3 Ways to fix iPhone Error 27

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Ah, the iTunes error 27 - the dreaded bane of all attempted iPhone recoveries. After updating Apple software on your iPhone, it generally needs to be restored using iTunes. If you're on this page, it's highly likely that you've already tried that though. So what happened after that? Did you get the message "unknown error (27)"? This is more commonly known as the iTunes error 27, and it can be quite the inconvenience, to say the least. Sometimes iTunes error 27 might pop up as a result of some hardware issue that needs sorting out. But generally, you can handle it efficiently if you just follow one of the 3 methods we describe down below.

Part 1: Fix iPhone Error 27 without losing data

If you want to quickly and effectively iPhone restore error 27, that too without losing all your precious data, then a great tool for you to try out is the Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS). This has been more recently rolled out by Wondershare Software, and the great thing about this, amongst many, is that it's one of the very few solutions out there which can fix the iPhone error 27 without data loss. However, you should take note that after you use this your device would be updated to the latest available iOS version. So here's how it works.

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Dr.Fone - iOS System Recovery

Fix iPhone error 27 without data loss.

  • Fix iOS system issues like Recovery Mode, white Apple logo, black screen, looping on start, etc.
  • Fix various iPhone errors, such as iTunes error 50, error 53, iPhone error 27, iPhone Error 3014, iPhone Error 1009, and more.
  • Supports iPhone 8/7/7 Plus/6s/6s Plus/6/6 Plus/5/5s/5c/4s/SE.
  • Fully compatible with Windows 10 or Mac 10.15, iOS 13
Available on: Windows Mac
3981454 people have downloaded it

Fix iPhone Error 27 without losing data using Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS)

Step 1: Select "System Repair"

Once you launch the software, you need to select the tool 'System Repair.'

System Repair

Following this, you need to attach your iPhone to the computer with a cable. Click on 'Standard Mode.'

start to fix iPhone error 27

Step 2: Download the firmware.

In order to fix your faulty iOS, you need to first download the firmware for it. Once done, Dr.Fone will automatically recognize your device and model and offer the latest iOS version for download. All you have to do is click 'Start', lay back, and let Dr.Fone take care of the rest.

Download the firmware

Download the firmware

Step 3: Fix your iOS.

This step is entirely handled by Dr.Fone, all you have to do is not disconnect your device. It will repair your iOS device and get it out of the recovery mode. Following that you'll be told that your device is restarting normally.

fix iPhone error 27

Fix your iOS

And with that, you're done! The iTunes error 27 has been dealt with within 10 minutes!

Part 2: Check for hardware issues to fix iPhone error 27

Sometimes if the iPhone error 27 message is persistent it may be indicative of malfunctioning hardware. In this case, you can do the following.

1. If iTunes is running, then you can shut it down and open it back up.

2. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes, and if not then go to the following link: https://support.apple.com/en-in/ht201352

fix iPhone error 27

3. Sometimes when your iPhone suffers an error, it might be caused by third-party security software which might be preventing your iTunes from connecting to your Apple devices or servers. You can make sure of it by going to the following link: https://support.apple.com/en-in/ht201413

4. Try restoring your iOS device twice more, and make sure that your USB cable and network are functioning properly.

5. If the message persists check to see if you have the latest updates.

6. If you do but the message persists, then contact Apple Support by following this link: https://support.apple.com/contact

However, as you can probably tell this is far from a quick solution. It is more like trying out different options and crossing your fingers, hoping something clicks.

Part 3: Fix iPhone Error 27 via DFU mode (Data loss)

Finally, the third option you can resort to in order to fix iPhone error 27 is to restore via DFU mode. What is DFU, you ask? Well, DFU stands for Device Firmware Upgrade, and it is basically a complete restore of your iPhone to factory settings. The downside to it is that if you opt for it while facing the iTunes error 27, then you won't get a chance to back up your data, thus facing considerable data loss. However, if you still want to continue with this option, here's how.

Fix iPhone Error 27 via DFU mode

Step 1: Put your device into DFU Mode.

1. Hold down the power button for 3 seconds.

2. Hold down both the power and the home button for 15 seconds.

3. Release the power button but continue holding down the home button for 10 seconds more.

4. You'll be asked to "connect to iTunes screen."

Fix iPhone Error 27 via DFU mode

Step 2: Connect to iTunes.

Plug your iPhone into your computer, and access iTunes.

Connect to iTunes

Step 3: Restore iTunes.

1. Open the Summary tab in iTunes and click 'Restore.'

Restore iTunes

2. After the Restore your device will Restart.

3. You'll be asked to "Slide to set up." Simply follow the Setup along the way.

The only downside to this is the fact that the restore process will wipe off all your data. The Alternative of using Dr.Fone - iOS System Recovery is a lot more secure as it ensures you don't suffer any data loss.

So now you know what is iTunes error 27, and the three methods by which you can fix it. To summarize, you could check to see whether the error stems from a hardware issue, and then contact Apple support. However, this doesn't exactly ensure a quick recovery. If you want to restore your iPhone yourself, you could use either Dr.Fone - iOS System Recovery or you could opt for Recovery via DFU Mode. However, as already stated the DFU Mode can lead to considerable data loss and is a lengthier process, as opposed to the quick 3-step solution offered by Dr.Fone. So now that you know what needs to be done, do take matters into your own hands and fix that pesky iPhone error 27. Just leave your comments below and let us know how you went about fixing the error, and how did our solutions serve you. We'd love to hear your voice!

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