How to Fix My iPhone Echo Problem

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Your iPhone is not an invincible mobile device that cannot be damaged, and a lot of users face common issues that they did not know would occur with an iPhone. One of the most common issues that will present itself most times too, is the echo problem. The echo problem is a problem that causes an iPhone user to hear themselves when making a call to someone else. This is a very annoying issue that can cause users on the other end to have difficulties hearing what you are saying too and possibly not to hear what you are saying any at all. To fix the iPhone echo problem, you need to take it to a technician or have the issue resolved yourself with the simple steps below.

Part 1: Why iPhone echo problem happens?

You might ask yourself or a friend, why does the iPhone echo problem happen to my iPhone? And not find any answers. But there are some reasons why the iPhone echo problem might present itself.

1. The first reason can be a manufacturer issue. You can purchase an iPhone and start having echo problems on the same day of purchase, which would signify that there is a fault on the manufacturer's end. With an echo problem caused by the manufacturer, there is little to nothing that you can do to get your iPhone working perfectly without the annoying echo problem. Some of the iPhone parts and accessories could have defects that also leads to the echo problem when a user is using the device to make a call.

2. Other than a manufacturer issue an iPhone user can experience the annoying echo problem when an Apple iPhone headset is attached to the device. The headset somehow causes an interference with the device triggering it to give off an echo problem which can be very painful to the user's ears at times. You might also realize that the echo issue can present itself sometimes only when you use an iPhone headset and other times the phone works perfectly. This is caused by an issue with the headphone port on the iPhone.

3. If the system has some problem, it may also cause echo problem.

4. An iPhone that has been exposed to a lot of water or liquid and is still working can be subject to the common echo problem. The iPhone might have fallen into a pool of water and still works but little did you know that the water can lead to the echo problems. The reason why this happens is that the electrical fields in the iPhone are affected by the water that has seeped its way inside the phone's circuit board. This will affect the speakers and the mic of the iPhone and then result in a further echo issue when making calls for instance.

Part 2. How to solve iPhone echo issues

These are the steps that you need to take when trying to fix the iPhone echo problem. A lot of users who experience the echo problems face it during calls and most times about 2 minutes or so into the call. Proceed with the instructions below to have the issue fixed.

Step 1: Turn the speaker on and off

As soon as you are having the echo problem with your device, turn the speaker function on the device on and off and this will resolve the issue temporarily and sometimes permanently. To turn off the speaker function, when in a call remove the screen from your face, and it should be lit-up so you can see the small in-call icons. There will be an icon with a speaker and some tiny bars that are similar to the one on a windows computer. Select the icon twice to turn it on and off. This will resolve the echo issue most likely in a temporary manner but for some persons, it will permanently fix the echo problems. If you find out it is temporarily then you will need to go to step 2 to troubleshoot the issue a bit more.

fix iPhone echo problem

Step 2: Remove the headset from the device

The next thing you want to do to resolve the echo problem with your iPhone is to remove the connected headset from the device. It is a known issue that sometimes the headset can interfere with calls and produce the echo issue that you are experiencing. If you remove the headset and the problem persists then it's time to go to step 3 where things will be a little more sceptical since the device will not function in the way it should.

Step 3: Reboot

The powerful reboot option! Yes you have read correctly, a lot of times your iPhone might undergo a problem and you get so annoyed and turn off or reboot the device and then it magically starts working once more. When experiencing the echo issues with your device you may fix the issue by performing a reboot of the device. Once you have successfully done this, you should then try to make a call and see if your issue is fixed. If it is not fixed, you should try step four which is the last resort of course.

iPhone echo problem-Reboot

Step 4: Factory Recovery/Reset

This is the final and ultimate step in fixing your iPhone's echo problem that you have been experiencing. Please do not use this step unless you know exactly what you are doing and you are likely to lose everything on your device once you have done this step to reset your device to factory settings. Resetting a device is the best possible way to get it back to working order again. If the factory reset option is used and the device still does not work, there may be a hardware problem present with the device so you will likely have to take it into a manufacturer or certified dealer.

fix iPhone echo issue-Factory Recovery/Reset

To reset the iPhone, ensure that it is powered on and navigate to the main settings menu of the phone by pressing the settings icon in the apps view. After this is done you can then select general options and then the reset button at the end of the page that you have been directed to. Now that you have done this you will see, some options on the screen, select either, erase all content and settings or erase all settings. Please note that at this stage it is up to you if you want to delete everything from the iPhone memory. If you have made a backup then you can proceed to erase all content and all settings which are the best option to bring back a fresh factory reset phone.

how to fix iPhone echo problem-reset all settings

There is also another way in which you could do this. You can connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac and start up the iTunes program. In iTunes, you will have the option to reset your device with one click. Navigate to preferences and select reset device. Wait until the process is completed and then reboot the device.

That's it! After trying all the above carefully in a step by step process you should have your iPhone echo issue completely resolved unless there is a hardware issue with your device. Once you realize that none of the above works it's time to take your iPhone to a manufacturer or certified dealer to have it replaced or refurbished.

Part 3: How to solve iPhone echo issues due to system errors

If the above method doesn't work for you. You can try to fix your system to solve the echo problem. Here I suggest you use Dr.Fone - System Repair

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Dr.Fone - System Repair

One-click to fix iPhone echo problems without losing data!

Available on: Windows Mac
3981454 people have downloaded it

How to fix iPhone echo problems with Dr.Fone

Step 1: Download, install and launch Dr.Fone on your computer. From the primary window, click "System Repair".

fix iPhone echo problem Dr.Fone-install and launch Dr.Fone

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer and choose a repairing mode. Better to choose the standard mode for the first time. Choose the advanced mode only if the system issues are so tricky that the standard model does not work.

echo problem iPhone-click the Start

Step 3: To fix the iOS system problems, you need to download the firmware for your device. So here you need to select a firmware version for your device model and click "Start" to get the firmware for your iPhone.

fix echo problem iPhone-click Download

Here you can see Dr.Fone is downloading the firmware.

start to fix echo problem iPhone

Step 4: When the downloading is completed. Dr.Fone automatically goes to repair your system and fix the echo problem.

repair echo problem iPhone

After a few minutes, your device is fixed and you can check the echo problem. It will back to normal.

repair iPhone echo problem


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