2 Ways to jailbreak iCloud locked iPhone

James Davis

Sep 01, 2023 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

Jailbreaking is an act of removing different software restrictions imposed on your iPhone by your operating system, in this case, iOS. Once such restrictions have been removed, you can download applications that were previously restricted by the Apple operating system. If you want to jailbreak iCloud locked iPhone, I have some methods which you can use to bypass these restrictions. What you should keep in mind is the fact that you first have to remove the iCloud lock and then jailbreak your iPhone.

In this article, I'm going to painstakingly elaborate two (2) unique methods that you can use to jailbreak iCloud locked iPhone. The jailbreaking method you chose will depend on your preferences.

Part 1: Will Jailbreaking Remove iCloud lock?

Many people have always asked me if it's possible to remove the iCloud lock with a jailbreak method. Well, the answer to this simple technological question is a definite NO, as we have seen in the introduction section, jailbreaking functions by removing any form of software (s) that may be restricting you from fully accessing your iDevice, but not removing the iCloud lock. In simple terms, jailbreaking will unlock your phone only after the lock has been removed by another method.

Part 2: Contact the Previous iPhone Owner

This method is only applicable to those people who bought the iPhone from a second-hand shop or from a friend. If you bought an iCloud locked iPhone from a friend, the first thing you have to do is to contact them. In most cases, the seller is usually available to help you jailbreak the locked iPhone. Once you get in touch with the previous owner, ask them to follow the following steps to unlock the iCloud locked iPhone.

Sign in to the iCloud account> Go to "Find My Phone"> Select each and every device under this tab> click "Erase iPhone." Up to this point, any information present in the phone will be deleted. Since we want to remove the previous account completely, we'll proceed to the next step, which is to click the "Next" tab. Once we've done this, a new tab with "Remove Account" will emerge. Click on it to completely remove the previous iCloud account details.

Visit an Authorised Apple Store

You can jailbreak your locked iPhone by getting help from an authorized Apple specialist. The catch of using this method is the fact that you should be the original owner of the iPhone. What you need is your ID and the warranty if it's still valid. As long as you have the required documents, these specialists will jailbreak your locked iPhone in a matter of minutes.

Part 3: How to Jailbreak iPhone

You can jailbreak your iPhone device with the help of a jailbreaking software such as Pangu. Pangu gives you the opportunity to jailbreak your iPhone and render it free for use. The following is a detailed step by step guide on how you can jailbreak your iPhone.

Step 1: Download the Software

Visit the following website http://en.pangu.io/ and click on the "Download and Help" tab. A new page with the download option will open up. The entire download is about 21MB in size. With the file downloaded, install the program on your Mac and launch it. Its interface looks like the screenshot below.

how to jailbreak iCloud locked iPhone

Step 2: Connect iDevice

Switch OFF the "Find My Phone" feature and switch ON the "Aeroplane Mode." Connect your iPhone to your Mac using its USB cable and click on the "Start Jailbreak" tab to initiate the jailbreaking process.

Step 3: Confirmation

A new interface with a screen notification will open up. Carefully read the three steps before proceeding. If you are okay with the information, click on the "Already did" icon. The jailbreaking process will begin from this point.

start to jailbreak iCloud locked iPhone

Step 4: Jailbreak Complete

Your iPhone will reboot a number of times, which is normal. Once the process is done, you will get a "Jailbreak Succeeded" message and the Cydia icon display on your iDevice. Unplug your iPhone and turn ON the "Find My Phone" feature. Set up your iPhone using your new preferred details.

Part 4: Bypass iCloud Activation Lock offline with few clicks

To bypass jailbreak locked iPhone offline, you can rely on Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS). This tool comes with the power of unlocking the iPhone/iPad lock screen in minutes. Being compatible with all the iPhones, including the latest ones, the tool never disappoints users in removing iCloud lock with jailbreak devices. Let us know how to do this.

How to remove iCloud lock with Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS)

Step 1: Let the Program Downloaded

Begin to download the software and install it. Launch the program and click on the "Unlock" option on the main interface. Don't forget to connect your device to the computer via the original lightning cord.

drfone home interface

Step 2: Choose the Option

On the next screen, you need to press the "Unlock Apple ID" option.

new interface

Step 3: Just Key in Password

Now, you have to type in the screen password so that the scanning process becomes easier. Simply trust this computer to move further.

trust computer

Step 4: Reset All Settings

You will now see the instructions on the screen. Follow those on your device to reset all settings. Reboot the device right after this.


Step 5: Remove iCloud Lock

Upon the restarting of the device, Dr.Fone will start to remove the iCloud lock, and you just need to wait till the process gets completed.

process of unlocking

Step 6: Check the iCloud ID

Finally, you will get a new window. You are allowed to check if you have unlocked the iCloud ID successfully.


From the methods mentioned above, we can comfortably conclude that it's easy to jailbreak iCloud locked iPhone. Regardless of the method you choose, jailbreaking a locked phone is as easy as formatting one, as long as the restrictive iCloud lock has been removed by a previous method, such as the one mentioned in part 3

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