Top 10 Innovative AI 3D Model Generators in 2024


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3D model creation is popular nowadays due to its ability to display objects in a highly immersive way. Whether you are in the real estate or gaming industry, these 3D models do a perfect job of making house and character models. Creating these models is never easy and requires a high skill level. However, with AI 3D model generators, anyone can create basic models for personal and commercial use.

Automating 3D modeling can save a good amount of money and time for different industries. Industries such as gaming, product design, and real estate can make use of these 3D AI generators. All these models can maintain consistency while making many models as required in all these industries.

Part 1: What Are the Benefits of Using AI 3D Model Generators?

AI 3D model generators have become relevant to various industries because they enhance the modeling process. With advanced algorithms, these AI model makers can help students and startups create models without skills. Here are some major benefits of creating AI-generated 3D models:

1. Boost the Efficiency of 3D Model Creation

These model generators can create complex 3D models within a matter of minutes. Users can reduce the time and effort required for manual modeling with AI-integrated tools. This efficiency is more valuable for industries with tight deadlines, such as video game development. The game developers can make many character models with AI tools in a few clicks.

2. Maintain Consistency

Designers can maintain a high level of consistency with the help of AI 3D model generators. With these AI tools, they can ensure that all elements of a project adhere to the same standards. Consistent model creation is essential in fields such as manufacturing and product design.

3. Reduce Errors

AI can help reduce errors and inconsistencies in 3D models with their trained algorithms. In general, manual 3D modeling requires much attention to detail to avoid errors. Reducing these errors through AI can lead to improved quality and reduced rework. All of this is crucial for industries where accuracy is vital, such as medical device manufacturing.

4. Handle Complex Designs

Generating highly complex 3D models might be challenging for humans to create manually. 3D AI generators can handle these complex designs with quite ease. The capability of AI tools to handle these designs is crucial in fields such as medical imaging.

Part 2: 10 Innovative AI 3D Model Generators for 2023

As we step into 2023, the world of 3D modeling is undergoing a transformational change with the help of AI technology. Everyone is now making use of these tools to facilitate the AI 3D model generation process. The following top 10 AI tools provide the best solution to your 3D modeling problems.


3DFY Prompt provides users with the option to create unique 3D models with only a few clicks. All you need to do is make use of its text-to-3D feature to create high-quality models without any skills. Moreover, the prompts you give should be descriptive to get the best out of this tool. The developers claim that all the models generated through this tool belong to them. So, you will never face any legal or ethical issues after creating 3D models with this tool. ai 3d model generator

Key Features

  1. Users can choose from various model categories to make 3D models for their needs. There is an interior category containing sofas, tables, lamps, and other such designs. Also, the gaming category includes swords, shields, and axes. The categories are limited to this AI 3D generatorfor now. However, developers are planning to introduce a lot more in the near future.
  2. 3DFY also gives you an adjustable texture and mesh qualities. Anyone can choose from texture, wireframe, and solid options to adjust the texture of the model. You can also select UV preview to have a better look at the mesh and texture qualities.
  3. The tool lets users download the 3D model in a standard .zip archive. The downloading package includes a 3D model file in GLB, FBX, or Blend format. Users also get the texture atlas passes in PNG format. Additionally, this tool also gives you a low-resolution thumbnail of the AI-generated 3D models.

2. Sloyd

Sloyd lets anyone without skills create AI-generated 3D models in only a few minutes. Now, you don't have to watch hours of tutorials to learn 3D modeling. With this AI tool, one can get ready-to-use models for proper texturing and optimization. Moreover, users can make endless variations of already existing models with the help of text inputs and randomizers. This tool covers any style, including realistic and cartoonist models.

sloyd ai 3d model generator

Key Features

  1. Users get access to a diverse range of models in the library of this tool. You can explore pre-existing models such as furniture, weapons buildings, and interiors in the library. You can also search for the desired 3D model template in the explore section. If you fail to find any relatable model, type the text prompt to generate it yourself.
  2. Sloyd allows you to add a personalized touch to the 3D model templates. Anyone can play around with wackiness, dimensions, and handle settings to adjust the model according to their needs. Moreover, you can also change the material color palette to personalize 3D models in any way.
  3. This AI 3D model generatoralso lets you view the models from different angles. With modes such as the pan mode, first-person camera mode, and rotate mode, you can view the effect of your customizations on the models. Also, you get the move and focus on the selected mode to better visualize the changes.

3. Live3D

Live3D allows graphic designers and the general public to generate complex 3D models using a simple text prompt. With the help of its advanced technology, anyone can create 3D designs to visualize better the concept they have in mind. All you need to do is select the type of model and write a text prompt to let AI do the magic.

live3d ai 3d model generator

Key Features

  1. This 3D AI generatorhas an extensive prompt dictionary to help you optimize the prompt for better results. You can choose the gender, career, and color of skin for your character from this prompt dictionary. Moreover, you also get to select the picture quality, facial features, and clothing for your 3D model. The dictionary also gives you access to some NSFW prompts.
  2. If you are an anime fan, this AI tool is heaven for you. You get to select the models such as anime, Chibi anime, and cute anime girls. Also, you can add character styles and visual styles to further personalize the 3D model.
  3. With the help of its image-to-3D image and pose-to-3D image prompts, you can train the AI to visualize your idea better. All you have to do is upload the reference image and then write a text prompt to further train the AI 3D model generator.

4. Spline

Spline is a powerful AI 3D model generator to help you bring the imagination into the 3rd dimension. You can build 3D models without needing much effort using the text-to-3D feature of this tool. Moreover, you can describe a full scene to create a full-fledged model of your dreams. The best thing about this tool is that you can brainstorm ideas for your next 3D model project in real-time with a hit-and-trial method.

spline ai 3d model generator

Key Features

  1. You can easily create anything with the help of this tool using text prompts. All you need to do is write a prompt such as “create a grid of 8 cubes.” The algorithms of this tool will understand what you have in your mind and create a 3D model containing 8 cubes joined together.
  2. With the help of its edit model feature, you can apply custom changes to the AI-generated 3D model. Anyone can add lighting and alter the objects with the help of a few clicks. They can even apply materials to the models using the tools given in this 3D model generator. A simple prompt like “randomize the cubes” can also apply changes to the model.
  3. Spline also provides you with different AI textures to stylize your creation. By only using a text prompt, you can apply any texture to your 3D model. All you need to do is write a prompt as “concrete, wood, grass, or tiles," and AI will apply that texture to your creation.

5. Fotor

Fotor 3D AI generator can help you create complex models within a few minutes using text commands. With the help of this tool, you don't have to waste hours trying to make a 3D model from scratch. The developers have trained this AI 3D model generator with millions of images online to better the output result. Additionally, this AI tool is especially useful for making game characters more consistent and accurate.

fotor ai 3d model generator

Key Features

  1. Users get the chance to create AI-generated 3D modelswith the help of the image prompt. You only need an image prompt and an artistic style selection to add a personal touch to the output model. You can also give custom prompts to AI about changes you want in your 3D model. Users can also choose the similarity percentage between the 3D model and the prompt image.
  2. When writing a text command, you can choose from various art styles for your 3D model. You have the option to choose from concept art, anime, 3D, and other such styles to make the model more innovative.
  3. You can create multiple variations of the 3D model if you want from a single text command. Fotor allows you to make up to 6 variations of the model in the tool. All these diverse options allow you to select the closest model to your vision.

6. Alpha3D

Alpha3D can automatically transform the images into 3D models with only a few clicks. The best thing about this tool is that you can generate the first 50 AI-generated 3D models for free. It has one of the best image-to-3D features to help designers create unique designs. You can also use the text prompt to explain the changes you want while converting images to 3D models.

alpha3d ai 3d model generator

Key Features

  1. Users get several generation categories when they are creating AI-generated 3D models. For the sneakers category, you can get text-to-3D and image-to-3D conversion. Additionally, you get the same features for the furniture category. While all the other categories only have text-to-3D features.
  2. You also have the option to bulk upload images to train the AI algorithms better. All this training will help the AI to visualize your 3D model idea in a better manner. Users have to make sure they upload images in JPG or PNG quality and with a white background for better results. Moreover, you can write a text prompt to further train the AI about the expected output model.
  3. Alpha3D gives you the output 3D model in a GIB or USD file format. These formats are compatible with augmented reality and 3D environments, so you can use them in the gaming industry. Also, these output models are helpful for metaverse marketing campaigns.

7. Meshy

Meshy allows developers to generate stunning 3D game assets with the power of AI. It is an efficient 3D generative AI toolbox for creating models with the help of text and image prompts. The 3D model designers can take advantage of this to significantly boost the workflow while dealing with character designs. Moreover, this tool also has a community feature to help everyone take inspiration from one another.

meshy ai 3d model generator

Key Features

  1. With its text-to-3D feature, you only need to write a prompt for the object you want to create in 3D. For example, write the prompt as "a sword, a pistol, or a shield" to make these different gaming objects. Then, you can describe the style of the 3D object to customize it in your way.
  2. Meshy also allows you to write the negative prompt to tell AI what you do not want to see in the AI-generated 3D models. You can write negative prompts as “low quality, blurry, unnatural” to optimize the model-making process.
  3. You can also play around with the environment and texture settings. Within environment settings, you can select sunrise, sunset, and daylight to adjust the lighting on the object. You can also increase the roughness to add more texture to your objects.

8. is one of the best AI 3D model generators that creates unique models using text prompts. With the help of this technology, professionals and content creators can bring their ideas to life within a few seconds. They can generate mesmerizing 3D characters, objects, and worlds with the help of words. Whether you belong to the gaming industry or the animation world, this tool has something for your creative imagination. 3d model generator

Key Features

  1. With this tool, you only need descriptive text to generate AI-generated 3D models. You can type the prompt as a 3D anime girl, snowy background, and swords to describe the character design and environment for the model creation. After writing the prompt, click the “Generate” button to let the AI perform artistic magic.
  2. With the help of editing features, you can alter the resolution and size of the 3D model. You even have the option to change the background color or add a new image in the background. Moreover, users can also add text and other elements to their 3D models.
  3. The best thing about is that it lets you create videos out of your 3D model. You can add voiceoversand split the video to customize it according to your needs.

9. Masterpiece Studio

Masterpiece Studio AI makes it easy for users to create 3D models for games and other environments. It wants to help people make cool 3D things easily from this AI tool to generate money. With the help of this innovative way to create 3D models, modern creators can make complex designs easy. All you need is a creative idea and write words to describe them for making a unique AI-generated 3D model.

masterpiece studio 3d model generator

Key Features

  1. You can generate game-ready 3D models with the help of this tool. Anyone can write prompts such as “Viking with a beard” to generate a 3D model with a complex human design. Moreover, you can further edit the output model in Blender to add a personal touch to the final design.
  2. Masterpiece Studio provides you with an immersive way to edit 3D models. Users can change the models' shape, style, and texture within this software. Now, anyone can take control of the 3D model creation with the help of this advanced tool.
  3. Users can make use of these AI-generated 3D modelsin different virtual environments. From games to the metaverse, these models can seamlessly fit in any world to find their use case. You can also share your model designs in the community to help others take inspiration from your 3D model.

10. Simplified

Simplified AI is a game-changer for designers creating 3D models and art without complex software. With the help of this AI tool, anyone can quickly produce professional 3D models. Whether you're creating a model for social media posts or blog content, this tool offers creative solutions to undertake the AI 3D model generation process. The best thing is you can start making free models without providing credit card information. 3d model generator

Key Features

  1. With the help of its text-to-3D image creator, all you need is descriptive text to get the model of your dream. You have to make the text as detailed as possible to get the best result out of this 3D AI generator.
  2. Simplified also lets you choose the art style to apply personal touch to AI-generated 3D models. You can choose from cartoons, neon punk, and other such 3D styles to generate unique models for your use. These filters allow the 3D models to fit the needs of any particular environment perfectly.
  3. You also have the option to choose from different AI models. With options such as DALL.E and Diffusion, designers have enough artistic freedom to create 3D models of their choice. Additionally, you can add reference images to the servers to achieve a better output 3D model.
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Everything discussed in this article must have given you a good idea about the functionality of these tools. With the help of this knowledge, anyone can create unique models using these AI 3D model generators. All of these tools have a good enough ability to give a creative boost to your AI 3D model generation process.

If you are still making 3D models in the same old-fashioned ways, it is time to adapt to AI methods. So, without wasting your time, choose any of these tools to create AI-generated 3D models.


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