Apple Introduces Braided Charging Cables for iPhone 12

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Apple has not been short of innovations, as evidenced by the perennial release of new iPhone versions. These iPhones come with new and improved features compared to the predecessor, which explains why iPhone users' scores can’t wait to see the next release. For a while, let us forget about other specs and dive into the rumoured iPhone 12 cable changes.

iPhone has been fine-tuning its cabling system to meet the taste and needs of users. There haven’t been many changes in cabling finish over the years as plastic cables became the norm. However, this time around is a whole different thing. You want to know why? Yes, iPhone 12 is coming with a braided cable. That is a brave move considering how they have stuck around with the plastic lightning cables. With that said, let us jump into braided cables and lay bare all the information regarding it.

Braided cables iPhone 12

Why the Braided Cable for iPhone 12 Series?

It is not easy to point out exactly why Apple is choosing this course. Yes, they had not used it before and could have been back roaring when the idea was fronted. New ideas can time backfire in the market, which is why plenty of companies take time to change their product designs. Nevertheless, there could be plenty of reasons that triggered Apple to pull the plug and unleash braided cables for the iPhone 12. The following reasons could have motivated Apple to go to bed with braided charging cables for their new iPhone 12 for the first time.

1. The Need to Try Something New

Apple is a big company and is known to try new promising designs. It is not the first time it is unleashing something new to its users, nor will it be the last. Apple will no doubt continue bombarding users with new designs to kill the boredom and encourage more creativity. However, this time around, it is a switch from the traditional smooth finishes on charging cables to the braided cable design. Braided cables have been in the market for quite some time from different manufacturers. However, iPhone users have not had a chance to plug it into their phones. Perhaps it is time for Apple to kill the monotony by introducing the braided charging cable. The good thing is braiding is just a design but doesn’t have any impact on the functionality. Designs don’t have much impact as functionality can, and so it is justifiable for Apple to take this direction.

2. Braided Cables are durable

The design of braided cables makes them tougher than flat or round plastic charging cables. Braiding makes cables more resistant to pulling or twisting, which prolongs the braided cable's lifespan. Of course, your iPhone will stay longer than your charger cable, but it is sucking if your charging cable hit a snag because of a simple pull or twist. Remember, the charging cable has very thin conductors that can easily get broken when the cable is carelessly twisted. With braids, there is a more mechanical shield, and it guarantees a somewhat longer lifespan.

What Are Some of The Specs for The New Braided Charging Cable on the iPhone 12?

iPhone 12 braided lightning cable will not be far different from iPhone 11’s lightning cable in other specs other than feel. With the iPhone 11’s lightning cable made of plastic, the new iPhone 12’s lightning cable will be braided. This is a major difference. Since braiding offers a better shield to electromagnetic interference, expect it to be faster than the predecessor. Also, some sources leaked a black braided cable as well. If this is true, it will be the first time a black cable comes with an iPhone. It is interesting to see if this will happen given the iPhone has been rolling out white cables.

How will it go down with iPhone users?

Releasing the design isn’t a problem, but how the iPhone fans react to the new design is important to the manufacturer. Apple is hoping that users will well receive the release of the new braided charging cable. The bold move by Apple didn’t just come accidentally. This is something they have thoroughly researched and are confident that now is the time to unleash it. Samsung has done this before, and fans have loved it. Are iPhone users the only exception? Obviously, no. Besides, the braided cable has several advantages over the usual plastic cables.

Apart from durability, they tend to offer fast charging speeds. This is technically attributed to the fact that braided cables are more resistant to magnetic interferences. With all these good things surrounding the new lightning cables, there is little to show that customers would be annoyed by the braided lightning cable for iPhone 12. Instead, a vast range of users is steaming to see the new design and kill the monotony of the same charging cable design every year.

When Should We Expect to See It?

The news about the shift in design surges the urge to lay hands on it. Anyway, it is a new design, and no one can’t board the excitement ship when it is all about new things. Days will look like years of wait, and hours become days. However, the release of the braided lightning charging cable for the iPhone 12 is around the corner. Isn’t this good news?

Usually, peripherals will be released alongside the iPhone version, and so does the braided cable for iPhone 12. At the moment, many iPhone users are burning to see the new iPhone 12 in the market. Fortunately, Apple plans to release the iPhone 12 in September or October. Sources say the delay is attributed to the coronavirus pandemic. Whichever the date, we are much closer to it. Just leverage the last bit of your patience, and soon you will be smiling plugging that braided cable into your phone. You will experience the fastest charging speeds and the most durable cable for your iPhone.

The Wrap Up

News about braided cabling in iPhone 12 is coming thick and fast. Scores are excited and can’t hold their breaths as they wait for its release. It’s a new design, and every iPhone user will be yearning to use it. It is just a matter of days, and the new braided cable will be unveiled. Get yourself ready for the new braided iPhone 12 cable.

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