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How to Unlock Apple ID Activation Lock?


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

Security protocols are one of the major highlights of Apple's features and characteristics. Such features allowed Apple to develop its stature as one of the most acknowledged smartphone brands throughout the world. Apple developed its own unique protection system, which encompassed around a unique identification number that allowed the user to keep their data and assorted applications protected. Apple ID is regarded as one of the most important safety procedures that keep the user information intact and guarded against hackers. However, there are several cases where the user forgets or comes across a device that has a locked Apple ID with no potential access. This article provides you a detailed guide on how to unlock disabled Apple ID activation lock from an existing device through a variety of adopted techniques.

apple id activation lock

Part 1. Must know about Apple ID and activation lock

Apple, as mentioned above, is keen on providing a very strict structure in protecting the device and the data within it. Over the activation of the device, the developers interconnect the unique identifier of the device with the Apple ID through which it is activated. This allows the device to be distinctively handled by a single Apple ID. It also allows the user to keep an extra protected layer across every system settings, such as phone reboots. The unavailability of the password and the username prevents any major change within the phone. The activation lock is held quite important in places where the user requires to perform updates or verify the credentials of the device to make it usable. As you all get to know the extent to which activation lock protects the device, it should also be kept in mind that this leads to unnecessary disabling or suspension of the Apple Account that is connected with the ID. Thus, it gets important for the user to keep a check over these identification procedures to save their skin from extended procedures.

If you ever come across such a situation where you accidentally get your Apple Account locked, or you get a device that had an existing Apple ID that you wish to re-activate or remove; several schemes can be utilized to cover the issue. However, as the question arises over whether Apple provides such services, you need to consider several scenarios that are looked over by the developers over the question to unlock the activation lock. If you come across a situation where you delete the device from the Apple ID, several other security procedures can be adapted to cater to the need. On the other hand, you can simply contact Support to cater to such issues. Following this, if the device that is owned by you was previously ownership by a certain user, you should be considerate enough to contact the previous user and get their credentials to unlock the device. This is how you can easily unlock the iCloud activation lock without Apple ID.

Part 2. Why can't I unlock the iCloud activation lock without Apple ID easily?

If you are into unlocking your iCloud activation lock from your existing device without an Apple ID, it is quite impossible to execute such a task. To get into your phone or iCloud Settings, a user must provide the assorted details of the Apple ID Account to get into the basic settings and remove the activation lock from your device. Furthermore, it is also significant to keep in mind that users having a secondhand phone with an existing Apple ID are required to log into iCloud with their Apple ID credentials. These reasons prevent you from unlocking the iCloud activation lock from your device.

Part 3. How to remove Apple ID activation lock using third-party software?

In such cases where you have your Apple ID disabled, several methods can be adapted to unlock your disabled Apple ID activation lock. Among these options, third-party platforms offer a complete set of tools with a dedicated structure to direct users in executing the tasks with ease. These platforms are responsible for offering an environment that would guide the user in efficiently removing the Apple ID without any other credential off an iPhone. Hundreds of platforms can come in handy in such cases; however, this article provides you with a platform that offers unique and swift services in unlocking iPhone activation locks. Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS) offers you the perfect circumstantial conditions that would aid you in covering any specific detail involved in the process. Several reasons lead to the selection of Dr. Fone as the primary choice of major users, which are:

  • You can unlock your disabled iPhone without the aid of iTunes.
  • It helps remove iCloud activation lock.
  • It helps unlock any iPhone whose password is forgotten.
  • There is no technical expertise that is assorted with it.
  • Protects the iPhone from the disabled state.
  • Is compatible across all models and the latest iOS.
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To understand the simple guide involved in executing its features successfully, you need to follow the guide provided as follows.

Step 1: Launch Platform

Download, install and launch the platform over your desktop. Tap on the option of the "Screen Unlock" tool on the home window to proceed.

drfone home

Step 2: Select Remove Active Lock

Select the option of Unlock Apple ID from the next window and access your device.

new interface

Click on Remove Active Lock to proceed with the procedure.

remove icloud activation lock

Step 3: Jailbreak your device

Jailbreak your iPhone on the Windows computer.

unlock icloud activation - jailbreak iOS

Step 4: Confirm your device model info.

Confirm the model is correct and jailbreak.

unlock icloud activation - confirm device model

Step 5: Remove iCloud activation lock

It starts to remove the activation lock. The platform carries out the process and provides a prompt message over the completion of the task.

unlock icloud activation - start to unlock

Step 5: Bypass successfully.

Check on your iPhone. It has no activation lock now.

unlock icloud activation - complete


This article has introduced you to a detailed discussion over how to unlock Apple ID Activation Lock along with the dynamics of the feature itself. You need to go through the article to get a better understanding of the procedures involved.

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