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How To Do iCloud DNS Bypass For Free?


Apr 17, 2023 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

Have you bought a used iPhone or iPad with an active iCloud Activation Lock? Or perhaps you have an Apple device but cannot remember your iCloud password? Without activating iCloud, you cannot utilize locked devices in either scenario.

You might try contacting Apple customer service, but they won't be able to assist you without user identification directly. Even after the device has been authenticated, you will still be bombarded with inquiries, and they may even want the original iOS device payment receipt.

One of the greatest free solutions to prevent these issues is to unlock your Apple iPhone utilizing iCloud DNS Bypass. Read on to know more in this iCloud DNS Bypass Guide.

Part 1: How Can We Use iCloud DNS Bypass for iOS Devices?

After a factory reset or restoration, every time you set up your iOS device, it will send an activation request to Apple's servers. Apple responds to your request and displays your device's status.

Additionally, if the Find My iPhone feature of your device is enabled, an iCloud Activation Lock screen will appear and prompt you for your iCloud account login information. The iCloud DNS Bypass can assist you if you forget your login information (Apple ID or password) or purchase a used device with an iCloud lock activated. It is a free approach to unlocking iCloud.

The readable names are transformed into numerical IP addresses via the Domain Name System (DNS). To launch the program, it makes use of a DNS server that serves as a host.

dns bypass

Use DNS to get around iCloud Server IP Address

You may first just ignore the iCloud DNS on your iPhone or iPad. The procedure is easy. Remember that the process must be completed by inserting the SIM card into your iPhone.

Turn on your iPhone, then configure it according to the on-screen instructions.

Select your language and nation. Click Continue to access the Wi-Fi settings screen after that.

If prompted, click the I icon next to the Wi-Fi area.

Click Connection Settings > Forget this Network to disconnect from the Wi-Fi network.

When asked for a DNS server IP address, tap the I symbol to unlock the iCloud activation lock. Here is a list of places for your information:

  • USA:
  • 155.28.90 Europe
  • Africa:
  • Asia:
  • 189.47.23 Australia and Oceania
  • It is on other continents.

Turn on Wi-Fi and select the Wi-Fi network you wish to connect to by tapping the Back button on the left side of the screen. Enter your passcode after that.

When you click Next Page > Back, the iCloud bypass page will appear.

Use your device and configure your apps.

using dns to get around icloud

Use iCloud DNS Bypass Crash

The procedures below will help you delete iCloud after DNS bypass if you cannot utilize some features on your iPhone.

Tap Menu > Applications after attempting the aforementioned technique.

To restart your smartphone, scroll down and tap the Crash option.

Select "Language and Country" > Select a Wi-Fi network, click Home, More Wi-Fi Settings, Configure Proxy, and then Manual.

In the Server section, delete the existing HTTP address before entering 30 different emojis. Type 8888 into the Port area, then click Save at the top.

To access the Unlock screen, tap Back > Next. To unlock the device, press the Home button.

When the Home screen appears, tap the Language choice.

Part 2: Easy App to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

Only if you bought a secondhand iPhone with an activation lock or want to restore the device but forgot that Find My iPhone was ever turned on do you need Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock.

Dr.Fone screen unlock is the most promising and user-friendly product of its sort currently available. With the help of this application, you can simply fix the iCloud activation issue. You don't need to be an expert in utilizing the application because it is simple and intuitive.

Using Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock, you can get rid of the iCloud activation lock. Launch Dr.Fone and choose "Remove Active Lock" and "Unlock Apple ID" to unlock your iCloud. It still works if you have a used iPad or iPhone.

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Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use it.

Step 1. Installing Dr.Fone on your smartphone and selecting Screen Unlock from the available options are the first steps in the procedure.

get drfone screen to unlock service

You will note that there is a "Bypass Activate Lock" option, among others, when you first use the Screen Unlock function. Simply clicking on it is all that is required.

choose bypass activate lock option

Step 2. Before the bypassing process, please tape "Start."

bypassing process

Step 3. After reaching the "start" page, Dr.Fone will bypass the activation lock given 2 sorts of iPhone devices, GSM and CDMA.

start page

(GSM devices can use all functions normally)

gsm with all normal functions

cdmd with most functions

(For CDMA devices, some functions will be available after unlocking.)

Step 4. Before the process to bypass, it's necessary to jailbreak your iPhone first. We will show you a video tutorial if you don't know how to jailbreak.

jailbreak your iphone first

Step 5. Now we're bypassing the activation lock, soon your iPhone will work without the activation lock.

bypassing the activation lock

And with this image, you will find out the activation lock disappeared.

activation lock disappeared

Congratulations! Your iPhone no longer has any lock on it because the activation lock has been deleted.

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Part 3: FAQs

1. When Do We Require iCloud DNS Bypass?

We require it when our carrier locks our phone or when we buy a used phone and cannot use it because of an iCloud activation lock. The use of iCloud DNS bypass enables temporary access to the features and functionality of an iCloud-locked device. Domain Name Server, or DNS for short, serves the function of converting your domain names into IP addresses.

2. What Can iCloud DNS Bypass Do for Us?

When you need an urgent functioning solution for a locked iPhone, using iCloud DNS bypass is helpful since it gives you temporary access to all the features and configuration of an iCloud-restricted device. DNS, or domain name server, converts your domain names into IP addresses.

3. What are the Pros & Cons of iCloud DNS Bypass

This approach can be helpful, but it does have advantages and pitfalls of its own. These advantages and disadvantages are broken down as follows:


  • You may use it without installing any software on the device since you can do it in the Wi-Fi settings.
  • The internet, camera, and games can all be used after the gadget has been engaged, making it simple to access.
  • Utilizing this approach is cost-free.


  • This technique only partially unlocks the device and represents a hack.
  • The iCloud DNS bypassing technique has occasionally been reported as not working by users.

The Bottom Line

Now you have read all about iCloud DNS bypass, what is iCloud bypass DNS, whether DNS bypass is free, and how to iPhone DNS bypass, it is time to implement all the solutions and bear in mind that all DNS Bypass solutions are 100% free. Dr.Fone's screen unlock is also a great tool to bypass screen lock even if you don't have any techy skills.

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