The Best AI GitHub AI Music Creators and Their Alternatives


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In the world of technology, AI is changing the way developers collaborate to create new codes. These shared datasets are accessible to anyone who can also contribute their input to these open-source applications. Recently, we have observed a growing trend of using these open-source AI apps. New musicians are using AI datasets, such as the GitHub AI music generator, to create fresh music.

GitHub is a platform where developers collaborate to create open-source codes for the public. With the efforts of art lovers and tech enthusiasts, GitHub has changed music creation. In this article, we will discuss the functionality of GitHub AI music creator. Also, we will talk about the top alternatives of AI GitHub music apps available online.

Part 1: 2 Free and Open-Source GitHub AI Music Generators

Developers create data repositories to store AI algorithms and codes in GitHub. Emerging musicians take advantage of these datasets and, in return, train the algorithms. In this section, we will discuss two such AI music projects launched on GitHub. These free and open-source AI music generators can help artists compose fresh tunes.

1. MuseGAN

MuseGan is a project focused on the generation of AI music with GitHub open-source code. Musicians can create tunes with the tracks and instruments stored in the codebase. Moreover, this model is capable of creating fresh songs from scratch without any prior input from the humans. Anyone can make use of instruments stored in the dataset to create new melodies.

Developers have trained this model with the data collected from the Lakh Pianoroll Dataset. You can use this model to compose tunes consisting of bass, drums, and other instruments. Additionally, artists can also input pre-existing songs to let the AI complete the missing part of the composition. All these features empower musicians to make use of AI-powered algorithms for innovation.

musegan github ai music generator

2. Muzic

Muzic is a research project on GitHub AI music generator to study its effectiveness. It facilitates the creation of music and also increases the understanding of tunes. With its deep learning algorithms, this project can help new musicians in a variety of ways. It can enhance music understanding with MusicBERT, PDAugment, and CLaMP. Additionally, this project can also help in songwriting and multi-track generation.

Artists can also take advantage of this research project for text-to-music generation. Moreover, with the help of HiFiSinger, music producers can add AI singing voices to their beats. They can also make use of this GitHub AI music creatorfor sound mixing. All-in-all, the codebase in this project is perfect for generating fresh tunes.

muzic github ai music generator

Part 2: Top 5 Alternatives to GitHub AI Music Generators

The process of generating AI music with GitHub can be a bit complex for the general public. You may need the knowledge of how GitHub works to compose music with its open-source codebase. However, there are simple-to-use AI music generators online.

Musicians and beginners can use these AI music creators to compose fresh tunes with a few clicks. Let's analyze the top 5 alternatives to GitHub AI music generators.


AIVA can help musicians reach new artistic heights with the help of AI technology. No matter if you are new to music creation or a professional artist, this AI tool will boost your creativity. You can use preset algorithms, including electronic, pop, rock, and tango, for new tunes. All these features allow you to compose music within a short time to increase efficiency.

Additionally, new musicians can generate fresh tunes by taking influence from pre-existing songs. All you have to do is export the MIDI file of a song to take inspiration from its composition. Moreover, after generating music with this GitHub AI music generator alternative, you can own its full copyright. It has personalized pricing plans for individuals, students, and large enterprises.

aiva github ai music generator alternative

2. Loudly

Loudly can replace GitHub AI music creator for composing new soundtracks online. It allows musicians to create and personalize their soundtracks in more straightforward steps as compared to GitHub. Furthermore, this AI tool has more than 170,000 audio loops in the library for inspiring artists. Artists can also take advantage of its text-to-music feature to create tunes with only a few words.

Additionally, creators can also upload their videos on this tool for audio suggestions. They can then align the soundtracks with emotions in the video content. Once done, download the final version of the beats in high quality to share them with the listeners. Moreover, this AI tool also lets you save your tunes in a personal library to download or edit them whenever you want.

loudly github ai music generator alternative

3. Soundful

Soundful has cost-effective pricing plans for musicians from every background. This affordability feature makes the music creation accessible to everyone. Artists can get similar results to AI-generated music with GitHub using this tool. With a huge library of themes and genre templates, this AI tool can make beat production easier than ever. Moreover, you can create music for any scene in the video with its mood-based music creation.

Additionally, beat producers have the option to mix and master the tunes. They can do so after saving the compositions in a personal library. If you subscribe to the Music Creator Plan of this tool, you earn exclusive rights to all the music you create. Furthermore, struggling artists can sell or monetize these tunes to make money.

soundful github ai music generator alternative

4. Boomy AI

Boomy AI, with its intuitive interface, is a favorite tool for many artists for AI music creation. Individuals without the know-how of musical instruments can compose fresh beats with this tool. Moreover, different artists can collaborate on this tool to make music together. It is an affordable way to create music without spending too much on musical instruments.

Social media content creators can use this GitHub AI music generator replacement to get music for their videos. Additionally, musicians can add instruments and change the mixing settings with this tool. All these features allow you to make personal changes to the compositions. After applying all these changes, you can upload AI-generated music on streaming platforms.

boomy github ai music generator alternative

5. MelodyStudio

MelodyStudio is a good tool for creating AI music, like GitHub. It is perfect to help lyricists organize melodies for their words. All they have to do is upload lyrics on this tool to let AI suggest melodies for them. Moreover, they can preview these tunes before selecting a suitable one for their song. It also puts a chord change on each word to allow further editing.

Also, you can use this GitHub AI music creator alternative to see the emotion behind the words. This AI tool also has a MIDI playback feature to allow users to optimize the music creation process. Each of these features works best for lyricists to create a perfect song.

melodystudio github ai music generator alternative

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All the advancement, like GitHub AI music, has changed the way we look at music creation. With all the open-source databases, GitHub has made AI music accessible to everyone. In this article, we have introduced the public to various creative GitHub projects. You can also find online alternatives for easier AI music creation. It is now up to you if you want more customization or easier online ways.

No matter which AI tool you choose to compose tunes, it will increase your efficiency for sure. Also, you will add creativity to your music production process with these AI tools. So, without wasting any time, get your hands on any of these music creators to create fresh beats.


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