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How to fix iCloud lock on iPhone and iPad

James Davis

Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

There’s no sad thing like working your entire life just to get yourself the latest brand of your favorite iPhone or iPad device only for you to realize that the all-too-important iCloud option has been locked out of reach either by the owner or by the company that sold it to you. Without the iCloud option, you can’t back up your information, and neither can you secure your privacy. It’s for this reason that I have with me the how-to-fix iCloud lock method. A lot of people have always argued that the iCloud lock cannot be surpassed due to certain factors. However, thanks to technology, I’m here to prove all the doubting Toms otherwise.

With the how-to-fix iCloud lock method at hand, you no longer have to worry or get stressed when purchasing an iPhone or an iPad for your own pleasure or comfort. In this article, I’m going to lay down three of the most basic and simple steps on how to fix iCloud lock in a matter of minutes.

Method 1: Fix iCloud lock via Apple

In the recent past, Apple has tried to bar its users from unlocking iCloud storage perhaps due to the increased cases of theft and privacy breach. It, however, seems too late for the company to stop this iCloud lock fix process as they nowadays help their users in unlocking the iCloud lock. The following is one of the most commonly used iCloud lock fix methods offered by Apple as a company.

Step 1: Enter your Login Details

To gain access to your device, you first need to enter your unique Apple ID and your password and log into your device.

Step 2: Find My iPhone

Once you have gained access to your device, locate the "Find My iPhone" option and turn it off. This particular option functions by locking your iCloud as a security measure. It's also the main reason why you can't access your iCloud account.

Step 3: Restore your Device

With the "Find My iPhone" option turned off, reset your device by deleting all your data and settings. You can do this by following this procedure. Click on Settings> General> Reset> Erase Content and all Settings. This process will completely erase your device to its default state. You should also note that this procedure may vary from one version to another.

Step 4: Sign In

With your phone back to its default state, sign in using your Apple details as explained in step 1. Once you are logged in, just set up your iPad or iPhone with new details. Also, try to access the iCloud option to make sure that the lock is no longer available. Once you are satisfied with what you see, simply sign out and sign in back again just to be sure. If everything is okay, then you are good to go.

Method 2: How to fix iCloud lock through the owner

Another easy iCloud lock fix method is by directly contacting the owner. In most circumstances, many iPhone and iPad users usually lock up the iCloud option as a way of protecting their privacy. If the person who sold you the device happens to be the real owner, then he/she should be in a position to give you the iCloud unlock codes.

This approach, however, has a downside. It's only applicable if you can track down the rightful owner of the iPad or iPhone device or if the company that sold it to you know how to remove the lock. If you can’t get through to the owner, then I would recommend you to look for other alternatives as we’re going to see in this article.

Method 3: How to fix iCloud lock via Official iPhoneUnlock

One of the greatest, safest and swift methods of fixing the iCloud lock is by using the Official iPhoneUnlock. With the help of the iCloud Activation Lock Removal process, you can easily bypass the iCloud Activation Lock and remove it completely from your device. The following is a detailed process on how you can seamlessly do it with the peace of mind that your data and all valuable information will be kept in place.

Step 1: Purchase the Service

For you to unlock the iCloud lock, using this method, you first have to obtain the rights to do so. Securing these rights is simply done by purchasing their services. The price at which you’ll be charged will depend on the model of your device. To buy these services, visit the webiste of Official iPhoneUnlock and select "iCloud Unlock" to its "iCloud Unlock/Activation Lock Removal" feature, then enter your IMEI number from the drop-down list as illustrated below. Once you have located your phone make or model, click on the "Add to Cart" tab. The price at which you are going to be charged will be displayed on your right-hand side.

fix icloud lock

Step 2: Enter your Email Address

A new page with your purchase details as shown below will open up. Enter your email address as requested and click on the "Continue" button. Make sure that you have entered the correct email address as it will be used to inform you that your iCloud lock is no longer active.

how to fix icloud lock

Step 3: Pay Options

Once you have entered your email address, a new interface requesting you to choose your preferred payment method will be displayed. Choose your best-preferred method by clicking on the "Pay with Credit or Debit Card" tab and enter your bank details. Once you submit your payment, your iCloud lock will be unlocked after a period of between 2-3 days. A confirmation email will be sent to your designated email address. Just like that, your iCloud lock fix is removed, and you are free to use iCloud.

fix icloud activation lock

Method 4: How to Fix iCloud with Efficient Tool

If you aren’t able to fix iCloud lock with the provided methods above, we would like to recommend you Dr.Fone – Unlock (iOS) – one of its kind tools that work when you wish to unlock screen locks effortlessly. It shows great compatibility with the latest iPhones and iOS versions. In addition, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to play with this tool. Let us know how it works to fix iCloud lock.

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How to fix iCloud Lock using Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS)

Step 1: Allow the Program to Start

After you download and install Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS) from its official website, launch it. Now, with the help of a USB cord, plug your device into the PC. Click “Unlock” from the main interface.


Step 2: Select Unlock Apple ID

When the next screen appears, you are required to hit on the “Remove Apple ID”.


Step 3: Key in the Password

As the next step, make sure to enter the screen password. Move ahead to trust the computer thereby letting the program scan the device further.

trust computer

Step 4: Enter Recovery mode

You will be given some instructions on the following screen. Ensure to follow them carefully and put your device into recovery mode.


Step 5: Get iCloud Lock Fixed

When the device restarts, the program will start fixing the iCloud lock. You just need to wait patiently until the process is over.


Step 6: Check the iCloud ID

In the last, you will receive a new window where you can check whether you have fixed iCloud or not.


As we have seen, different methods of how to fix iCloud lock are available to choose from. The method you chose will solely depend on your own preferences. The various methods as we have seen have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some will delete your entire data while some will charge you a particular amount. What you should always keep in mind is the fact that you can fix iCloud lock at your own will and wish. You no longer have to be worried about being locked out of your iCloud account.

James Davis

James Davis

staff Editor

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