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How To Unlock iPhone 11/12: 3 Ways To Unlock


Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

Is your iPhone 11/12 SIM locked from the carrier? Whatever the service provider is, it is frustrating that you don't have a complete hold on your iPhone. A SIM card from a different network isn't available. But fortunately, you are in the right place. This guide will show you the tools to unlock your iPhone 11/12.

In this article, we'll talk about two main ways to check if your Phone is SIM-locked and the three best methods to unlock your iPhone 11/12. After reading this article, you'll be able to choose whatever carrier you want.

2 Mains Ways to Check If Your iPhone 11/12 is SIM-Locked

The following are two main ways to check if your iPhone 11/12 is SIM-Locked.

Check the "Carrier Lock" in "Settings."

  1. Open the Settings App
  2. Select general


  1. Tap About

carrier lock

  1. Scroll to the bottom and look for the carrier log. If it says the No SIM restrictions, your iPhone is free, and you can use any carrier or cell service. If it displays other images, then it is probably locked.

Insert a SIM card of another carrier into iPhone 11/12

  1. Power off your iPhone.
  2. Use a straight pin to open the SIM Tray and remove the sim card
  3. Place the sim card of the different carriers into the sim card tray of the iPhone. Push the tray back into place.
  4. Power the iPhone ON.
  5. Make a call to any working number. If you get an error message, then your iPhone is locked. Your iPhone is unlocked if you can connect and make the call.

insert a sim card

4 Best Methods to Unlock iPhone 11/12

Following are three methods to unlock iPhone 11/12

Method 1: Contact your carrier for unlock code

When a customer signs a contract with a big cell phone company for a certain amount of time, they often get a discount on a device. Because of this, the device comes with a controller lock so customers can only use it on their network.

You can leave without paying anything if your agreement with the company is over. You must meet the following requirements before you can unlock your iPhone:

sim unlock pin

  • First, the device must be legal. It means the device has not been reported as lost, stolen, or connected to a crime.
  • Then you shouldn't have any debts in your bank account.
  • If you signed a contract in exchange for a lower price upfront, you would have to wait until your contract ended (usually 24 months) or pay the remaining balance if you bought your phone on a payment plan.

Note: the unlocking process is different for each company.

How to unlock the iPhone locked by AT&T

First, you need to know that AT&T limits how many devices a customer can unlock in a given year. Customers can unlock up to five devices per year if their account is in great condition. Visit the AT&T support page for more information about how to unlock an AT&T device and if you meet the requirements.

AT&T Unlocking security question

  • The full name of the person whose name is on the account
  • Last four digits of the account holder's social security number
  • AT&T passcode of the registered account owner if they have an online account.
  • The IMEI number of the iPhone is 11/12. The serial number of the device is called the IMEI number. You can find it on the original packaging, under the battery, and on the back of some models, by dialing #06 or navigating to Settings > General > About.

How to unlock the iPhone locked by T-Mobile

T-Mobile has set several standards that should be matched to complete an unlock request.

  • The device must be completely paid off, and the account must be in great condition.
  • In the past 12 months, less than two SIM unlock codes for each line have been asked for.
  • The device had used the T-Mobile network for at least 40 days before it was asked to be unlocked.
  • If you have a service contract and have made a payment for at least 18 consecutive months, or if you paid a relocation fee. There are a few special cases that Customer Service can explain in more detail if required.
  • The phone must have at least $50 worth of recharges paid for on prepaid plans.
  • If you meet the above prerequisites, you can unlock an iPhone 11/12 carrier locked by a T-Mobile device by calling customer service at 611 from the device you want to unlock.
  • Make sure you have ALL of the following information on tips when you call:
  1. The main account holder's phone number
  2. Account Password
  3. Account holder's SSN's last four digits
  4. IMEI number. You can find this by navigating Settings > General > About or dialing *#06#.

Method 2: Some SIM-unlock websites

Following are some popular SIM-Unlock websites you can consider to unlock your iPhone 11/12.


This website says that it can help you unlock your iPhone or iPad. Please prepare your IMEI code and confirm the device model. But when we did some research, I found that this website has some bad customer reviews. So, if you consider using them to unlock your iPhone, you should be more careful in checking the availability.

Rating from Trustpilot 3.8
The Pricing Plans From £19.99
Supported Device Models From iPhone 4- iPhone 13/iPad/Apple Watch/Mac


  • The remote SIM lock removal
  • It's the permanent unlocking
  • Refunds with unsuccessful unlock


  • Too long-time process
  • Not 100% unlock success



You can buy unlock codes and services for phones locked on the Cellunlocker website. This website may help you unlock your iPhone if it is locked to a carrier or the activation lock is turned on. This site is legit and has several satisfied customers.

Rating from Trustpilot 4.6
The Pricing Plans AT&T-90$
Supported Device Models It doesn't work on phones bought in the US after January 2013. So, this service doesn’t work for iPhone 11 and even later.


  • Support users from more than 180 countries and regions
  • Simple interface
  • Refunds with unsuccessful unlock


  • Too strict refund policy while the unlocking video is required



DoctorsSIM has services that can be used to unlock an iPhone 11/12. This site lets you unlock phones from many brands, not just Apple. The services they provide make most of their customers very happy. So, this site has been able to gain customers' trust by providing excellent unlocking services. This strong and effective tool can unlock all phones with a 99% success rate.


Rating from Trustpilot 4.7
The Pricing Plans From $36 for Verizon to $180 for AT&T
Supported Device Models From iPhone 3GS to iPhone 14/iPad


  • Complete remote unlocking service
  • Multiple payment methods
  • 24 h customer support


  • One of the most expensive service
  • The unlocking process may require more than 18 days

Method 3: Try a SIM-unlock chip

iPhone unlock chips allow iPhones to run on any network globally. Unlocking an iPhone with this option is a cheap and very easy way. The iPhone unlock chip allows a locked iPhone to call and text using the local network sim card like a factory-unlocked phone. Unlock chip is a small SIM card that can be used along with regular SIM cards.

However, these Sim-unlock chips have some drawbacks. It reduces the Battery life and may cause SIM card slot and SIM card issues.

sim unlock chip

Method 4: Easy App for iPhone SIM Unlock

You should find an easy way to unlock your iPhone and run like a normal iPhone. Your search will end here because I'll tell you about Software that will help you unlock your iPhone without losing any data.

Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS):

Step1: Download the Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS)

Step2: Start Wondershare Dr.Fone after you've installed it on your computer. Go to the home page and select "Screen Unlock" from the list of options.

unlock iphone 11

Step3: In the next window, choose "Remove SIM Locked" if you want to eliminate the network restriction on your device.

unlock iphone 12

Step4: Tap "Start" to get started when your iOS device is ready to be SIM unlocked.

iphone 12 unlocking

Step5: The Software will display a list of information about it. Check to ensure everything is right, and click "Unlock Now."


Step6: Before moving on with the process, you must jailbreak your iPhone. This method works with iPhone 5S to iPhone X running iOS 12.0 to iOS 14.8.1. So, if you want to learn about technology, you must either read the guide or watch the video.


Step7: The next step is to do some small tasks on your iOS device. Take the SIM card out of the device and go to "Settings." Tap "Forget This Network" on every connection you've made in the "WLAN" section. When you're done, turn off "WLAN" and put the SIM card back on your iOS device. Click "Continue" on the screen to move forward with the process.

sim card

Step8: The status bar shows the SIM unlocking process.


Step9: The device is successfully unlocked, and there are no more restrictions from the SIM carrier. Tap "Done" to remove the SIM lock from your iOS device.


safe Downloadsafe & secure


So, these were the methods to check if your iPhone 11/12 is Sim-locked, and three ways to unlock your iPhone if it is Sim Locked. You can contact your carrier to unlock your iPhone, which is an official way of removing barriers.

Moreover, you can consider the services of some online websites to unlock your iPhone. And Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS) is one of the most reliable and easy software that unlocks your device by following some very easy steps.

safe Downloadsafe & secure
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