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How to Jailbreak Samsung Phones (Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge Included)

James Davis

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions


Every individual has a knack to be in pace with the trendy stuffs. In the current scenario Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge has conquered the world of Android phones due to its mind blowing features. It is a product from the giant Android phone manufacturer Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge was introduced in the year 2016 on February. This Android phone has stunning features like IP68 protection, appreciable power sources, highlighted camera pixels with proximity and ambient light sensors etc. This device also supports barometer and gyroscope etc.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a display screen of 5.50 inch with the front camera 5 mega pixels and the resolution is 16:9 ratios. This model is sold at reasonable rate. The battery delivers endless power supply to the phone without any interruptions. Moreover the battery has a longer life time when compared to other models in the market. This model meets your expectations without compromising on any factors.

Reasons to jailbreak Samsung

Jailbreaking the Samsung phone is identical to rooting process. Equivalent strategy is carried out to jailbreak the Android system without any serious issues. Only the terminology differs and you will be able to enjoy similar benefits of rooting through jailbreaking process. The foremost reason the customers used to jailbreak Samsung Galaxy S7 is to utilize the maximum features of the device. Most of the manufacturers restrict the accessibility of various unique features in the device for unknown business reasons.

In order to enjoy the whole benefits of a smart phone, people used to jailbreak the device under their own risk factors. To be particular jailbreaking the Android phones gives a network freedom. You will be able to customize your phone and get rid of unwanted apps provided by the manufactures without any uninstall feature. The jailbreak activity in the Android phone will ultimately increase the speed of the system. The customer used to jailbreak Galaxy S7 in order to acquire full control of the device without much difficulty.

Precautions before you Jailbreak Samsung

Jailbreaking an Android Phone is a risky process. So you have to carry out some precautionary measures before you jailbreak the Android system. Follow the below steps prior to your jailbreaking process:

  • Create a backup: There is a possibility of the data in the phone being erased. So it is highly recommended to make backup for the data before carrying out the jailbreak process.
  • Fully charge: Ensure the battery of your phone is fully charged in order to avoid unwanted interruptions during the jailbreaking process.
  • Turn on USB debugging mode: In order to Jailbreak the Android phone you have to enable the USB debugging mode. Go to the ‘Settings’ in your phone and select ‘About Phone’. From the displayed list identify the ‘Build number’. Tap that option 5- 7 times and you will notice ‘Developer option’. From the Developer option choose ‘USB Debugging mode’.
  • Install drivers in PC: It is highly advisable to install the phone drivers in PC for ease identification of the device during the jailbreaking process.

How to jailbreak a Samsung phone without PC/Computer

Framaroot is the best software to jailbreak the Samsung phones without PC. This app is compatible with all Android models without any constraints. It is enough if you follow the instructions displayed during the jailbreaking process in order to jailbreak the Android system successfully. The basic strategy carried out by Framaroot to jailbreak the Android system is that it employs exploits like Legolas, Farahir, and Pippin etc to jailbreak in order to reduce the risk of Android system damage.

Pros of Framaroot App

    • No need of computer to jailbreak any Android phones or tablets.
    • It is possible to modify the identity of the Android phone during the process.

Cons of Framaroot App

      • Sometimes the app gets collapsed at the end of jailbreaking process. You should reboot the Android system and repeat the procedure again.
      • No user-friendly on-screen instructions to guide the jailbreaking.

Follow the below steps to jailbreak Samsung phone:

Step 1: Download Frama jailbreak in your Samsung phone to jailbreak your device without PC. After the successful downloading process go to the Android file manager and launch the software for installation. Click the ‘Install’ button to trigger the installation. Soon after the installation you have to open -‘the APK’- to commence jailbreaking process. Select ‘Install Superuser’ from the displayed list. Check out the below screen shot for better understanding.

step 1 to jailbreak samung

Step 2: Choose an exploit from the given list. Here you have to select ‘Aragom’.

step 2 to jailbreak samung

Step 3: Just wait for few minutes and the process gets successfully completed.

step 3 to jailbreak samung

Now your device has been jailbroken without using PC.

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James Davis

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