5 Ways To Fix iPhone 11/12 Black Screen Problem Today

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Is your iPhone screen black and unresponsive? If you unexpectedly encounter an iPhone 11/12 black screen, you might be confused about what it means, what happened, and how to get ahead of the problem and fix it. This is where we come in - this article will help you understand what it could be about and how to fix iPhone 11/12 black screen issue.

Part I: What Is iPhone 11/12 Black Screen Problem

iphone 11 12 black screen

The first thing here is to help you understand what is going on - what a black screen on iPhone is all about. Given that the iPhone is likely unresponsive at the time, it is easy to think the worst that it is dead, and you are staring at a costly replacement at a time when you least expected or wanted it.

Here is what you are likely facing: Your iPhone is unresponsive to anything from touch to key presses, and the screen does not light up, hence the black screen. Sometimes, it is also possible that iPhone has a black screen, but if you try to call, the phone rings. Likewise, touch and button presses seem to be non-responsive. So, why is this happening? What is going on?

Part II: Reasons For iPhone 11/12 Black Screen Problem

Next up, you want to know why this is happening - why your iPhone has a black screen. There are a few reasons why this is happening.

Reason 1: Dead Battery

iphone battery low

This is one of the most frequent and apparent culprits. Users have an iPhone with a depleted battery, think the worst, and run into Apple Stores only to find that all it needed was recharging. This usually happens if the battery is improperly calibrated or is beyond its healthy life.

Sometimes it could be lousy code in apps that kept eating battery charge, the phone heated up, and the battery was depleted more quickly than it would otherwise have. There are many reasons why the iPhone battery could be drained to a state that the iPhone would refuse to start.

Reason 2: iPhone Is In DFU Mode

This generally only happens with others. Putting the iPhone in DFU mode takes work, and there are specific instructions. However, to keep the focus on the article, let's say that the iPhone is in DFU mode. Now, if the iPhone is in DFU mode, the screen will be black, and the buttons will be unresponsive.

Reason 3: iPhone Display Dead

Of course, one of the reasons you have an iPhone 11/12 black screen is that the display is dead! How do you know that? Because though the touch and the display are not working, the phone still seems to be alive. It pings for incoming messages, and you can use Siri, and the phone rings for incoming calls.

All this points to a display issue, and it seems like a hardware problem that you would need to get fixed at an Apple Store, but hey, there is no harm in trying fixes at home first! Which brings us to the next part of the article - how to fix iPhone black screen problem?

Part III: How To Fix iPhone 11/12 Black Screen Problem

And now, for the best part of the article - how to fix the black screen iPhone problem.

III.I: Charge The iPhone

iphone 11 12 charging

One of the first ways to try and resolve the issue is to plug the iPhone into a charger. That way, you know that the problem is not a depleted battery. Plug it into a charging socket and leave it for a while. See if this resolves the iPhone black screen issue.

III.II: Force Restart The iPhone

If this does not seem to work, try force restarting the iPhone:

Step 1: Press the Volume Up key once.

Step 2: Press the Volume Down key once.

Step 3: Press the Power key and hold until the Apple logo is displayed again.

Ensure that your iPhone is not connected to the computer via the data cable when doing this.

III.III: iPhone Recovery Mode

Putting the iPhone in Recovery Mode is necessary to reinstall the software on the phone to fix iPhone 11/12 black screen problems. Steps to get iPhone 11/12 in Recovery Mode:

Step 1: Use a genuine Apple cable to connect a computer and iPhone.

Step 2: Press the Volume Up key once.

Step 3: Press the Volume Down key once.

Step 4: Press the Power key and hold until the iPhone display lights up with a computer and lightning cable image.

iTunes or Finder will show your iPhone as in Recovery Mode like this:

iphone recovery mode

The iPhone itself will show this screen:

iphone recovery mode

Your iTunes/ Finder will show a prompt like this:

iphone recovery mode prompt

Step 5: Click Restore in iTunes or Finder to start reinstalling the software the official way and fix the iPhone 11/12 black screen issue.

III.IV: iPhone DFU Mode

DFU mode is required for advanced troubleshooting of iOS issues. If the iPhone is not restarting and does not appear to be in DFU mode, you can try putting it into DFU mode and reinstalling the operating system to restore functionality. Steps to get the iPhone in DFU mode after connecting it to the computer with the data cable:

Step 1: Press the Volume Up key once.

Step 2: Press the Volume Down key once.

Step 3: Press the Power key and keep it pressed for 10 seconds.

Step 4: With the Power key pressed, press the Volume Down key for 5 seconds.

Step 5: Let go of the Power key while keeping the volume Down key pressed for 10 seconds.

The iPhone should be in DFU mode, and the screen should be black.

Step 6: Now, click Restore and let the software restore the firmware to your iPhone. You will need an active internet connection for this.

Once the device reloads the software, it will reboot, and if this were a software issue, it would likely be fixed with this.

III.V: Repair iPhone 11/12 Black Screen Without Data Loss With Dr.Fone-System Repair

Now, if you want to try and fix iPhone 11/12 black screen issue without data loss, there is a solution called Dr.Fone that you can use. Dr.Fone is a collection of tools you can use daily to perform various functions on your devices.

These could be taking and restoring backups, deleting apps/ files/ junk and erasing the device securely, spoofing GPS location for pranking friends and family or taking advantage of location-aware games, repairing system issues, and even unlocking iPhone without passcode. We will use Dr. Fone-System Repair module to fix the iPhone 11/12 black screen issue without data loss.

drfone ios system repair

Download a copy of Wondershare Dr.Fone specific to your operating system and open it.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

drfone interface

Step 1: Click System Repair in Dr.Fone. On the following screen, click iOS:

drfone operating system choice

Step 2: On the next screen, choose iOS Repair:

drfone ios system repair process

Step 3: Ignore the options and choices and click Repair Now at the bottom:

drfone ios repair process

Step 4: Now, select Standard Repair to attempt fixing iPhone 11/12 black screen without data loss:

drfone ios standard repair

Step 5: You may be required to confirm that you trust the computer. Follow the instructions onscreen:

drfone iphone instructions

Step 6: Follow the instructions to put the iPhone in recovery mode:

iphone recovery mode instructions

Step 7: After this step, Dr.Fone presents the list of available software for your device. Click Download on the version you want to install:

drfone ios firmware list

Step 8: After download, the firmware is verified, and when everything is proper, Dr.Fone shows you the following screen, listing the version you want to install:

drfone system repair ios

Step 9: Click Repair Now to start the repair process. When done, you will see:

drfone ios system repair complete screen

Step 10: Click Done. The iPhone will restart, and hopefully, the black screen issue will be fixed.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Part IV: FAQs

Here are some helpful FAQs you might appreciate.

FAQ 1: How to prevent iPhone black screen in the future?

There are a few ways to prevent an iPhone 11/12 black screen problem in the future.

-keep an eye on the battery health by checking Settings > Battery > Battery Health periodically. Anything under 85%, and you should take it to an Apple Store for a battery replacement.

-keep the battery sufficiently charged at all times.

-if the iPhone is more than warm to touch, close the apps or even shut the device down for a few minutes and restart it. That way, you will have cleared rogue code from the system that might be eating at the battery and causing the phone to overheat.

-avoid overheating the phone by checking usage under direct sunlight (especially if you are sitting under the sun) and avoiding playing graphics-intensive games for too long or during charging. That is especially taxing and causes overheating. A phone beyond a limit will shut off, and you will get the back screen.

FAQ 2: Is there a way to take selective backups of iPhone 11/12?

Glad you asked the question! Dr.Fone-Phone Backup is the ideal way to take backups and restore backups on your iPhone because of its control. You can choose exactly what you want to backup, and while restoring, you can choose exactly what you want to restore.


It is particularly annoying when your iPhone 11/12 has a black screen and becomes non-responsive. There are ways to fix that issue fairly reliably, right from the comfort of your home, covered in this article. If these ways do not help you, you must take the device to your nearby Apple Store for a checkup and resolution. But not before giving Dr.Fone a try!

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