5 Ways to Fix iTunes Error 1671 or iPhone Error 1671

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What is iTunes Error 1671?

Have you encountered any problem with syncing your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch? If you have, we may know the solution. Security software, anti-virus software, is, of course, meant to help you. However, Apple have issued a notice stating that there may be some of these type of software which is sometimes interrupting the connection to Apple's servers. If this does happen, error 1671 might be displayed. iTunes error 1671, iPad or iPhone error 1671, is an error code shown when you are trying to sync, back up, update or restore. It occurs when you are trying to do something which requires contact with Apple's servers.

Fix iTunes Error 1671

Why did it happen?

This error may occur when updating software or restoring iPhone/iPad via iTunes. Though installing updates or restoring your iPhone/iPad does not usually generate errors, it does happen sometimes. The story is that something is happening to interrupt the communication with Apple's server.

Solution 1: Fix error 1671 through factory reset

We want you to be very aware that this way, you may lose all your data. Your phone will very likely be returned to full working order, but you may lose important information.

  1. You should first, as is described here factory reset your iPhone.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your PC via USB cable and iTunes should automatically guide you how to restore iPhone from backup (please check the details through this link). The restoration process will start and may take more than an hour to complete.

There are different approaches. We would like you to try Dr.Fone's solutions. Regardless of whether you do or do not, we hope we can help you with iTunes error 1671, iPhone Error 1671, iPad Error 1671(880).

Solution 2: How to fix iTunes error 1671 without data loss

We are confident that if you try Dr.Fone toolkit - iOS System Recovery, you can easily fix this, and other kinds of iOS system issues, iPhone errors and iTunes errors. A simple, clear process will fix error 1671, with no other help required, in as little as 10 minutes.

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Dr.Fone toolkit - iOS System Recovery

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How to fix iTunes error 1671 without data loss

If you choose to fix error iPhone error 1671 with Dr.Fone, all you need to do is take the following steps:

    1. Go through the familiar process. Download and install Dr.Fone. Run the software on your computer and from the main window click on 'System Recovery'.

Fix iphone Error 1671

    1. Next connect your iPhone to your PC and click on 'Start'.

Fix itunes Error 1671

    1. Our tools will automatically detect and identify your phone. Once you click on 'Download', you can watch the process as Dr.Fone downloads the required firmware.

how to Fix iTunes Error 1671

The process is largely automated

start to Fix iTunes Error 1671

You will be kept informed of progress.

    1. After completing the download, the software will automatically start repairing your device, by repairing the iOS, that is the phone's operating system.

Fix iTunes Error 1671

You will be kept informed every step of the way.

  1. In only a few minutes, Dr.Fone will tell you that your device is back to normal.

how to Fix iphone Error 1671


We are here to help. The primary mission of Wondershare, who publish Dr.Fone and other software, is to help our customers.

You may have realised that there are several reasons for the display of iPhone error 1671. There are other solutions too. We want you to be happy and, to achieve that, you might want to try the following solutions.

Solution 3: Fix iPhone error 1671 via host file

To fix iTunes error 1671, you can edit the 'hosts' file. This is a much more technical solution, and requires some care, possibly expertise. You will need to follow, step by step, as stated below.

    1. Disable any antivirus which is running on your PC.
    2. Open Notepad. Then 'open file', and navigate to 'C:WindowsSystem.32driversetc'.

Fix iTunes Error 1671

  1. You might need to ask to see 'All Files' in the dropdown box at the bottom of the dialogue box. You should be able to see the 'hosts' file.
  2. The process is very similar on a Mac, and we hope that you can translate the actions.
  3. Looking at your hosts file in Windows Explorer, now either drag and drop the file on to your desktop, or cut and paste it to the same location.
  4. If you can, it is best if you leave the Explorer window open.
  5. Now go back to iTunes and proceed with the restore.
  6. Once the restore process is completed, you now need to also restore the hosts file, that is, put it back, from your desktop, to its original location.
  7. You also need to remember to switch your anti-virus software back on!

This looks to be a very complicated process. It is something which you need to take care with the first time you do it. We hope you do not have to do it a second time! The next suggestion is very much less technical.

Solution 4: Fix error 1671 by updating Antivirus, iOS and computer OS

Simply making sure everything is up to date, can help, possibly even fix iPhone error 1671.

Step 1. Your Antivirus software needs to be updated. You should then scan your full system to ensure that there are no viruses.

Step 2. You will also need to update your device, your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to the latest version of the operating system, the iOS. Connect your Apple device with a USB cable to your computer. iTunes will very likely tell you whether you device has the latest software. If not, we cannot easily cover all devices and systems, so you might need to do a little research for 'update iOS' or similar.

Step 3. Your PC should have the latest updates to the operating system too. Again, there are too many systems, but if you are working on a Windows PC, you can go to 'Control Panel' and type 'update' in the question box, which is top right of the window.

There is a more brutal approach.

Solution 5: Fix iTunes error 1671 via DFU mode.

A Default Firmware Update rebuilds the structure of the software running on your phone, from the foundation up. When you carry out a DFU restore absolutely everything is deleted. The time when you should not use this method is when there might be some damage to your phone, and the faulty component will stop it from restoring at all.

However, it is a possible solution and this is what you should do.

Step 1: Connect the iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. It does not even matter if your phone is switched on or not, if it is not running already, launch iTunes.

Step 2: Now, press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time. In your head count off 'One thousand, two thousand, three thousand...' up to 10 seconds.

Fix itunes Error 1671 completed

Step 3: This is now the slightly tricky bit. You need to release the Sleep/Wake button but continue to hold the Home button until iTunes shows the message “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.”

Fix itunes Error 1671

Step 4: Now release the Home button.

Step 5: If your phone has entered DFU mode, the iPhone's display will be completely black. If it is not black, simply try again, start the steps from the beginning.

Step 6: Restore your iPhone using iTunes. You can now watch as your iPhone goes through the process of climbing back to life, and returning to the same condition as it was when new.

This is the strongest approach.

We do confidently believe that the easiest, quickest, most certain way to fix your problem, with the least disruption is by using the tools provided by Dr.Fone. Regardless, we wish you the best of luck and hope you are up and running, happy with your phone again, and that that happens as soon as possible.

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