How to Download Samsung Android Software

In this article, you will get a detailed guide on how to download Samsung Android software. Get this flashing tool for much easier Samsung software download and flashing.

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Samsung is a South Korean company who are the leading manufacturer of Smartphone's. They have a wide range of smart phones in various segments ranging from Top end, mid end and Bottom End. Most of the Samsung devices are powered by Android Operating system. Android is a mobile operating which is based on Linux kernel and are owned by Google. The growth of Android powered phones is increasing in a tremendous way. Android is the world's leading Mobile operating system as most of the users use it due its open source and are user friendly. Google has released various version of android. The latest version of the android is 4.4.3 know as Kitkat. The various important android versions are as follows.

Usually Google provides update for the Android powered Devices. The running of different versions of android depends upon the hardware of the Smartphone's. Usually Samsung provides High end, Medium End and low end Smartphone's. Most of the high end Smartphone's usually receives software update which are varied from Minor Firmware Update to Big version update. Software updates are very much important because they will fix the bugs in the systems, Improves the performance of the Samsung smart phone and It will bring major improvements if the version is updated. In Smartphone's, some android version with specific firmware and baseband version will have bugs which result in the low performance of the device, so it is very necessary to update the Device, in order improve the performance and the satiability of the android phone software. It will bring various enhancements to the Smartphone's and tablets. Android Phone on the Samsung devices can be usually updated in two ways which will be discussed later.

1.The different Android Versions Are

1 Android alpha 1.O
2 Android beta 1.1
3 Cupcake 1.5
4 Doughnut 1.6
5 Éclair 2.0 - 2.1
6 Froyo 2.2
7 Gingerbread 2.3 - 2.3.7
8 Honeycomb 3.0 - 3.2.6
9 Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 - 4.0.4
10 Jelly Bean 4.1 - 4.3.1
11 Kit Kat 4.4 - 4.4.4


  • Backup up your device.
  • Ensure that the device is fully charged. At least 75% battery charge is required.
  • First make sure that whether the update is available and check its compatibility.
  • Remove SIM and SD card in the phone.
  • Prepare the pc and ensure that there will be no power failure and network failure.

  • It the device is not backed up, then the data will be overwritten and all the contacts and apps and other details in the device memory will be lost. It is better to backup the device before updating.
  • Ensure that the phone is fully charged. If the battery of the phone is below 75% then there is a greater chance that the battery will get empty during update and if it happens then the phone will be in dead state and it cannot be worked or repaired again.
  • Check whether the Pc has enough network connectivity and power supply which will last till the end during the update. If anything is not worked during update and goes' wrong then there is a greater chance that the phone will be in a dead state and cannot be used again.
  • Ensure SD card and sim card is removed. If not, then it will severely affect the update process.
  • Don't disconnect the device during the update of the software.

    Usually notifications will be show on the phone or in the tablet whenever a software update is available. But in certain cases it will not be shown so we have to do another process in order to check the software and update it. Most of the people usually update their phone in order to increase the stability and performance of the android software. There are mainly two ways in which the software of the Samsung devices can be updated. The first, method is updating the phone software through OTA which is also known as Over the Air. The second method is by using Samsung Kies software which is developed by Samsung .itself in order to perform updates on their devices and to manage the device.


    Check whether any updates is showing in the Notification bar. If not then firstly setup a Samsung account. Then Check the box which is showing "check for updates automatically". After this follow these steps.

    Navigate to Menu>Settings>about phone>Software update.

    samsung android software download

    If we are not connected to a Wi-Fi connection it will prompt as to connect it. Wi-Fi connections are advised as they are stable and can download the updates faster.

    samsung android mobile software free download

    If no updates are available then it will show a message like "No updates are available and the device is up to date".

    If any updates are available for the device then it will show a message like "Software updates are available".

    From the notification of the message touch and select "Download" option.

    android software free download for samsung

    Select Install now option from the screen.

    A screen will appear as it shows the downloading status and the progress of the download.

    samsung android software free download for pc

    After the installation the phone is completed, it will reboot and a boot screen will appear which installs the new system files.

    Usually small updates are made through OTA. Samsung usually used to provide updates to their smart phones by using kies. Most of the people use Samsung Kies in order to update their Phones. If the OTA updates are available then it will be shown in the notification bar. If we check the updates within the phone itself and it's not showing there, then it is not a problem as updates will be shown through Samsung kies. Samsung usually provides minor firmware updates via OTA. The next way of updating the Samsung phone software is by through Samsung Kies which is developed by Samsung Mobile Division.


  • Backup all the information on the device phones. Once the phone is updated then the data such as app data, contacts will be deleted and they can't come back.
  • Make sure that the PC has enough power supply which will stand till the end of the software update.
  • Download samsung kies software from the official website of Samsung electronics and select the Suitable Operating system platform which the PC is running. Select and download it to the PC.
  • Start the kies software by choosing it.
  • Connect the device which is to be updated to the PC by using a data cable.
  • Make sure that the kies recognize the device and the model no of the device is showing on upper left of the Program window,.
  • samsung android software download

    Once kies recognize the device, a notification message will appear like the Update is available.

    samsung android mobile software free download

    Read through the text and the caution on the pop up notification message and check on the "I have read all the above information" box.

    Read Allow the saving information and click Allowing saving.

    samsung android mobile software free download

    Kies will start to upgrade the phone software from servers of Samsung Usually it depends upon the speed of the internet connection.

    Don't close any programs on the PC, shut down PC or disconnect the device from the PC

    android software free download for samsung

    After a period, kies will be transferring the firmware files to the device. Make sure that the device is not disconnected.

    When the process is completed click on the OK option.

    samsung android software download

    Disconnect the device from the PC. Once the device is disconnected, it is ready to be used with new software.

    samsung android mobile software free download

    How to Download USB Driver for Samsung Phone

    Samsung USB drivers come along with the Samsung Kies software. The USB driver can be easily downloaded from the Official website of Samsung. This software is developed in order to connect Samsung devices to the pc and manage various applications. It is available in both 32 bit version and 64 bit version. It will enable users to connect their Smartphone's to the pc and perform various tasks and activities. It should be downloaded from the Samsung official website and other websites contain malware along with the software. The software can be downloaded from

    Log on to

    Choose support option from the main page.

    android software free download for samsung

    Select useful software under the support section.

    A webpage will open which contains software which are developed by Samsung for their devices. (

    samsung android software free download for pc

    Select samsung kies from the list.

    Choose the operating system from the list.

    Select download option from the list.

    samsung android software free download for pc

    An installer will be downloaded and by opening it and following the instructions, the kies will be downloaded to system along with the usb drivers.

    After downloading it, open the software.

    Connect a device and it will recognize the device and the device can be easily managed.

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