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AI Text-to-Art Generators and the Future of Design


Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: AI Solutions • Proven solutions

Text is mainly used for writing or generating content for blogs, articles, or website content. However, in this modern world, the role of text has become more extensive. After all, AI technology has transformed the role of text in a significant way. This is because of the emergence of text-to-art generator AI.

In this article, you will find AI art generator text for desktop and mobile. Thus, innovate your artistic creativity and enhance designing world with the power of text.

Part 1: How AI Art Generator Text Works?

AI art generator text is a system that uses artificial intelligence techniques with deep learning models. This way, the textual input gets transformed into visual artwork. Meanwhile, the generator comes with training on a large dataset of descriptions and images. These datasets are then retrieved and organized by underlying NLP and computer vision algorithms. 

Not to forget, the AI art generator is already trained on distinct visual representations. Thus, it understands how to differentiate colors, style, texture, and cinematic on unique prompts. So, when you provide textual input, AI will assess the command and map its visual features. Information from the dataset is then retrieved to design art based on mapped visual features.

Part 2: 4 Best AI Art Generators from Text Online Tools

Looking for a good online AI art generator text? You may get confused because of the multiple options available on the internet. Making things easier, find the top 4 text to art AI generator tools:

1. Imagine

Craft your imagination into reality with Imagine AI text-to-art generator. By using this tool, you can generate stunning artwork through your words. Thus, you don't need to spend hours designing artwork in manual ways. With Imagine, artwork creation becomes simplified with instant solutions.

Provide a situation in text prompt with necessary styling details and witness beautiful illustrations. In general, Imagine allows you to adjust the aspect ratio of your art. The platform is simple and easy to use.

imagine ai art generator

Key Features

  • There exist different art styles that you can use for your artwork. The categories include popular and favorite styles. 
  • Imagine has many incoming features like image, inpaint, expand, and replace. This will make the platform more extensive in the future.
  • The available night and light modes can make your editing more convenient. So continue to modify generated art on nights with dark mode facility.

2. Fotor

Fotor is a perfect text-to-art generator AI tool for all artists. After all, you can create exceptional artwork with simple text prompts. This way, you bring your imagination to life with stunning artistic illustrations. In general, several artistic styles exist, like science fiction, oil painting, 3D, and cartoon. You can even bulk-create 6 art images in a single time.

Customization is also possible on the art generated from the Fotor. It has the option of fine-tuning settings such as adjusting shadows, compositions, styles, and dimensions.

fotor ai art generator

Key Features

  • The possibilities in AI art creations also include AI drawings, AI paintings, and AI avatar generators. The creativity level is endless.
  • You can even adjust the aspect ratios of your generated artwork. The options include 1.1, 4:3, and 3:4.
  • Background removal is also an option while using Fotor. This way, you can make your pictures great again in customized backgrounds. 

3. StarryAI

Make stunning visual artwork from the power of words by using StarryAI. In general, this best AI painting generator application helps create art using text inputs. Meanwhile, you can create up to 5 artwork for free and without a watermark. This means you will have full ownership of your creation. Moreover, you will get 1000+ styles to animate your art generations. 

There is an option to customize your artwork through styling and aspect ratios. With its user-friendly interface, using StarryAI is very simple and convenient.

starryai ai art generator

Key Features

  • Provide a customized prompt and list what you don't want to see in the image. This shows you can tailor your image generations to desired results.
  • You can also adjust the canvas size of your image. These options include landscape, wide, portrait, and more.
  • You can find a range of already created artwork from the Explore tab. You can like them or share them on social media as required.

4. NightCafe

Designing artwork from words is easier and simpler with NightCafe. This AI art generator text helps design attractive illustrations while using your text inputs. In fact, you can also provide your selected style for art generation. The style options include striking, anime, vibrant, and others. You can even join the AI art community to create and share visual content. 

In the community, you can also preview what others have already designed. Thus, you can add a like to their artwork or add a comment. A daily winner is selected with special badges.

nightcafe ai art generator

Key Features

  • You can select advanced mode to provide advanced input prompts. You can even edit this advanced prompt. 
  • Different AI models exist on the network. You can choose any model that fits the artistic requirements of your illustrations.
  • There is an option to use compact controls. Moreover, you can also shift between dark and light themes.

Part 3: 4 Reliable Mobile AI Art Generator Text Apps

Creating AI artwork from text is both entertaining and fun. In general, we all carry smartphones with us everywhere. So, it's important to have an AI art generator with no restrictions on our smartphones. Hence, find here the list of 4 best mobile AI art generators from the text:

1. GoArt - AI Art Generator (Android | iOS)

Generate stunning images by using text descriptions on GoArt - AI Art Generator. This application uses advanced AI algorithms that use your text prompts to visualize images. The text prompts can contain any situation, idea, or styling. Based on descriptions, you will get your Illustrations as asked within inputs. With different filters, you can transform your artwork into desired visuals.

In general, there exist different styles that you could use for your art generations. This includes anime, cyberpunk, surrealism, oil painting, and conceptual art. This AI text-to-art generator is all that you need.

goart ai art generator

Key Features

  • You can also set the desired aspect ratio for your AI art generation. It's possible to select this after providing a prompt. 
  • Upload your photos and turn them into avatars from the AI avatar function. In this way, you can view your animated self.
  • The images get exported in HD resolutions within 8 megapixels. Thus, you can use your art generation on social media or share it with friends.


  • Android:0 and up.
  • iPhone:iOS 12.2 or later. 

2. Wonder - AI Art Generator (Android | iOS)

Have you thought of turning your favorite celebrity into anime? This is now possible with Wonder - AI Art Generator. After all, this text-to-art generator AI tool can use text prompts to generate artwork. Whatever the situation you demand in your description, AI will make it a reality. You can also select between different aspect ratios and styles.

Secondly, you can also input an image that gets used as a reference for the final output. After all the processes, press the Create button to begin art generation.

wonder ai art generator

Key Features

  • Multiple artwork templates exist that you can use as text prompts for art generation. This provides wider possibilities for creativity. 
  • Make an anime version of yourself by uploading a selfie. Watch your animated self and amaze others with cartoonist looks. 
  • After creating your artwork, you can share it with friends on social media. Thus, others will also see your illustrations.


  • Android:0 and up.
  • iPhone:iOS 12.0 or later. 

3. AI Art Generator - Uni Dream (Android | iOS)

AI Art Generator - Uni Dream is amongst the best AI art generator from the text. With simple text input, get your dream visuals designed in a convincing way. The platform leverages AI algorithms that assess input descriptions to derive high-quality yet illustrative images. After entering your prompt, choose your style from the wombo art, watercolor, and lensa.ai options.

Within 5 seconds, your artwork will be ready. Furthermore, Uni Dream comes with a simple interface that even beginners can operate this application without problems.

uni dream ai art generator

Key Features

  • You can create digital art, Picasso, or mosaic through the advanced AI painter option. All this is possible through a simple text prompt.
  • With available editing functions, modify your all-important photos and videos as needed. Thus, it becomes possible to enhance your visual media. 
  • The generative AI algorithms of this app can help you turn your pictures or pets into cartoonist visuals. Hence, you can see and share your cartoon version.


  • Android:0 and up.
  • iPhone:iOS 11.0 or later. 

4. AI ARTA: Art & Photo Generator (Android | iOS)

Do you want to make stunning yet attractive artwork from the text? With AI ARTA: Art & Photo Generator, it's now possible. After all, this adult AI art generator uses your text prompts to generate artwork. Thus, whatever you’ve got in your mind gets displayed in front of you.

The input prompt can be of any type, object, or detail. This AI art application also allows you to select different styles. This includes anime, enhanced, legacy, digital art, and more.

ai arta ai art generator

Key Features

  • Through advanced prompt options, you can adjust the CFG scale on the slider. The higher the value, the more aligning your artwork remains with the prompt.
  • It's possible to increase steps from the advanced prompt. This ensures better picture quality, but image generation may take longer.
  • If you don’t know how to generate art from text, there's a tutorial available. Navigate into settings and find this tutorial. 


  • Android:0 and up.
  • iPhone:iOS 15.0 or later. 
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Designing visual artwork is a way to add value to your content generation process. As a result, you can illustrate your ideas in creative ways. Meanwhile, text-to-art generation is a great technology as it allows making images and artwork from the power of text descriptions.

Hence you don't need to spend hours on image editing. This article discussed different AI art generator adult tools on mobile and online platforms. Through these tools, you can start bringing your imagination to reality.

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