The Best Place to Sell iCloud-locked iPhones


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Buying or selling an iCloud-locked iPhone is not illegal. However, you need to be upfront and honest about it to ensure the buyer knows you don't have the iPhone's Apple ID credentials. This is because the new owner will not be able to access the full features of the iPhone, whether it's an iPhone 12 Pro Max iCloud locked for sale at a low price.

This begs the question: how do you buy or sell an iCloud-locked iPhone? The article will teach you the meaning of an iCloud-locked iPhone by following our handy guide below.

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Part 1. What is an iCloud-locked iPhone?

Your iPhone being iCloud locked is a protective measure Apple implements on their products if your mobile is stolen or misplaced. If you don't have the iPhone's iCloud information, you will not be able to use the iOS device.

There are several reasons why an iPhone has an iCloud activation lock. It can be due to the following:

  • Forgetting your password.
  • The previous owner of the iPhone failed to sign out of their iCloud / Apple ID.
  • Someone is trying to access your iCloud password.

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Part 2. Can I Legally Sell an iCloud-Locked iPhone?

If you can't remove the iCloud activation lock on an iPhone, you can still put an iCloud-locked iPhone for sale, as there are no restrictions on selling one acquired legally. However, being honest with the buyer is a must, as they will not be able to utilize the phone's features if it's locked fully.

Keep in mind, though, that iCloud-locked iPhones sell for very little, and it's hard to find interested buyers. People who bought an iPhone with iCloud lock do so mainly because of its spare parts. Hence, you should set your expectations low when selling an iCloud-locked iPhone.

Part 3. Where Can I Sell an iCloud Locked Phone?

Suppose you're planning on selling an iCloud-locked iPhone to sites such as ecoATM, bankmycell, or SellLocked. In that case, you should probably start locally on platforms such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to try to find private buyers. Other prominent stores like American retailer GameStop accommodate locked iPhones with their buyback program.

sell icloud locked iphone gamestop

As mentioned earlier, the price of an iCloud-locked iPhone will considerably sell for less than one with unlocked iCloud if you sell it at stores with buyback programs. In this case, here are the two best places to sell iCloud-locked iPhones. You can also refer to them to check and compare prices when selling.


The bankmycell site lets you sell locked or unlocked iPhones in three simple steps. It provides you with the top quotes in one place so you can sell your iPhone in less time. Selling your iPhone in bankmycell includes free shipping and zero-hassle returns if you change your mind.

sell icloud locked iphones on bankmycell


Like bankmycell, SellLocked buys iPhones in all kinds of conditions, whether iCloud locked, unlocked, financed, or blacklisted. Selllocked provides a prepaid mailing label to ship your iPhone for free. Once your iPhone gets sold on the market, SellLocked pays you by check or via PayPal.

sell icloud locked iphones on selllocked

Part 4. Unlocking an iPhone That's iCloud-Locked

Using dedicated programs like Dr.Fone to force an iPhone bypass means the screen lock or iCloud locks on your iPhone will force open if you forget your password after restoring a device.

To know more about Dr.Fone, here are some of its key features.

  • Removes all types of iPhone locks, such as Face ID, Touch ID, Apple ID, and more.
  • Bypass the iCloud activation lock.
  • Unlock iPhone without carrier restrictions.
  • Remove the MDM profile and bypass the MDM lock without data loss.
  • Simple 3-step process without any technical knowledge required.
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Here are the steps to unlock your iOS device with Dr.Fone.

Step 1: Download and install Dr.Fone. Launch the app afterward.

unlock iphone using drfone 1

Step 2: Click Screen Unlock on the main program window. On the next screen, click Bypass Activate Lock.

unlock iphone using drfone 2

Step 3: Click Start to initiate the process of unlocking your iPhone.

unlock iphone using drfone 3

Your iPhone needs to be jailbroken before bypassing its iCloud activation lock.

Note: If your iOS device runs from iOS 15.0-16.3, we recommend you to use the solution launched by Wondershare lately since it doesn’t require jailbreak and will be easier for you. Check this official guide and start the process.

After step 3, there are two possible outcomes for GSM (Global System for Mobiles) and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) iPhone devices.

If you own a GSM device, the unlocking will not harm your iOS device, and you can enjoy your iPhone as usual.

If the iPhone is CDMA, you won't be able to use the device for phone calls and cellular data use. You can still use your iPhone's other important functions apart from that, such as using an Apple ID for the App Store.

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While it's not illegal to sell iCloud-locked iPhones, it's important to let the buyer know about your iOS device's limitations. Buyback stores like GameStop can take your iPhone as-is, but don't expect to get paid more compared to a fully unlocked iPhone.

You can try unlocking your iPhone using dedicated programs like Dr.Fone to bypass its locks. However, remember that this is still not a foolproof way to fully unlock your device. In most cases, selling your iCloud lock iPhone to online resellers is your best bet.

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