Top 6 DFU Tools for iPhone to Enter DFU Mode

DFU refers to Device Firmware Update. There may be many reasons you could want to enter DFU mode. If you want to jailbreak your iPhone or un-jailbreak it, Device Firmware Update mode can be used. It can also be used to update from an expired beta. Apart from that, if there is a problem in your iPhone and nothing else seems to be working, including recovery mode, Device Firmware Update mode can be your last hope.

So what exactly happens in Device Firmware Update mode?

The DFU puts your phone in a state where it can communicate with iTunes on your PC (whether Windows or Mac, works for both). However, this mode doesn't load the iOS or the boot loader. Because of this, the device can be recovered from any state. This, in fact, is the main difference between Recovery mode and Device Firmware Update mode.

It is best to try recovery mode or dr.fone - Repair before trying Device Firmware Update mode. The DFU mode is a last ditch attempt to get your phone out of any trouble unless you intend to jailbreak your phone, or un-jailbreak it, in which case it must be done. Recovery mode or system recovery can solve most problems.

In this article, we have collected 6 popular DFU tools, and we hope it will be helpful for you to enter DFU mode.

Top 6 DFU Tools to Enter DFU Mode

Have an iPhone and are looking for an easy way out to enter DFU mode? Entering DFU mode is just half the work done. You will need to be able to tinker with the settings to ensure that your iPhone is working properly and all data is behaving as it should. Here are six different DFU tools that will help you to enter DFU mode on your iPhone.

Note: Before you are going to use these DFU tools to enter DFU mode, you'd better use a third party software, dr.fone - Backup & Restore (iOS) to backup iPhone files since all of your data will be erased during the DFU mode. We all know that iTunes can also backup and restore our iPhone data. You may wonder why do I still need this software. Here I have to say, iTunes is a little hard to use. And the iTunes backup is not readable on computer, which makes it impossible to view and check the details of our backup data. Especially, we can't preveiw and restore whatever we want to our device. While dr.fone - Backup & Restore (iOS) allows you to preview and selectively restore what you want to your iPhone or iPad. Also, you can read the exported data directly on your coputer. They are saved as .HTML, .CSV and .Vcard files. You can check the below box to get the detail information about dr.fone - Backup & Restore (iOS).

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NO.1: DFU tool - Reiboot

This is one of the most popular DFU tools out there when it comes to accessing the DFU mode of your iPhone. You can use ReiBoot when you iPhone crashes, or gets stuck in any specific mode, for example, recovery mode. You can also use it if your phone keeps crashing again and again.

DFU tool Reiboot

You can download it here.


  1. Reiboot works with all the latest versions of iOS, and all the recent Apple devices too.
  2. The app is easy to use. You just have to do what the app directs after plugging it into your PC.
  3. Reiboot even provides a resource for when it might not be able to solve a problem.


  1. The auto-launch of the application after downloading crashes sometimes.

NO.2: DFU tool - Recboot

The name is eerily similar to the one we discussed above but then this is a different one. However, it does the same task.  RecBoot can help you if your phone is stuck in a particular mode. Often iPhones get stuck in recovery mode. The software helps you both get in and out of the mode. It is built for Windows.

DFU tool Recboot

You can download it here.


  1. Downloads fast. It is a small file compared to the other alternatives.
  2. Easy to use as it gives simple step by step directions.
  3. Works nicely if you want to enter the Recovery mode which can be done with a single click


  1. Does not work on 64-bit machines.
  2. Is only limited to the Recovery Mode option you aren't able to do anything more.

NO.3: DFU tool - Tiny Umbrella

Looking for a DFU software or DFU tool that can be a bit complex to use but can do a bit more than just enter the DFU mode? Although Tiny Umbrella has a number of functions and this is not its primary function, it performs this function admirably well. It can be used to exit recovery mode, or to get the iPhone or iPad to get out of a stuck reboot loop.

DFU tool Tiny Umbrella

You can download it here.


  1. You can fix the problem with the help of just one button.
  2. It has other features too, making it a multi functionality application.


  1. Does not recognize the device sometimes.

NO.4: DFU tool - iReb

No matter how many times you press the home and power buttons, nothing happens in such a situation iReb is your savior. It completely reboots your iOS device.

DFU tool iReb

You can download it here.


  1. Works for all Operating Systems on PCs.
  2. Simple app with just three buttons, making it very lucid to use.
  3. Works even on Windows though the name starts with "˜i'


  1. You might suffer data loss.
  2. Not a great option when it comes to seeking reliability

NO 5: DFU tool - EasyiRecovery

If your iPhone gets stuck in a recovery loop while you are restoring firmware, EasyiRecovery can help you out.

DFU tool EasyiRecovery

You can download it here.


  1. There are just two buttons, the application makes it simple to recover your device.
  2. Small application, can be downloaded fast.


  1. Does not work for iPad.

NO.6: DFU tool - RedSn0w

Looking for a DFU tool that can do more than just helping you get yourself to enter the DFU mode? RedSn0w is primarily a jailbreaking tool. However it has other functionalities too, including getting out of recovery mode. This problem can be caused by an iTunes restore error.

DFU tool EasyiRecovery

You can download it here.


  1. Provides additional functions, like jailbreaking.
  2. Prevents the endless recovery mode loop you might get in case you jailbreak your iPhone directly.


  1. Not as simple as the other applications.

Poll: Which DFU tool do you like best?

Troubleshooting: What if I stuck in DFU mode?

With the above tools or method, you will be able to do enter DFU mode of your iPhone easily. But if you are unfortunatly stuck in DFU mode and failed to exit DFU mode, then you can try dr.fone - Repair. This tool can help you to exit DFU mode easily. Most importly, this program can fix your iPhone to normal with no data loss. So you don't need to worry the loss of your precious contacts, messages, photos and more. Except this, it can also fix other iPhone system problems and errors. You can check the box below for more.

dr.fone - Repair

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dr.fone - Repair (iOS)

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