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Mastering Midjourney: How to Use This AI Image Tool


Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: AI Solutions • Proven solutions

Artificial intelligence is now reshaping the world we know. Almost everything is now possible with the help of AI. Various AI tools and services are being introduced from time to time. Among the most popular so far is the image generator. It’s basically a platform that automizes the long and exhausting process of graphic design. Now, all you need to do is write a text prompt and let the artificial intelligence do the donkeywork. No extra skills are needed.

Recently, a number of image generators have emerged on the internet. Each of them has something special to offer. But the AI that really stands out among the rest is Midjourney AI. Like the others, Midjourney is an AI image tool that produces images from nothing but a simple text prompt. But it’s currently the most preferred image generator, along with other AI giants like Stable Diffusion and DALL-E. Well, the reason is pretty obvious. Midjourney’s AI art displays class and exhibits unparalleled quality.

In this article, we will discuss the entirety of this amazing AI image tool. We will also look at how it works and how you can use it in easy steps. Read on to learn more.

Getting to Know the Power of Midjourney

There’s no doubt that Midjourney is one of the biggest names in the world of artificial intelligence. It’s the best example of a successful generative AI that revolutionizes our modern society in many aspects. Now, Midjourney is being used by numerous people for professional purposes and personal delights. That’s how fast time flies. Who would’ve thought that Midjourney AI would come and make graphic design more accessible to everyone?

Generative AI is a very powerful tool, and so is Midjourney. You can literally come up with almost any artistic idea, and the machine will serve it right in front of you. You’re good to start creating your masterpieces as long as you can write eloquent text prompts. That’s the only qualification you need to pass. However, Midjourney is only available within the Discord chat platform. You cannot access it online or via a self-standing mobile application. On top of this, the free-of-charge use of Midjourney AI is for a limited time only. You need to avail yourself of a subscription afterwards. Quite a hassle. But the wonderful privileges that await you are indeed worthy of a sacrifice.

midjourney dashboard

When it comes to image quality, Midjourney AI is fairly ahead of the game. Its outputs carry a high level of realness. At a glance, the Midjourney AI art can convince anyone that something is real even if it’s not. That’s specifically the depth we’re talking about. Midjourney generates hyperrealistic images almost similar to photos taken by an esteemed photographer. Amazing, isn’t it?

To give you more details on how powerful Midjourney AI is, here are some of its advantages.

You get to collaborate with an active community.

Since the Midjourney app is available on Discord, users are also granted access to the Midjourney community. You’re allowed to share your thoughts, raise relevant questions, or ask for help from other users or Midjourney experts.

The Midjourney program is regularly updated.

The brilliant developers behind Midjourney are very active when it comes to program updates. They maintain the efficiency of the program and constantly enhance its capabilities. We all know that the AI industry is very volatile. Changes are happening each and every time. Such efforts to keep the machine updated are extremely important to ensure it works optimally.

Freedom to customize.

Midjourney provides a variety of settings that can help users to further customize their desired outputs. It’s definitely one of the reasons why most people prefer Midjourney over any other. As an artist, we want to take full control of how our final output will look like. Having many customization options to choose from gives us that kind of freedom.

Understanding How Midjourney AI Works

Midjourney employs two machine learning models. The first is the large language model, and the other one is diffusion. Both of them work very closely in order to give us a very promising result. The former is much similar to the chatbots we know. It’s trained to read through diverse text prompts we have typed in and interpret them accurately to form a vector. The vector is a numerical guide vital to the diffusion process. Diffusion is the act of adding noise to and denoising the image dataset to create a whole new image. Simply put, Midjourney builds visual noises based on the vector from the text prompts. Nothing significant at this point. But as the image creation continues, Midjourney reduces the noises through latent diffusion until it finally forms an image. That’s the simplest explanation of how Midjourney AI works.

Creating images on Midjourney usually takes a few minutes only. However, you might have a little difficulty on the first try. Don’t worry. That’s completely understandable. Writing an effective prompt for Midjourney and other AI image generators needs adequate practice. You should learn how to describe your thoughts in a precise and expressive way that the machine can easily understand. It may take a while, but you’ll certainly get there.

Tips When Writing Text Prompts for Midjourney AI

The key to an outstanding output is a great text prompt. Here are some Midjourney tips to get you started.

  • Be specific when writing the text prompts. Try to include popular keywords in the image description.
  • Use negative words to specify the scope you want to cover. Example: “No ugly faces.”
  • Specify your preferred aspect ratio.
  • Use stylize and creative tags.
  • Use the double-colon method to set the importance of each element in the image.
  • Don’t forget to calibrate the settings before you publish your output. Adjust them according to your liking.

Simple Guide for Generating Images on Midjourney AI

Now that you have learned the fundamentals of Midjourney as an AI image tool, it’s time to try it yourself. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use Midjourney to generate stunning images.

  • Step 1: Log into your Discord account. If you don’t have one yet, visit its official website and sign up.

create discord account

accept midjourney invite

  • Step 3: Find and click on the Newbies channels. If several choices appear, feel free to select any of them.

visit newbies channel

  • Step 4: Start generating your first image. Type in “/imagine.” And then click the text prompt option.

create images with midjourney

  • Step 5: Describe the image you want to create.

write image description

  • Step 6: Midjourney will then process your command. Wait until the output is ready. Choose the best image among the variations provided. You can also edit the image if you wish so.
  • Step 7: Lastly, save the image to your computer. Click on your preferred variation. And then click Open in Browser. From there, download the image to save a copy.

save your image

safe Downloadsafe & secure


AI image tools like Midjourney are great innovations indeed. They open another door for limitless possibilities and bring the creative horizon closer to almost everyone. So make time to explore this kind of technology. Use Midjourney AI to do more and discover the unknown.

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