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Fix supportapple com iphone passcode on iPhone More Easily With These Methods


May 07, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

If you happen to forget your passcode and make multiple unsuccessful attempts to unlock your device, Apple's security measures will activate. You'll receive notifications such as "iPhone Unavailable" or ‘support.apple.com iPhone passcode’ and you will be unable to access your device for a while.

To resolve this issue, you can visit the site (support.apple.com/iphone/passcode) using any web browser on another device. This will redirect you to Apple's support page, which provides guidance on how to regain access to your device. However, if you're still confused about the steps or if Apple's suggestions didn’t work for your situation, we are here to give further assistance.

Part 1. Why Does iPhone Show ‘Support Apple com iPhone Passcode’?

As an Apple user, you probably know how strong their security is. If you make too many incorrect attempts to unlock your iPhone, you could end up locked out. During this lockout, the iPhone screen will show ‘iPhone Unavailable’ along with ‘Support Apple com iPhone Passcode.’

Apple understands that encountering these messages might catch you off guard and cause confusion. Hence, it prompts users to visit the website for further explanations about the message and how to solve it.

This measure is Apple’s attempt to protect their users from unauthorized access. You will need the right passcode or Apple ID info to get back in.

Support Apple com iPhone Passcode message on iPhone

What is the limit for entering the iPhone passcode?

Every user has a maximum of ten attempts available, and it's not possible to increase this number. Following the fifth incorrect passcode entry, your iPhone will become locked with a timer, and the duration of this lockout increases with each subsequent failed attempt:

  • After the sixth unsuccessful attempt, you'll need to wait for 1 minute before trying again.
  • After the seventh unsuccessful attempt, the waiting time is extended to 5 minutes.
  • After the eighth unsuccessful attempt, you'll need to wait for 15 minutes.
  • After the ninth unsuccessful attempt, the waiting time increases to an hour.
  • After the tenth unsuccessful attempt, your iPhone will be permanently locked.

Part 2. Unlock support.apple.com/iphone/passcode Screen without a Computer?

Unlocking the Apple support passcode screen is easy if you remember your passcode. However, if you've forgotten it, you can still erase and reset your device using your Apple ID and password, even without a computer.

But before you proceed with the reset, here's what you need:

  • Your iPhone must be running on iOS 15.2 or later
  • Your iPhone must be connected to either a mobile network or Wi-Fi
  • You'll need the Apple ID and password that you initially used to set up your device

2.1 Using Erase iPhone Option

If you repeatedly enter the wrong password, Apple support will ask for an Apple ID password. However, if you forget your password altogether, you can resort to erasing your iPhone.

After the support Apple passcode screen appears, you'll notice the "Erase iPhone" option in the bottom-right corner. This feature allows you to wipe your iPhone using your Apple ID credentials instead of a passcode. Once the data erasure is finished, the lock screen and Apple Support notification will disappear.

Follow these steps to erase iPhone:

Step 1: When you encounter the ‘Support Apple com iPhone passcode’ notification on the ‘iPhone Unavailable’ or Security Lockout screen, tap "Erase iPhone" located at the bottom-right corner of your device.

Note: If you don’t see the option, you can opt for the next method.

Step 2: A message will appear asking if you want to "Erase All Content & Settings." Tap "Erase iPhone" again to confirm your choice.

Step 3: Enter your Apple ID to sign out of your Apple account. This action will erase your iPhone. Then, you will need to set it up as new or restore a backup once it restarts.

Using Erase iPhone to fix supportapple com iPhone passcode

2.2 Restore iPhone with Old Passcode

Forgetting the iPhone passcode often happens when you just recently changed it. In such cases, you can temporarily use your old passcode to sign in to your iPhone.

In iOS 17 and later, Passcode Reset allows you to use your old iPhone passcode for 72 hours after changing it. However, once you sign in using the old passcode, you'll need to change it again immediately.

How to password reset due to the Apple Support screen:

Step 1: Attempt to enter your passcode on the Lock Screen until the "[Device] Unavailable" screen appears, prompting you to try again later.

Step 2: Once available, tap on the "Forgot Passcode?" option at the bottom corner of the screen.

tap Forgot Passcode on iPhone unavailable screen

Step 3: Select "Enter Previous Passcode."

Select Enter Previous Passcode

Step 4: Input your old passcode, then follow the onscreen instructions to make an Apple support password change.

Part 3. Unlock ‘Support Apple com iPhone Passcode’ Screen without Passcode?

If you are using older iPhone models or iOS versions, you can opt to try reliable third-party options like Wondershare Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS). This software has been trusted by many users to fix any screen lock issues on iOS devices and it supports iOS/iPadOS 7.0 and above.

Using Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock tool, you can effectively bypass the 'Support Apple com iPhone Passcode' screen without needing the passcode. The software also provides step-by-step guidance to walk you through the unlocking process, which makes it easy to use.

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Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS)

Unlock ‘Support Apple com iPhone Passcode’ Screen without Passcode

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How to unlock ‘Support Apple com iPhone Passcode’ screen on iPhone without a passcode:

Step 1: Access Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock Tool

Download and install Wondershare Dr.Fone on your computer. Then, navigate to Toolbox > Screen Unlock > iOS to open the specific tool in a new window.

Unlock iPhone lock screen without a passcode

Step 2: Choose the Option to Unlock iOS

Select "Unlock iOS Screen" and click Start on the next screen to begin the unlocking process.

Choose Unlock iOS Option

Step 3: Enter Recovery Mode

Follow the instructions on the screen to put your iDevice into Recovery Mode. If Recovery Mode doesn't work, you can try clicking the Try DFU Mode button for instructions on putting your device into DFU mode.

Enter Recovery Mode

Step 4: Verify Device Details

Once your iPhone is in Recovery Mode, the platform automatically detects the Device Model and displays it. If necessary, adjust the model and select the System Version as needed. Then, click Start to continue unlocking your device's screen.

Confirm Device Details

Step 5: Downloading iOS Firmware

The platform will show the progress of downloading the iOS firmware. After it's downloaded successfully, it will be verified. Click Unlock Now to proceed with the unlocking process.

Download iOS Firmware

Step 6: Confirming the Unlocking Process

A prompt will appear to ask for confirmation of the process. Enter the required code and tap Unlock to proceed with the final step.

Confirm Unlocking Process

Step 7: Installing iOS Firmware on Your iDevice

You can see the status of unlocking your iOS device on the progress bar. Keep your device connected throughout this process to prevent it from being bricked.

Once your iDevice is successfully unlocked, click Done to finish the process. If your device is still locked, you can click Try Again to restart the process.

Finish the iPhone unlocking process

Part 4. Fix ‘Support Apple com iPhone Passcode’ Screen via iTunes

To remove the ‘Support Apple com iPhone passcode’ notification and regain access to your device, you can also opt to restore your iPhone using iTunes. But for this method, you will need a MacOS or Windows PC with the latest iTunes version. Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Turn off your iPhone and activate Recovery Mode, depending on your iPhone model:

  • For iPhone 6 and earlier models: Hold down the side button until the power off slider appears. Slide to power off, then press and hold the "Home" button until the Recovery Mode screen appears.
  • For iPhone 7: Hold down the button on the right side until the power off slider appears. Turn off your phone, then hold down the volume down button until the Recovery Mode screen appears.
  • For iPhone 8 and later: Press and release the volume up and down buttons in sequence. Hold the side button until the power off slider appears, then continue holding it for Recovery Mode.

Step 2: Open iTunes on your PC and connect your iPhone. Click on "Restore."

Remove supportapple com iPhone passcode via iTunes

Step 3: Select "Restore and Update" to proceed. This procedure will return your iPhone to its original factory settings and remove the "support Apple com iPhone passcode" notification in the process.

Part 5. Fix ‘Support Apple com iPhone Passcode’ Screen via iCloud Find My

If your iPhone is not by your side, you can remotely remove the .Support Apple Com iPhone Passcode’ screen using iCloud. To use this method, you should remember your Apple ID password and have your Find My iPhone turned on. The internet connection must also be stable.

How to fix the ‘Support Apple com iPhone Passcode’ issue:

Step 1. Visit the iCloud website and log in with your Apple ID.

Step 2. Access "Find Devices.”

Step 3. Choose your device, then proceed to select "Erase iPhone." Confirm by entering your Apple ID and password.

Erase iPhone via iCloud Find My


Encountering messages like ‘iPhone Unavailable’ or ‘support.apple.com iPhone Passcode’ due to multiple unsuccessful attempts at unlocking your device can be a concerning experience. If you find yourself in this situation, you can usually visit the support.apple.com/iphone/passcode website for guidance on resolving the issue.

However, if you're unable to resolve the problem using Apple's suggested methods or if you need further assistance, there are additional solutions that we have outlined in this article. If you prefer a simpler approach, you can try using the Wondershare Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock(iOS) tool to efficiently resolve the issue for you.

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