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How to Remove Mobile Device Management from iPhone?


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

Are you looking for how to remove mobile device management from iPhone? If so, you are not alone. Out there, there are several others like you.

For those who are unaware, MDM (Mobile Device Management) is a protocol that allows someone (chiefly an organization’s personnel) to keep close tabs on an iOS device by communicating with it by proxy. With the built-in feature, an admin can inspect, install and/or uninstall any apps of their choice. Fascinating! Similarly, it lets the remote user wipe or lock an iOS device. Now, you wish to rid your iOS device of the annoying protocol for some breath of fresh air. Well, this do-it-yourself tutorial will walk you through the interesting tricks for achieving that.

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1. Why Should I Get Rid of My MDM Profile?

In fact, Apple strongly encourages the use of the functionality because it helps companies and government agencies coordinate their activities easily. They can push apps and security features through it. It can stop you from using a camera, AirDrop, app store, etc. Most companies implement it on their staffers’ smartphones to protect their (the companies’) data. Don’t twist it, the feature makes your device a lot easier to use, ensuring that your employer keeps close tabs on your productivity. Nonetheless, many people wish to learn how to remove mobile device management from iPhone because they feel someone could be tracking them. They feel that someone invades their privacy and monitors them. This is one of the several reasons iOS device users wish to take off the protocol from their smartphones. In the same vein, if your former company had to track your activities to ramp up staff productivity, you have to do away with it since you are no longer with the firm.

2. How to Do Away with Device Management from iPhone?

The first method of getting rid of it is via your cellphone settings. Nevertheless, the caveat here is that you must have a password. Well, this approach is pretty straightforward and easy.

To do that, you have to follow the outlines below:

  • Step 1: Just pat the Settings.
  • Step 2: Go down and then tap General.
  • Step 3: The next step is to keep moving down until you get to Device Management and click on it.
  • Step 4: At this juncture, you will see the profile you should tap it and delete it.

Note: The device management is different from MDM.

iphone mdm removal

The moment you get to this point, you can now eliminate the restriction from your cellphone. The implication is that a remote user can no longer control your iOS device. To be clear, if the admin of your organization manipulates your device with this feature, he or she is likely to restrict your device from their end. In other words, you cannot get rid of the protocol by default. In that case, you have to use the method below.

3. How to Deactivate MDM Profile from iPhone without a password?

So far, you have seen how to remove device management from iPhone because you have the password. The truth is, you cannot have the password unless you get it from the admin of your company. Put simply, you cannot deactivate it without the personnel’s assistance because they aim to coordinate the phone’s functions by proxy. Well, this is where it gets more fascinating because you can actually do it with Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS). Sure, the Dr.Fone toolkit lets you eliminate the feature without the password – thanks to its latest update that made that possible.

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Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS)

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That said, you should follow the outlines below to do it using the Dr.Fone toolkit.

  • Step 1: Visit its website and download the Dr.Fone toolkit to your PC.
  • Step 2: Install and launch the application on your PC. It takes a few seconds to install this software.
  • Step 3: Use your cable to connect your iPhone to your PC.
  • Step 4: Now, you have to choose between eliminating or bypassing the profile. So, you should click on Unlock MDM iPhone and then continue.
remove iPhone mdm
  • Step 5: Go to Remove MDM.
bypass mdm tool
  • Step 6: Click on Start to Remove. You have to wait for a while for the app to verify the action. Afterward, you will receive a “success” message.
  • Step 7: Here, you just have to click on Done. Once you tap the option, you will get rid of it.
iphone mdm removal
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Having come thus far, you can use your iPhone without fear that someone is monitoring your activities or prying into your privacy. No doubt, the outlines easy to follow and understand.

bypass mdm from iPhone

4. Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some pertinent questions that users ask about the functionality

Q: How do I know that my iPhone has the protocol?

A: To find out if it runs on your iPhone, you should go to Settings> General > Profiles > Profiles & Device Management. If your iPhone has no Profile & Device Management, it means that nobody is tracking your activities. Most times, you will see the name of the company that manages your cellphone.

Q: Can two MDM profiles be running on my smartphone simultaneously?

A: No. By default, Apple designed the iOS platform to accommodate one of such protocols at a time.

Q: Can my employer see my browsing history with it?

A: No, they cannot. Nevertheless, your employer can track your current location, push apps to your iPhone, and push data to it. Your employer may decide to enforce security policies, restrict your use of certain apps, and deploy Wi-Fi. Just like your browsing history, your employer cannot read your text messages with it.

Q: Which method do you recommend?

A: The thing is, getting rid of the feature sounds as easy as going via the settings and deactivating it. Nevertheless, it does not always work like that because you don’t have the password. Therefore, the best bet is to use the Dr.Fone toolkit as it seamlessly deactivates the restriction even if you don’t have the passcode.


In conclusion, your search for how to remove MDM device manage from iPhone is over because this guide explains everything you need to know about it. This means that you can now stop your admin from tracking your activities. With more and more companies making concerted efforts to understand what their staffers do all the time, this protocol is increasingly becoming commonplace. In truth, it goes beyond companies, as a number of schools are opting for it to keep close tabs on their students. It is even worrisome that you still go about with the protocol on your smartphone: even when you are no longer obligated to report to the organization. In that case, it will do you a world of good if you do away with it. At this point, it is safe to state that you know that the feature restricts what you can do on your device, right? Sure, you can do so much on your cellphone, so don’t let anyone limit you. Why wait for another second? Do away with the MDM profile right now!

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