How Samsung Mirror Screen to PC?

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Mirror Screening has been devised as one of the most exquisite and simplest features in sharing data that provides you with the ability to share your smaller screens onto larger ones for people to observe the information presented easily. Many mirror screening applications have been introduced and have been brought on the front to filter out the best in the market; however, the method involving sharing the screen to the PC or other associated devices have been recognized as quite simple and effective in performance. This article provides Samsung users, in specific, a list of solutions that can act as the easiest and the most convenient in allowing them to share their screen with a PC.

Part 1: Why Need Screen Mirroring?

If we consider the traditional and conventional methods of connecting AV cables, HDMI's, or VGA adapters for connecting smaller screened devices to larger screens, these methods present too much work and a series of protocols that potentially outdated the system completely. In the environment that we survive in, it is significant for us to understand that presenters keep their data intact on their smartphones and have it efficiently shared among his colleagues before the discussion. The wireless screen technology enables presenters to pose such a system into power, which not only increases the mobility but the efficiency of the system too without any unnecessary delays in connecting the device with a larger platform. Screen mirroring can be set as the most optimal solution to such issues, which would not only allow you to enjoy presenting but save a lot of effort before developing the frame of presentation.

Part 2: How to Mirror Android to PC Wirelessly?

Screen mirroring can be covered through wired and wireless connections. If you are willing to work on a wireless solution, there are several options to come by. In this part, we will be analyzing the multiple options that can be used for Samsung mirroring to a PC.

1. Samsung View in Samsung Flow

Samsung Flow is known for providing multiple device solutions for Samsung smartphone users. For people who are searching for an option to perform screen mirroring on their PC, they can try this official approach of mirroring Samsung devices to their PC.

With the option of providing seamless access to Samsung users, the Samsung View function gives a perfect system of mirroring the device in no time. To know how Samsung View in Samsung Flow helps in Samsung mirroring to PC, you must look into the following steps:

Step 1: You must start by downloading and installing the Samsung Flow application on your computer and Samsung smartphone. Before launching the application for mirroring the Samsung device to a PC, you must ensure that the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Following this, you must go through the PC version of Samsung Flow and find your phone name to generate the credentials to connect the device to the PC. This pairing process will generate a passcode that needs to be entered into the phone to initiate a connection.

launch the samsung flow app

Step 3: As the pairing process succeeds, you can click on the "Smart View" button on the PC to mirror the Samsung to your PC.

tap on smart view

2. Wondershare Dr.Fone Air – Online Screen Mirror

For a better user experience, Wondershare Dr.Fone Air provides an online, wireless screen mirroring experience with no specific requirements of user efforts. This tool features a simple environment for putting up a Samsung device for screen mirroring on the PC. Along with diverse compatibility, this tool provides a quick solution with the option of saving time and cost for the user. There are many pointers that make Wondershare Dr.Fone Air a provocative solution to work with, which are featured as follows:

  • You are not required to connect your devices through Bluetooth and NFC.
  • There are no ads covering the tool, avoiding all sorts of damage to the user experience.
  • It allows you to adjust the mirrored screen by rotating, zooming, and taking screenshots.

We will now shift towards mirroring the Samsung screen to the PC with the help of Wondershare Dr.Fone Air. For that, we will use the following steps as help:

Step 1: Launch Dr.Fone Air and Connect to Wi-Fi

You must open the Dr.Fone Air platform on the web browser of your PC. Continue with connecting the Samsung and computer with the same Wi-Fi connection.

launch the drfone air tool

Step 2: Scan or Add Code for Connection

Following this, you must install the Dr.Fone Link on your device and continue connecting both devices. You can make use of the QR code or cast code for connecting both devices.

use qr or screencast code

Step 3: Mirror Samsung Device to PC

On scanning the code, the devices connect with each other, and the Samsung screen successfully mirrors the PC.

drfone mirroring samsung

3. Connect App on Windows

Windows devices come with another great option of screen mirroring a device onto the screen without requiring downloading any tool. This feature was made available on Windows 10 devices and continues to provide users with a quick solution to Samsung screen mirroring to PC. The Connect App can be considered to connect your Samsung device with the PC by following a set of steps, which are discussed as follows:

Step 1: You need to access the "Action Center" on the bottom-right of the screen and proceed to activate "Bluetooth" from the available options. Afterward, select the "Connect" option.

enable the bluetooth option

Step 2: Afterward, open the "Quick Menu" of your Samsung device and enable the option of "Smart View." You will see all the available options on your Samsung screen with whom you can create a connection. Select your device from the list and press the "Start Now" button to start the mirroring process.

activate the smart view option

Step 3: Following this, you will receive a confirmation pop-up notification on your PC. You have to hit the "OK" button to mirror your Samsung phone to your PC successfully.

press the ok button

4. Mirror Samsung Phone to PC with MirrorGo

There is no bigger brand for Android phones than Samsung. The phones are loaded with features that offer users convenience, such as fast charging. You can also mirror your Samsung phone to the PC with the help of MirrorGo by Wondershare.

The tool is accessible from Windows and works well with every known model of Samsung Android phones. If you wish to transfer files, play games, or watch movies from phone to PC, then MirrorGo will enable everything for you. The simplistic and fast interface of the software allows you to complete the task at hand quickly.

style arrow up

Wondershare Dr.Fone

Mirror your android device to your computer!

  • Play mobile games on the big screen of the PC with MirrorGo.
  • Store screenshots taken from the phone to the PC.
  • View multiple notifications simultaneously without picking up your phone.
  • Use android apps on your PC for a full-screen experience.
Available on: Windows
3,240,479 people have downloaded it

The steps to mirror the Samsung device using MirrorGo from PC are listed follows:

Step 1: Access MirrorGo

The first step is to download the software on your PC. Run the app after installing it. Make sure the Samsung phone is connected to the PC, and the File Transfer option is enabled from the phone’s USB settings.

connect android phones with mirrorgo

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging and Developer Mode

Tap on the About Phone button from Settings and tap on Build Number 7 times to activate the Developer Mode. Go to Additional Settings and check the Debugging Mode option. Tap on OK to finalize the procedure.

turn on USB debugging

Step 3: Mirror the Samsung Phone using MirrorGo

Now, look over to the MirrorGo’s interface, and you will see the main screen of your Samsung device there. The mirroring will be enabled on the device.

mirror android to a PC

Part 3: How to Mirror Android to PC without Root via USB

While there are many wireless solutions that you can come across for mirroring your Android device to the PC, you can also try using the wired methods. If you are not finding the right platform to establish a wireless connection, you will have to mirror the Android device to the PC through a USB connection. There are many options available, out of which we have highlighted the following tools for you:

1. AirDroid Cast

AirDroid Cast is a renowned method available for users who seek to mirror their Android device to their PC through a USB connection. The tool is majorly focused on providing casting solutions to users who seek to put their devices' display on a bigger screen. While the tool establishes a strong connection, it offers powerful casting support. Although the process takes a while to conclude, it can still be considered a great option if you are looking to Samsung cast to a PC through a USB connection. Look into the following steps to know how you can use AirDroid Cast for this purpose:

Step 1: You must download and install AirDroid Cast on your computer and proceed to launch it. Redirect to the "USB" section from the top and connect your Android to the PC through a cable connection.

Step 2: In the "Available Device" list, select the Samsung device you want to cast.

access the usb function

Step 3: You might have to enable USB debugging on your Samsung device. For this, access "Settings" and look for the "About phone" option. Proceed into the "Software information" section and look for "Build number" on the next screen. Tap it seven times until you become a developer, which will allow you to enable USB debugging.

tap on the build number

Step 4: Redirect into the "Settings" of your Samsung device and find the "Developer options." Look for the "USB Debugging" option on the next screen and turn on the toggle. As the process is concluded successfully, the Samsung screen is cast onto the PC.

enable usb debugging

2. Vysor

If you are looking to mirror your Samsung screen to the PC with another option, Vysor is a good option to work with without rooting your device. This process requires you to utilize the USB connection for establishing the screen mirroring environment. Following this, Vysor provides a diversity of options to set, which acts as the parameters of the final product being obtained. Let's look at how you can screen mirror your Samsung device on Vysor:

Step 1: Download and install Vysor on your Windows computer and continue to launch it. As it opens on the new window, proceed to initialize the settings.

Step 2: You must connect your Google account with Vysor if required. Checkmark the options of "International Keyboard" and "Share All Devices" to mirror the Samsung on your PC.

enable the two options

Step 3: As you connect your Samsung to the PC through a wire, ensure that USB debugging is enabled for the device. If it is enabled, it will be automatically detected by Vysor. Continue clicking on the "View" button to observe the mirroring results on your PC.

hit the view button


This article has provided a comprehensive overview of how one can mirror their Samsung device with the right set of methods. As you have the option of adopting both wireless and wired methods, this article helps you out in making proper decisions. Wondershare Dr.Fone Air provides one of the simplest options for mirroring the Samsung device to the PC in no time. Try this free wireless option for the perfect Samsung screen mirroring to a PC.

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