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Bypass iPhone/iPad MDM on iOS 16/17 Without Password


Mar 22, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

"I have an iPhone SE with iOS 16 that includes MDM lock, but when I click to MDM unlock in tools, it says that it does not support it after iOS 15. Any thoughts? "

So why would you want to learn MDM bypass on iOS 16/17? Maybe you forgot your password to unlock it, and it was first locked second-hand? Or perhaps you were forced to add the lock and want to remove it without notifying the administrator.

Some schools or workplaces install MDM (Mobile Device Management) on your Apple device. The MDM then logs into their inventory and installs all the apps required. It also lets you maintain, update, and troubleshoot your device, so it works better. Many corporations, big and small, have MDM with their employees. MDM allows administrators to control what kind of app an employee can use on an iPhone or iPad, whether the company owns the device or the user does.

That's precisely why MDM bypass iOS 16/17 was invented: it allows you to limit a device's capabilities on a previously owned device. You're safer in this way, as the new owner cannot change your preferences or install apps that attempt to log in using different credentials than your own.

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Part 1: How is Apple changing MDM in iOS 16/17?

Apple Configurator: Previously used as a manual way of enrolling iPhones and iPads in management, rather than automatic or self-enrollment tools, the tool initially released as a Mac app could configure devices, but it had a significant flaw: devices had to be connected to the Mac running the app via USB, which was an expensive careless waste of time and workforce in any environment other than a small one.

apple configurator

Identity management: Apple has significantly changed identity management in enterprise environments. The most significant is that it now supports additional identity providers like Google Workspace and Oauth 2, providing a broader set of providers.

identity management

Managed per-app networking: Apple has long had per-app VPN capabilities, which limited the number of active VPN connections to  specific business or work applications. However, it does not substantially reduce VPN load by only sending specific app traffic over a VPN connection. Apple has added a per-app DNS proxy and web content filtering to macOS Ventura and iOS/iPad 16, protecting traffic to specific apps and working the same as a per-app VPN. DNS proxy proposes system-wide or per-app access, while content filtering supports system-wide or up to seven per-app configurations.

managed per app networking

E-SIM provisioning: Apple is making it possible for mobile device management software (MDM) to configure and supply an eSIM for iPhones that support them. This can include securing a new phone, migrating networks, using multiple networks, or configuring for travel and roaming.

e sim provisioning

Part 2: How do I Verify If My Device Is MDM Locked?

How do I tell if my device is supervised and if there is an MDM lock?

Use the most reliable IMEI.org service to check the Device's MDM Lock status to ensure that the company you want to purchase it for does not already own it. All you need is the iPhone or iPad's IMEI number.

Step 1: Dial *#06# to display the unique IMEI code on the iPhone screen

Step 2: Launch the Settings app and General menu to see the IMEI in the About section.

Step 3: Using the iPhone identifier as a reference, you can search MDM information by typing the IMEI in the field and then clicking the green button which says "Check IMEI," then waiting for the server to deliver the instant results.

Part 3: How to Remove MDM Lock on iOS 16/17 with Original Password? [For Free]

iOS users who are administrators of their Mobile Device Management profile or have friends among administrators are lucky, as they can solve the problem in less than a minute by knowing the login details.

Step 1: To remove MDM from your profile, open Settings on your iPhone, or iPad, select the General menu, and choose Device Management.

Step 2: Tap on the MDM profile and clear it. Such a solution is permanent.

Step 3: On iOS 16, this action will help MDM bypass ultimately, and this profile will never be visible again.

Part 4: How to Remove MDM Lock on iOS 16/17 without Original Password? [No Data Loss]

After restoring a device, you might forget your iCloud password and be unable to get into your iPhone. Fortunately, with Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS), you can easily unlock the iCloud activation lock and gain access to your iPhone without worry.

Have you forgotten your Apple ID password? Have you tried to delete your Apple ID account? Dr.Fone can help you to MDM unlock your iPhone in just a few seconds, and you can return to all your iCloud services and Apple ID features by creating a new account.

Also, Dr. Fone's "Remove MDM" feature ensures you won't lose any data after removing MDM. If you forget the username and password for your iPhone or iPad MD, Dr.Fone can manage MDM bypass and let you quickly access the device.

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Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS)

Remove MDM From iPhone or iPad Without Password

  • Unlock Face ID, Touch ID, Apple ID without password.
  • Bypass & Remove MDM from iPhone or iPad - No Jailbreak.
  • Bypass the iCloud activation lock without hassle.New icon
  • Remove iPhone carrier restrictions for unlimited usage.
  • No tech knowledge required, Simple, click-through, process.
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Step 1: Connect your iOS Device

Get Dr.Fone Toolkit and set it up on your computer. Follow these steps to unlock your iPhone: Go to 'Screen Unlock' and open 'Unlock MDM iPhone'.

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Step 2: Select an Option

Select the “Remove MDM” option. Press, “Start to Remove.”

 remove mdm


Step 3: Verify

Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS) will start the verifying process.

Note: In the case of Remove MDM, Dr.Fone will prompt you to turn off “Find my iPhone” if enabled. If not, you will reach Step 4 directly.

Step 4: Remove Effectively.

It will successfully remove your mobile device management lock in seconds. Your iPhone will now reopen, validating its success.

unlock successfully

That's it! You successfully removed the MDM from your iPhone.

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Part 5: FAQs about MDM

1. What is MDM on an iPhone?

MDM for smartphones are devices equipped with MDM software, allowing companies to create separate work and personal profiles.14 With MDM software on smartphones, your IT department can remotely install all needed security and privacy applications on all company devices.

2. What is an MDM-locked phone?

The Remote Management Lock, also known as Mobile Device Management (MDM) locked phone, is a particular function on iPhones, iPads, and Macs that allows administrators or owners of the device to control it remotely.

3. How do I factory reset my iPhone using MDM?

Set up your device by selecting Settings > General > Reset, then tapping Reset All Settings and entering your device's passcode. Do not tap Delete All Contents and Settings because this will wipe your phone.


By using Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS), you can jailbreak and remove MDM with relative ease if you follow the proper instructions to keep your data safe. If you depend on the device for your business, it can be frustrating to be locked out of specific applications or unable to access Wi-Fi. Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS) can solve these problems in no time. I hope, after reading, you found this blog helpful for iPhone MDM bypass and iPad without a password. Do tell us if you experience any difficulties in the comments below.

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