone is enabled, the toggle button on top of the page should be green. Switch the button to turn it off.
  • Enter your Mac ID password to confirm, and you're ready.
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